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Cat's Whole 30 Journey


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I am keeping this log so I can come back and read my thoughts when the going gets tough and to remind myself of the reasons I'm doing a Whole 30.


I'm a bit late starting as I'm already on Day 2 but better late that never!


My main reason for doing this is to shed excess weight. Ok, I have put that out there. I know that the Whole30 is so much more than weight loss but I am using it to give myself a reset and to see if my body really "can" shed weight and to clear up some niggling health concerns.


The excess weight came on due to undiagnosed hypothyroidism and related depression. I admit being depressed made me seek comfort in food and self medication in alcohol. Wine has been my crutch for more years than I care to remember. 


I am 10 kilos above my healthy weight range and 20 kilos above my comfortable point. My clothes do not fit me and I hate looking in any full length mirrors. I am constantly tired, not sleeping well and not performing to the best of my ability in many areas of my life. I am ashamed to admit I have gone to work more than once with a hangover  :( which affects my performance.


In addition to this, (and probably because) I have low self esteem and often turn down social invitations due to my weight. A girls weekend away fills me with dread as we usually hire somewhere with a spa. I end up feigning a headache so I don't need to put my swim gear on.


I read the program online a couple of years ago. Thought it looked to hard and dismissed it. Then I saw the Whole 30 book in Target (Australia) and bought it on a whim, that was 3 months ago. Didn't feel ready to commit back then. Not sure what has changed now, maybe a realisation that I am kidding myself and need to give myself some tough love and stop the internal and external excuses.



What do I hope to get out of this:


Increased energy

Increased motivation to eat better

Better sleep

Less dependency on wine

More control over moods

Improvement in psoriasis

Pin point what foods I need to eliminate for increased health











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So I'm on Day 2. Journey so far.


I read the books again....procrastinated another week then finally decide to bite the bullet.


Spent the previous weekend shopping and preparing food for the first 3 days. Had my last Latte for the month  :(


Day 1

Meal 1 - 3 boiled eggs, sauted spinach, mushrooms, roasted tomato and avocado.

Meal 2 - Paleo sausages, broccoli, sweet potato

Meal 3 - Zoodle bolognese

2 x black coffee


Exercise - None


Felt good, have been easing myself in by reducing wheat and rice over the last week. No hunger and no cravings for the wheat pasta the rest of the family had.


Sleep not great, woke a number of times. Got up to use bathroom twice. Bed at 10.30pm, Woke 5.30am then dozed...



Day 2

2 boiled eggs, sauted spinach, mushrooms, roasted tomato and avocado.

Meal 2 - Paleo sausages, broccoli, sweet potato. Apple

Meal 3- Carrot soup, thai chicken meatballs, salad with olive oil & balsamic

2 x black coffee


Tired a bit today, with a low grade headache. Had an extra snack of a boiled egg and some walnuts at 4pm as had a session with my PT tonight. Didn't have my usual enthusiasm for the session but did well with increased weights in some areas.


9.47pm and off to bed. 

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