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First day done. Super successful.


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Finally taking time for a recap of the first two days

Yesterday started with Well Fed's jicama home fries with onions and peppers and two fried eggs. And, of course, black espresso.

For lunch, I packed Bob a protein (tuna) salad, carrot, celery, jicama sticksf and sliced apples and oranges.

I was home cooking all day and all I remember eating is some fruit and veggies with homemade mayo. I know I ate more than that and it was all on plan but I can't remember what it was. That tells me that I need to actually sit down and pay attention and enjoy what I am eating.

I worked prepping all day, making sauces, rubs, brining the chicken for today's dinner, cutting a lot of veggies, etc. I was exhausted by the time dinner was ready. Dinner consisted of W30's walnut crusted porkloin, green salad with avocado mayo, baked sweet potatoes (we didn't like the dark purple fleshed ones very much but we really liked the big regular ones. Before dinner we had a glass of wine. Not really; it was seltzer water in wine glasses. But it was festive and fun. Bob said it was all delicious.

I definitely could NOT do all this cooking and prepping if I was still working.

Successful day!

Day two:

B. Fried mushrooms, onions, peppers with a little sweet potato and jicama thrown in. 2 eggs

L. We both took leftover pork on salad, apples and oranges and Bob had veggie sticks. I was hungry at 3:30 so next tues I'll pack more.

D. Well Fed's "Best Chicken You'll Ever Eat" with Moroccan dipping sauce (truly the best BBQ chicken I've ever tasted!!), baked potatoes, and W30's green cabbage slaw. (Instead of the lemon/garlic vinegrette I thinned some mayo with the juice of a lime) It was super good. I thought I wouldn't be able to get past the fact that is was NOT sweet coleslaw. But I loved it.

I was gone all day at school with Jade and Jethro but will be home tomorrow doing my Wednesday cookup.

This is such an adventure! I have been determined to make really good food so Bob wouldn't feel deprived and we both would not have any excuse to cheet. He was praying how thankful he is that I'm cooking all this gourmet food. YEA!!

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Day three:

B. Fried veggies with scrambled eggs.

L. Bob took leftover Chix on a salad and veggie sticks with avo mayo and orange and apple. I had chx on salad and a banana then an apple for a snack.

D. W30 beef brisket with their recommended sweet potatoes and onions cooked with the beef. Wouldn't make it again. I'd just do the normal way to cook pot roast. This was a pot filled with broth with the meat and veggies basically soaking all day in hot broth. The potatoes were super soggy/waterlogged.

Bob said he was really tired when he came home from work/workout. I was thinking he was having some physical affects from W30 till I remembered that he says pretty much everyday (some days multiple times) that he's really tired.

### I remembered in the morning of day 3 that I had forgotten to weigh at the beginning of day 1. So, I weighed in yesterday at 169.1.

I guess I'm not addicted to the scale.

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Well, it's the end of Day 8 and I haven't gotten around to posting. So, I'm just doing dinners so I can catch up.

On Day 4, we had baked salmon, broccoli, mushroom and squash with red pepper sauce and salad. Neither of us cared for the red pepper sauce.

Day 5, we didn't go as planned

On Day 6, we were fortunate to stay on the program. Bob went out for breakfast with Bruce and had a veggie omelet. (Good for him.)I had leftovers. Then we shoved dome lunch and drove to Vancouver to work on my house for three hours. Then we hurried home so I could shower and get ready to go help Michelle at the seafood and wine fest. That was really hard. Being a wine lover walking around with wine tasting everywhere. There was also seafood tasting which I was tempted to do but just figured everything would be cooked in butter or something else 'bad'. The wine was really hard to pass up and I came close to just trying a 'sip' several times especially when I had to go find the Bloody Mary booth to get Michelle one. One thing that kept me clean was remembering that Bob had gone to Lee's on Tuesday and came home when the wine came out. Good for him!

