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Can/Can't Have Quick Reference- For Grandparents?


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I have a 2 year old with GI issues and a 6 year old with a variety of issues prompting a Whole 30 for our 2 kids beginning Feb 16.


They are often at Grandma's house, and eat when they are there.  


My question is this: does there exist a quick reference guide for the "cans and can'ts" of the Whole 30 that we can print for Grandma to refer to?  I feel like she'll cooperate, but that an accident in ignorance could occur.  I can tell by conversations so far that a print out on the fridge would likely prevent a Whole 30 fail! 

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In the Downloads section, you can get pdf files of the rules and the shopping list. That's probably the closest we have to what you're wanting.


Try focusing on what they can have -- lots of vegetables, eggs, meats, healthy fats like avocado and olives, fruit.


You might also consider sending food with them, or sharing some recipes that your kids like that are compliant.

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