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Royally messed up reintro


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Ok so I was 100 per cent compliant for 31 whole days and have completely screwed up reintroduction. (Started Jan 2, ended Feb 1.)

My husband made me a cake (on day 32... The day I was planning to begin reintroduction) as a belated birthday treat (birthday happened in the middle of my whole 30 and I didn't cave in!)

Long story short, on Day 32, I had a long, stressful, crazy day, and ate a tiny breakfast and lunch (very unlike me!) By the time supper rolled around, I was starving.

So I caved in and had a six inch grilled chicken sub from subway.

Then I had a piece of the cake.

Then I had one beer - I was celebrating my belated birthday, after all.

Needless to say I am sick to my stomach today. Took the day off of work and all. It was a shock to my system and I feel like an idiot for literally reintroducing everything at the same time.

How do I redeem myself?

Do I do another whole 30 and try again? I was so happy because I was 100 percent compliant for the entire duration of the program.

Today I am back to eating whole 30 in hopes of feeling better.

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Yeah, it's a tough lesson learned.

Best advice I can give you is to resume 100% Whole30 eating until you feel like you did on Feb 2nd.  I would estimate that would take you several days. Then do a more controlled reintroduction.

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Now more than ever I'm realizing the value of W30 + 30, and in keeping that extra 30 days of reintro as under control as the first W30. On the other hand, if you measure your total days to recovery from this little mini binge, that will give you some good information, too. Sorry for the toxic shock.

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