Day 7 was Super Bowl Sunday and we had a quick egg fry then went to Josh and Jenny's church When we got home, I had to quickly cook up some game snacks that we could eat at Steve and Dees. I made ginger lime shrimp on skewers that were BBQ'd and the Moroccan BBQ'd chicken, both from Well Fed. We ate a few nuts during the game and had a few of Steve's "virgin' BBQ ribs. Before we left, I asked Steve how he seasoned them to keep them within our plan. He said, "Do you really want to know?" I said, "Yes, what's in them since you kept them out of the BBQ sauce." So, he hadn't slathered them in sauce but he sprinkled them with grilling spices and chili sauce which has sugar as the second ingredient. I didn't say anything but am a little irritated that he just thought he could put stuff on them to make them tast good even if we couldn't eat them. And not tell us. The only thing that mattered was that they tasted good (at all cost to us). I'm not starting over since it wasn't out fault.

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Today, Day 8

B. I made a sausage veggie scramble.

L. Bob took yesterday's chicken on a green salad with mayo dressing, fruit and nuts. I was running errands and at 2:00 realized I was in trouble without any lunch and I wasn't done. I was getting shakey but was able to finish and get home at 2:30 and eat some chicken and veggies with the new mayo I made this morning.

Speaking of: I made a double batch and only had enough oil for half that but had the other ingredients in the blender already. So I added the avocado combo oil and it's the best mayo I've ever tasted!! YUM!

D. I made Porkchops, spiced applesauce, cauliflower fried rice and salad with creamy balsamic vinegrette. Pork, sauce and are W30' rice

And dressing are WF. The pork was amazing sauce was really good and I think I can get used to the rice.

I'm really proud of all my hard work and how strong we both are being.

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Before I start the food log, I'd like to give some details about symptoms we've been having. Bobs had a lot of weakness and probably lethargy and on Sunday during church, while he was taking notes, he got really weak and foggy brained to the point he couldn't remember how to spell simple words (no matter how hard he tried. He couldn't carry on conversations or think straight for at least a half hour. Then for the rest of the day, was super out of it.

I've had some weakness (but not much) and what feels like anxiety and not being able to catch my breath. And yesterday, I started having, what certainly seems like, hot flashes a few times a day. I know all our hormones are trying to figure out what they're supposed to do.

Neither of us has been having symptoms in the order or on the days they happen to other people.

B. Chopped bacon, peppers, onions, potatoes and eggs all scrambled together.

L. Bob took a salad with tuna, veggies and fruit. I took lettuce, carrots and Moroccan chicken and dipped them all in the new mayo.

D. BBQ steaks, baked sweet potatoes, coconut/almond green beans and salad

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Weakness and lethargy could be a couple of things. It's hard to tell portions from what you're posting here, but eating too little can definitely be a cause, so be sure you're each eating 1-2 palm size portions of protein (or if eggs are your only protein as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand, likely 3-4, possibly more), 1-2 thumb-sized portions of fat, or a heaping handful or two of olives or coconut flakes, or half to a whole avocado, or a small handful of nuts (and remember that a lot of times your cooking oil stays in the pan and isn't consumed), and 1-3 cups of vegetables, more than that if they're all leafy greens, as those are mostly water and wilt down a lot as you chew them.

Also make sure you're eating post-workout meals of lean protein and starchy vegetables, in addition to the three meals, on days when you work out.

Finally, make sure you're salting your food. With no processed foods, people often find they're not getting enough salt, which can cause symptoms of weakness and fatigue.

Also if you're either one on any kind of medications, you might want to talk to your doctor and be sure dosages don't need to be adjusted. I think 9 days in would be soon to have that kind of effects, but it's definitely not unheard of for people to need to adjust meds, especially things like blood pressure or diabetes medications if either of you use those.

Unfortunately I don't have any recommendations for the hot flashes. I know it's been discussed in the forum before, so you might google whole30 hit flashes and see if there's anything helpful.

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Thanks so much, Shannon. Didn't dawn on me that anyone would be reading my stuff. But glad you were.

