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NSV's & so much more!


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My first Whole30 has been an amazing experience. I first heard about Whole30 back in the summer, and it really took me 6 months to find a "good time" to do it, and to realize that any time I chose would have its challenges. Looking back from the other side, I am so happy I took it on! I taught myself that I am capable of more than I would have ever imagined!


I'll be honest, my main motivation for starting was, and still is, weight loss. I've gained 40lbs since 2010 and have been feeling desperate trying to figure out how to get it off. Weight Watchers enforces my food obsession with all that counting, and using my Fitness Pal to count calories isn't much better. Isagenix gave me good weight loss results on their 30 day cleanse, but its mega expensive, not sustainable, includes 2 days a week where you actually EAT NOTHING (and drink sugar water) - how crazy. Oh, and there is nothing "real food" about it. About 6-8 months ago I learned about the paleo/primal/LCHF community and started playing with my macros - it seemed to work, but because I wasn't fully cutting out the sugary stuff, I was still a slave to my cravings. While I lost a quick 5lbs, life got crazy, carbs crept back in (along with my yummy increased fat intake!) and the weight kept climbing. I did feel like I was finally understanding the right path though, and Whole30 was about fully committing to this new lifestyle, tackling the sugar addiction, and starting to build habits that I can take into the years ahead.


So, of course yesterday morning I stepped on the scale first thing. Maybe I shouldn't have, but with 40lbs to lose and years of feeling like LITERALLY nothing worked, I wanted to see how this amazing feeling I was cultivating was translating in the numbers. 9lbs down! What a massive win! I feel like this was the easiest 9lbs I have EVER lost.


The non-scale victories are plentiful as well:

  • My engagement ring fits my finger for the first time in 1.5 years
  • My skin is clear
  • I'm getting comments about how bright my eyes are
  • I think I lost a bunch of fat because my clothes are fitting better than the last time I was at this same weight.
  • Achy joints in the AM are gone
  • Chronic UTI's seem to be under better control
  • Confidence! Loads of it!
  • No 3pm crashes or cravings
  • No more hangry - hunger pangs aren't nearly as urgent as they used to be
  • When I wash my hair, it seems less of it goes down the drain
  • My ski pants almost fit! I haven't skied in 3 seasons because my ski pants didn't fit. I was mega ashamed so I just pretended I wasn't really interested anymore.  My husband and I used to ski ALL THE TIME - it was a big part of our early years together and I can't wait to get out on the slopes again (I need to lose a TOUCH more before they are comfy, but I can actually do them up now!) I cried when I pulled them on and could do them up!
  • My husband can't keep his hands off me


And the biggest, most amazing, most miraculous NSV:

  • I can sit in a livingroom full of friends, surrounded by yummy non-compliant food and big glasses of wine, AND ITS OK. I'm not stressed, I'm not anxious, I'm not wanting to scarf it all down. I seriously did NOT think that was possible for me. Ever.


And finally,

  • I'm inspiring others. 3 of my girlfriends are now looking into doing their own Whole30, and my husband is slowly getting his head around the idea. Most of these people have far more digestive woes/medical issues than I ever had. I just wanted to get my weight under control! I'm really excited for them!


So what's next for me?


Well, I am going to continue my Whole30 journey for another 30 days.  This month, my specific goals are to:

  1. Start exercising
  2. Be more deliberate about drinking enough water
  3. Come up with more creative yummy ways to eat veggies (Its still not habit and I they're still not my preference)


Wish me luck - and good luck to you if you're reading this!






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This is so true: "Weight Watchers enforces my food obsession with all that counting, and using my Fitness Pal to count calories isn't much better". You absolutely hit the nail on the head of why this works and those other "diets" never did. This truly can be the lifestyle change that those other programs always claimed to be.


Congratulations on all of your accomplishments - it's a real encouragement to those of us who are just getting started. 

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