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Menstrual Disorders


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Good morning everyone! I need some help. Yesterday was my last day of Whole 30! Yay! Of course it had to coincide with getting my period. Unfortunately I suffer from menorrhagia and dysmenorrhea (heaving bleeding and cramping). I was going to start reintroducing foods today but with the cramping I figured it'd be better to start once that subsides to really know how the first reintro food would effect me.


The question is, do I still take my measurements and weight today on day 31 even though I'm not reintroducing for a couple of days? Or do I do a Whole 35? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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For me personally I would probably wait for everything until the symptoms pass and I'm feeling normal again.  This includes measurements etc.  One of my personal rules of thumb is never to step on a scale near my period.  (I haven't stepped on a scale in months - but that is the promise I made myself about weighing)

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