While those are all really good points, what resonated with me the most were the fats and the proteins. I think that's a little funny since I've been so focused on getting enough of both. I'm 69, 5'10" and weigh about 165. My husband is 65, 6'6" and weighs 209. So, maybe we aren't getting enough of either. I hadn't read the 1-2 palm sized portions and, even though it seems like we are eating so much meat and eggs, it's not always that much. And just today, I was thinking maybe I have been using too much coconut oil. Thanks for the wake up call.

My husband also has very high blood pressure which he (reluctantly) takes several medications for. Before we go to bed, he will be checking his blood pressure and again in the morning. I'll also be upping the salt since we've been on a really low salt diet and he's not eating his chips and crackers anymore.

Thanks again, Shannon

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OK, so I'm upping the protein, fats and salt tomorrow as Shannon suggested.

After his workout tonight, Bob felt better than the last few times. He hasn't worked out since last week because he was just feeling so worn out.

B. All the leftover potatoes, etc. from the last two days scrambled with what I thought was way too many eggs. Guess not.

L. Bob took a bunch of the rest of the green beans with sliced steak from last night, sweet potatoes, carrot, celery and jicama with avocado mayo for dip. He had a couple cutties and an apple. Some of that he ate after school was out. I had what little beans that were left, an avocado, some chicken dipped in mayo. I guess that's all. I need to do as good for myself as I do for him for lunch.

D. The "famous" Johnny's meatloaf with homemade catchup that I found on the W30 forum (YUM!), mashed cauliflower and potatoes with coconut milk and garlic (Well Fed), asparagus and salad. Neither of us ate any salad last night or tonight.

Bob keeps saying he's too full to eat any more and sometimes doesn't finish what I dished up for him.

This is such a full time job. Glad I'm not working or trying to take care of little kids not to mention homeschooling them. I'm too conscientious about making wonderful, appetizing, nutritious meals to be able to do all that too.

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Day 13 and not struggling with anything in particular. Also not feeling a lot of energy or increased wellbeing. Waiting for that. Tiger blood sounds amazing! I woke up with a bad headache this morning. Not sure what brought it on but it's not typical and I did have PT yesterday and he did a lot of massaging on my neck and shoulders so that might be the cause. I got up to start breakfast so Bob could eat before he left for a students b ball game and he said he would cook and I should go back to bed. I did and it was definitely a luxury. He made a giant omelet filled with lots of good stuff. God's present, a man who cares and serves. Wow, what a concept.

Here's Thursday's meals:

B. I upped the protein with 3 eggs and a half an avocado for Bob and a couple pieces of bacon, 3eggs for me

L. Bob took a bunch of meatloaf over mashed c&p w/ crudités and fruit. I had the same at home. One of his teacher friends ask for a taste of his meatloaf and raved about it and wants the recipe. Yea! And it's Paleo +. I'll be making that again; I've been looking for a meatloaf recipe I like for a long time. Glad I added an extra egg.

D. I made Well Fed's pad Thai on spiraled zucchini noodles and a salad

Friday's meals were:

B. 4 eggs for Bob with half an avocado and a cuttie orange, 3 eggs and avocado for me

L.and D. Combined. Bob didn't work today so we were out and about till about 2:30. The chile was ready in the crock when we got home so when it was dinner time we weren't hungry. Later in the evening, we both snacked on leftover chx in the fridge and some nuts.

Chocolate chile from Well Fed topped with avo, onions, cilantro with a salad.

Today is the third day of oil pulling first thing in the morning with coconut oil it's not really hard at all as long as I'm doing something else at the same time. It makes my teeth feel so clean even after all day, my teeth don't even feel like I need to brush them. Of course I do.

I also started making bulletproof coffee with my espresso three days ago and it is amazing!! It tastes like a latte (unsweetened/unflavored like I like them). Hard to believe it.

I'm feeling pretty jazzed about being able to accomplish this and cook all this interesting foods. I enjoy making interesting, different meals; Bob, on the other hand, would rather just have plain foods like tacos or roast or chicken. How boring.

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Whoa, I've got a lot of catching up to do.


Bob cooked a great breakfast of fried potatoes, peppers and onions in a huge omelet. I couldn't bring myself to eat anything till around noon or so and finally made a couple fried eggs and some avocado.

