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Depression lifted!


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I just completed my Whole 30 today and I've had the most amazing turnaround. I started the Whole 30 hoping to address an unexplainable skin rash that I've had on my elbows and eyelids for about two years, but I could never have imagined what would come next. 


After several months of paralyzing depression that left me struggling to get out of bed every day, disconnected from my friends and family, and abandoning many activities I love, I knew it was time for some serious changes.


Then, at some point at the end of last week, I realized I've been really, truly happy for the past two weeks. Tiger blood is amazing! I've been waking up with my alarm, full of energy. I'm riding my bike more, swimming, going to dance classes with friends. I feel like I've gotten my life back!


I never realized the extent to which food, even "healthy" foods, were impacting my mood and well-being. This has been a super transformative experience that I'm so very grateful to have had. 

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