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Eileen's 2nd Whole30--Post Whole30 Log


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Goal: Reintroduce, but stay fat-adapted for life. After my first W30 I either didn't grasp that concept or forgot it at some point. 


Yesterday was reintro of dairy: Half-and-half in my morning chicory brew, ice cream at the coffee house (I told my girlfriends it was for science  :)), and Parmesan on my tomato-less stew. I felt a little sluggish and not as comfortable after eating as during W30. I realize ice cream should not have been a snack, but it did hold me until after my precinct caucus, which went long. 


Oh and I did have decaf coffee in the afternoon. (W30 was also a break from coffee.) No effect that I could tell. 


The jeans I 'm wearing today are tight but they fit, which wasn't the case for this pair in December.

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