L. We fended for ourselves since he was at Abby's b ball game and by the time I got home, he had eaten.

D. Leftover chili and salad


B. Leftover yesterday's omelet

No lunch. We each had a few nuts cause we were going to go out to valentines dinner in the afternoon.

D. Dinner at Cultured Caveman restaurant. We were both very pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. We both had cream of mushroom soup and carne asana. YUM!! It was the first time for both of us to have eggs scrambled to make a holder for meat. Almost like a tortilla. Kristin had been telling me about them and they sounded kinda weird to me. But they weren't bad. No taste, really, just a vehicle to get the meat to our mouths. We were told that everything they serve was W30 compliant except for a couple things, one being the bacon wrapped dates that had honey in the bacon. Bob was sad cause he had heard about them and wanted them really bad. Oh well

After dinner, we decided to go to a movie. It wasn't as bad as it could have been even tho the people sitting next to me were drinking beer and the people behind us were eating pizza and popcorn. It's funny how making a decision, is just that if you have resolve. I found that to be true when I was off dairy, eggs , gluten and sweets for so long. It's when you start adding stuff back and go to moderate, that it's hard to resist. (At least for me.)


Bob was off for the holiday.

B. Fried eggs ??

L. Bob realized he was getting hungry as soon as we got to Vancouver so he went through Carl's junior and got a natural burger lettuce wrap. I had fixed him breakfast before I went to PT but I didn't eat till after I got home so I wasn't hungry yet. When we got home, dinner was ready in the crockpot.

D. Chicken, potatoes, onions and carrots.


B. Fried potatoes, onions and eggs scrambled in with avocado

L. Bob took leftover chx, etc., veggie sticks and fruit

D. We both got home late and even the I had bone broth cooking since last night, there wasn't time to make what I had planned so we just had leftover salad and chili

I looked again at the W30 timeline and realized that we should be in a sweet spot with our body/emotions now and with tiger blood coming soon. Not feeling either now/yet. Still feeling less than great, not really very good most of the time. Still feeling a little jittery and like my head's in a small vise and I don't have more energy than I did before I started this. Bob says he doesn't feel any clear headed or physically better than before.


Still waiting; hoping for more.

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Whoa, I've got a lot of catching up to do.


Bob cooked a great breakfast of fried potatoes, peppers and onions in a huge omelet. I couldn't bring myself to eat anything till around noon or so and finally made a couple fried eggs and some avocado.

L. We fended for ourselves since he was at Abby's b ball game and by the time I got home, he had eaten.

D. Leftover chili and salad


B. Leftover yesterday's omelet

No lunch. We each had a few nuts cause we were going to go out to valentines dinner in the afternoon.

D. Dinner at Cultured Caveman restaurant. We were both very pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. We both had

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Whoa, it's been a week since I logged what we've eaten. Trying to remember...

Since breakfasts and lunches were about the same I'll just try to remember the dinners.

Monday: crockpot chicken and veggies, salad

Tuesday: leftovers

Wednesday: scotch eggs, coleslaw --- neither of us were crazy about the sausage eggs. I realized that evening that one of the reasons I

wasn't crazy about them was that in the morning, I was in a hurry so all I could think to eat was 2 boiled eggs and couldn't think of

what to take to Jade's school for. Y lunch, so I took 2 boiled eggs. So, I had 6 boiled eggs to eat that day. Way to many!!

Thursday: pork chops, mashed cauliflower --- I don't like the cauliflower w/o potatoes

Friday: lemon chicken with mushrooms and asparagus, over spaghetti squash

Saturday: "hamburgers" at Abby's birthday

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Well, I didn't write anything for the last 10 days but kept with the program. Nothing was really hard and we were eating really well. I kept thinking what I was really missing and wanted to eat but nothing was calling my name in a consistent way. From time to time, I would have a desire for something (ice cream, real rice) but it was always just a passing thought.

We've been on reintroduction for 5 days and haven't noticed any issues from legumes.

Legumes: possibly, a bad back ache but I think it was from sitting too much today. Bob says nothing.

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