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Day#5 Huge stomach issues- I am sure it's been discussed before ( sorry)


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DAY#5 and my energy is slowly coming back... I am eating three meals plus one to two snack per day ( I do HIIT 4 times per week plus 1 day of advanced skiing)

Tried to not do the snacks but was very hungry and wasn't going to suffer ( snacks are fruit plus nut butter or veggies)

Anyway, after first two days of constipation I am experiencing awful discomfort in my stomach ( even at night) and on going diarrhea. I drink about 1 gallon of water per day plus herbal teas and 2 black coffees in the morning.

My meals are simple and very similar every day, so not sure what's causing this huge discomfort.

FYI It is not dramatic change from my previous diet.

 Any tips on how to easy the pains without medication?



Thank you


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It would help if you could give us a little more information about what you're eating. Could you list a day or two of food, including approximate portions sizes?


In general, having a lot of nuts/nut butters can cause digestive problems for some people, so you might cut those out for a while and see if it helps.


Are you having pre- and post-workout meals? Those are in addition to your three regular meals. Pre-workout may not be necessary if you've eaten an hour or two before your workout, but if you do have one, it should be protein and fat. Post-workout is a little more important, especially if your workouts are strenuous -- it should be lean protein and optionally some starchy vegetable. Something like chicken or tuna and some sweet potato. This article explains a little more about what you should eat post-workout and why.


If you are truly hungry between meals, it's okay to eat, but it would be best to have a mini-meal of protein, fat, and vegetables. Fruit on its own or with nut butter can cause your blood sugar to rise, and it can keep cravings for sweets strong as well.

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Thank you for your quick reply.

I am starting to suspect the nut butters are causing not only digestive problems but also becoming my food with no breaks.

So I will stop that immediately.

As for my pre- workouts. I go to the gym at 6 am, so basically roll out of bed and drink some coffee on the way there, too early for me to eat! After my workout is my

breakfast :

two eggs over easy ( cooked with ghee)

1/4  or 1/2 avocado

sweet potatoes



spinach/aragula or power greens


can of tuna or grilled chicken or salmon

whole30 approved dressing

half avocado



nut butter and banana or apple




sauteed veggies ( brussle sprouts or spaghetti squash or asparagus)

and protein : steak, or salmon or chicken ( all whole 30 


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Yeah. Here are the problems... You need a bite of something when you roll out of bed. If you will throw up, you can skip it, but your hormones need a signal that you are up and ready to go. A boiled egg is a good choice.


By combining breakfast and a post-workout meal, you are missing an entire meal that you are due to eat. No wonder you are hungry. Exercise demands extra nutrition and you are not getting it. Post workout meals should be eaten immediately after exercise and include a meal size portion of lean protein and optionally a fist size serving of starchy veggies.


Your meals look too small.


Study our meal planning template for more details of how much you should be eating. 


How much to eat
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