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Two Weeks in, Rashes are MUCH WORSE!

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I had a rash on my face & scalp about mid-way into my whole30 and was unable to nail down what might be the culprit. It seems like rashes on this are pretty common place, but certainly nothing to ignore if it doesn't seem to fade. Mine stayed about a week and a half before I really noticed a decrease. I started to wonder in my case if I was getting more iodine in foods than usual for me, which might have caused a bromide flush. Bromide is present in baked goods (most things containing wheat), hair care products, etc. When you ingest more iodine, bromide stored in cells is flushed into the system & may try to escape through the skin in addition to kidneys doing their job. I started adding more salt to everything with the plan that it would flush out the bromide & it helped, but that could be coincidental.


I apologize for not explaining it fully, & I wish I could post a link but present computer filters prevent me from doing so. You can google 'bromide flush' and find several sources that explain this better than I can. It is a long shot, but something to consider.

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