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Reintro Timeline Question


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I'm on Day 32. Yesterday, I introduced the "pulse" legumes -- black beans, chickpeas, lentils -- which I love and was very happy to have back in my diet. 


I've decided to leave soy and peanuts off my diet indefinitely, because I don't miss them. ( I did have an accidental dose of soy about halfway through my whole 30 when I ordered some ahi tuna on a salad and didn't realize they seared it with soy.  It was a tiny amount and it didn't affect me at all. I don't think peanuts affect me either, but almond butter tastes so much better, who needs peanut butter?)


Anyway, here's my question:  If I feel no ill effects from the beans I introduced yesterday (so far, so good), do I still need to wait two days to eat beans again?  Because I have leftovers in my fridge and they don't keep that long ... Also, is it fine to keep eating beans as I reintroduce other categories?  


I never did understand that part. Once you establish that a certain category doesn't really affect you, do you still leave it off while introducing other categories?


I'm feeling great and enjoying Whole 30 eating. I don't expect to ever go back to eating the way I did before.


Thank you, Whole 30 team!


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Absolutely you must wait. Just because you don't feel bad immediately does not mean you have not been affected. Some foods are dose dependent. A little is okay, more will cause trouble. Some responses are subtle. You may not notice them at first. If you assume you are fine and keep eating that food while testing others, you will invalidate test conditions and will not get accurate information about how your body responds to these foods. 

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