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Hey everyone!!  It has been so long for me that I couldn't get my old password to work and had to sign in thru Facebook, so I look like a, the old lady....well, I have welcomed back all the weight I lost thru W30 several years ago and also now find I feel both chubby AND tired/, hoping to start a 30 tomorrow....any good solid structure will help.

i know about BLE and have a good friend who did it and lost tons.  She also runs an online coaching program on a life without sugar and wrote a book: Candy Girl.  I would recommend her.  JIll Kelly.

I am linking up on the forum w a newbie who is just starting her first tomorrow, but I feel as though I have found true north finding you all still here. Will try to check in more regularly.  I took a temporary promotion at work, so havebbeen busier than usual, but plan to retire when it is over by early next summer....time for some serious self my hubby is getting older so I need to be with him more as well. 

Hoping for the very best for each of you,,





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As promised, sporadic check-in!  I think I'm always sort of inspired the day a W30 email comes (or the day I get to open and read it, which is not always the same day!)

I'm in a slightly better place than last month, I have made meal plans for the work weeks now through the end of the year.  They are not all W30, but I wanted to ease back in that direction by getting back on the "prep the meal, eat the meal" train.  I decided to focus on the work week because packing is so much easier than scrambling for lunch no matter what I pack, and the freedom on the weekends is going to make the holiday season a bit less stressful since I don't have time for a full reset before.  Not perfect, maybe not even entirely my ideal...but something. 

And an interesting thing happened...I went into it with no specific intention regarding what type of meals, other than that they be primarily whole foods and something I cooked rather than packaged and processed to death.  When I got to the end of the year I realized only two weeks were actually not W30.  It gave me an odd little sense of hope, as far off course as I have felt for large parts of this year, I have made some real changes that are sticking.  When I sit down to list out a dozen or so quick, easy, tasty, doable meals...they are predominantly W30 meals without me having to wrack my brain for them.  Even the two recipes that are not compliant are rather close, one is easily adapted in fact though I do prefer the non-compliant version given the choice...and the other one only contains one thing that is not on my extended allowed list.  The list I came up with as my long term food list. 

So there is that. 

I am also pleased to report that my attempt to pre-start my New Year Resolution of keeping a short diary as daily as possible has been going well.  I picked the app Momento as something to try, and even though I don't fully utilize it's features (I sure wish it would sync with Apple's activity tracker and track my daily workout stats!) I am finding it to be a good solution for me.  It's handy on my phone, I can add pictures right out of my email, text messages, or my phone's camera...and the reminders in the morning about "what did you dream?" and "how was your day?" usually do prompt me to jot down a line or two.  I'm working really hard on not caring what I say, it doesn't need to be earthshattering news, profound, amusing, or even particularly interesting...some of that will come with time and it's more important to me to just encapsulate the day even if it's just a "feels like Monday"

I have also decided on my "real" resolution for the first of the year...I want to go a year without using any of those plastic bags that are so ubiquitous.  Easy enough to avoid in grocery stores where it's pretty common practice to whip out a reusable bag now (just not common enough in my life yet), though it's going to be a bit trickier at the mall maybe.  Then again, what is life without a challenge and a few less shopping sprees probably wouldn't hurt me none.  ;) 

Anyone out there have a "love it" style or brand of market bag?  I'm try to do some research and experiment a bit with some different types to make that easier come January. 

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Hi all, 

Still here! Just popped in to see who's still around. I've been enjoying the Medical Medium material, currently on Day 7 of a 28-day detox cleanse. Author says Streptococcus Virus is the root cause of SIBO, so I'm following the recommended protocol to see what happens! Willing to try anything at this point.

Hope everyone's doing well out there.


PS @Crimsann those plastic bags were outlawed here awhile ago, so I always take reusables when shopping. My local health food store gives out free cloth bags whenever you spend over $50, so needless to say we have far too many in our closet! Can't remember the last time I spent LESS than $50 at the grocery store!!

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Me!  Sort the still around category.  I was actually thinking about posting the very night you did @vozelle but didn't get around to it.  It's been a tough week or so for a lot of reasons.  My friend is dealing with something right now that would probably put me straight into a mental breakdown.  I'm not even involved directly, but being close to it indirectly is enough to freak me out about every five minutes.  I'm usually pretty chill, but I can tell that being off my game eating wise is making this feel more extreme than it would have. 

I also had to turn down a rather interesting opportunity that came my way, and while I know I'm making the right choice, I'm again kind of sad about knowing two parts of my life are not that compatible anymore.  Earlier this year, mostly on a whim and with no thought that anything would ever come of it, I signed up to be a recipe tester for a very cool food blog.  A few weeks ago, they sent me the contract and the non-disclosure agreement I would need to sign to be accepted.  Wah!  It would mean testing and reviewing one of their recipes at least every two weeks though and while some of them may be compliant it's not like I would get to tweak them and taste testing certainly isn't optional.  If I'm going to be serious about next year, there is of course no way I could sign on for that.  And I'm sad, but not sad.  I've had time lately to experience me on and off of a healthier eating plan and I know which me I prefer...I'm just having a hard time coming to terms with me as that kind of cook when I've spent years thinking of myself as a rather different kind entirely.  It's not that I don't realize there aren't lots of things to explore and experiment with in a more Paleo kitchen, it's just funny how I feel far more limited in cooking than I actually do in eating.  Maybe I will find my way to a balance at some point, I will definitely keep trying, but I know what I need to concentrate on right now.

So that being said, still planning on going back full steam in January and trying to cut back now to make that less stressful but with full realization of the holidays.  I don't know if I'm going to say out loud that I'm thinking about that "full year" thing again only with a better kick off, but it's on my mind.  Maybe it's better if I let that evolve on it's own instead of staring down the tunnel. 

And I've been in this funk all week, so rather than drone on about it, I'm going to stop here for now...just wanted to say you guys are rarely far from my mind.


Also, I so wish they would outlaw the bags here...I would be right there with you on that bag collection if we had something similar.  It's harder to go cold turkey with plastic bagging when they are as ubiquitous as sugar though.  LOL!  I'm still planning to try.  I look like the worst offender right now .  Before our last work bake sale, I had a raffle to get people to bring them in so we had some to use and I got WAAAY more than I anticipated.  I brought the rest home to recycle but haven't got them dropped off yet.  It's probably what got me thinking about this as a goal.

Stay safe, stay healthy everyone...I'm sure I will check in again before next year but have a wonderful holiday season.  And get your tushes back here for January.  ;) 

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@Crimsann, I have a whole collection of the reusable bags from the grocery store. HEB here in TX uses artistic design, movie characters, and photographs on their bags. I have 4 of the bluebonnet bags in 2 different sizes. :D. They double as my carryon "personal item" - My purse, kindle, charger, and bottles of water all go in th smaller version. Sprouts has some nice canvas shoppers but they're a little more expensive than the HEB bags.  I have to say, my favorite to carry anywhere else are a couple of matching pink Minnie Mouse "cloth" bags I bought from HEB. They left the store brand off and they are soft enough to fold up and put in my purse.

@vozelle, am definitely interested to see how your cleanse works for You. Hopefully good results.

@mergthemagnificent, welcome back, I feel your pain (post Harvey food was NOT good for me) and You Can Do It! :)

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