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Whole30 WINS - My top ten NSVs


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In my initial W30 log statement, I said:

This is about me loving and honoring myself enough to follow through - to do what I know I want and need to do - to be the healthiest me that I can possibly be.


And I did it! In the past, I have completed 2 “Wholesome30s” that were 98 – 99% compliant, so it was important to me to surrender and complete this program the way it was intended – 100% - no slips, no tweaks, no excuses. Yes, I was a tweaker :)


My top 10 NSVs:

1) I honored my commitment to myself

I believe loving and honoring ourselves is the most challenging and rewarding thing we can do! As a result of honoring my commitments to myself, I feel well fed physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically, and most importantly, I have greater integrity as a result of walking my talk and living my life with greater purpose – to be the healthiest and happiest me that I can possibly be.


2) Awareness


I am much more aware of my food choices and how they effect me, the thoughts that tempt to derail me, and my ability to make choices that honor the spirit of the program and the one and only body that I have.


3) Self-support

Supporting myself with daily reading of the forums, blog, W30 Daily emails was a gift that I gave myself. Logging my food intake and general observations has provided me with the feedback I needed to realize my successes and to course-correct as I move into a slow roll introduction.


4) Increased physical activity and steady energy

I am back to a regular yoga practice, and am hiking once again. My energy is mostly consistent throughout the day. Not tiger-blood crazy, just feeling more in-the-flow than before.


5) Sleep

I am going to bed about an hour earlier. I am getting out of bed after only pushing snooze once – this allows me time to reflect on my day before getting up and moving my body. I am dreaming more too – or at least remembering that I dreamed. I even had a guilty dream of going off-plan – and remembered it before I felt guilty for something I didn't do :)


6) Culinary triumphs

I am much more organized in the kitchen. I have expanded my culinary skills and can throw together a compliant meal with a minimum of effort. I never knew that I would enjoy leftovers for breakfast so much. I can now prep and plan like the pros, and the freezer and crock pot have become my new best friends. I save my favorite recipes in a bookmark on my computer, so I am never without ideas and cooking remains an adventure.


7) Skin and face changes

My skin is softer, and my legs aren’t irritated after I shave them! My face is softer looking and feeling. The bags under my eyes are less noticeable and my eyes are brighter.


8) Nose and throat clear

The excess moisture in my nose is mostly non-existent. I am experiencing a clear, dry nose most of the time. I am breathing more clearly than I can ever remember. I am pretty sure it is dairy that causes it, and occasional intense weather changes. So if and when I reintroduce dairy, I will know for sure. Also, I haven’t experienced the need to clear my throat or noticed significant vocal changes I used to experience when I speak (which I believe is a result of dairy-induced phlegm) – I use my voice to teach yoga / meditation – so this is important to me.


9) Shoulder tension decreased

My muscles are not as tense. I also work as a massage therapist and have ALWAYS had super tight shoulders. They are softer – even my chiropractor noticed without me saying anything. I know this is a result of reduced inflammation. This is truly transformational for me.


10) Saved $$$

I have only eaten out 3 times and saved approximately $250 this last month by eating in and not getting in the car to go out to eat once or twice a day (yes, I did that in the past). And these savings include eating well-sourced meat and eggs. I know these are actual savings because I have recorder my spending for the last two years. 


And the SVs?

I released 7 pounds in scale weight (from 144 – 137) and my bodyfat went down 9% (from 30% to 28%). This is freakin huge!!! And I thought I was eating too much! I would not have realized all these victories if it wasn’t for my commitment to log my food and observations everyday. I now know that planning, prepping, and daily reading was important for my success.


THANK YOU Whole30!!!

Thank you to all of you who take the time to post- you inspire me! I have learned from your questions and experiences :)

To all the moderators – you totally ROCK! Thank you for volunteering your time and for offering your wisdom and guidance. I am grateful!


This has been an absolutely awesome ride and you all have been great companions on my W30 journey.


My 2016 Whole30 Journey



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