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CateyG's First W30, start date 2/3/2016


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Day 2 complete. Yay, yay, hurrah, high five for me!!


1. Finding that breakfast is the biggest challenge at this point. Having a bunch of meat protein first thing is not that appetizing, but am afraid I will "overdose" quickly on eggs, so trying to balance the two. I need to make a concerted effort to make extra dinner so that I have an easy carryover meal, to minimize food prep in the morning.

2. Feeling hungry and irritable. I was in a steady relationship with the Sugar Dragon pre-Whole 30, so I've expected the "no sugar" rule to be the hardest. Been increasing water intake to feel satiated, and had a late afternoon snack of half a banana with some almond butter and cinnamon.

3. Hate the way my house seems to smell like food constantly! Hoping this abates as I get better at food prep and rolling over leftovers for a second meal, so there's not as much active cooking. Currently spending a lot of time prepping food and still stocking up, so feel like I'm always in the kitchen or thinking about meal planning.

4. Totally felt worn out this morning. Mostly due to a poor night's sleep. Don't actually think it was diet related.

5. Felt a little nauseous a couple times this afternoon.


1. Dinner seems to be my strength. Two great dinners so far - big on taste and feeling satisfied.

2. Amazed at how I haven't felt bloated or too full, etc. despite having so much meat and much larger meals (for breakfast and lunch) than I am accustomed to eating.


1. Need to stop thinking about post-W30 life and what will or won't be part of my eating lifestyle then. For crying out loud, I'm on day 2!!

2. Cooking skills improving - but there is still soooo much room for improvement! Knife skills are dangerous. Yikes, bought a new knife for the challenge and have already cut myself twice - ouch! That's what I get for living with crappy knives for so long!

3. Finding good support and ideas on social channels, etc.

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Day 3 complete!

Today felt easier but perhaps because the whole family was home (snow day) so it was generally busier and left less time to be thinking about food and cravings. I didn't have that crazy hungry feeling mid-morning, and the afternoon was good, too.

However, I went grocery shopping and felt myself getting annoyed looking at all the tempting, grain-y stuff on the shelf. It definitely makes shopping easier, and faster to completely bypass the inner aisles, though!

Still easily irritable. A big source seems to be making my kids (non-W30) meals. I assume it will pass and right now it is a trigger because I am still acutely feeling "deprived."

Dreamt last night that I made guacamole and ate it with tortilla chips. Awoke in a panic, and grateful it was just a dream! Didn't think the food dreams would start so soon. Uh oh.

Glad to have another day done.

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Day 6. Generally feeling very grumpy about this whole plan. I guess mostly because 100% of planning, shopping and food prep is on my shoulders and my husband just shows up to eat. We're supposed to be doing this together. But my own fault to think it would be anything other than this since he didn't help with meals before this either. It's just particularly annoying to have him sitting around waiting for me to make breakfast if he gets up before me. I mean, hello, make a freaking egg or two!!!

I also have never been very fond of cooking and I feel like all of my time is becoming absorbed by making food, eating food, deciding what food to make next, and shopping for food. My house constantly smells like food - a long-standing pet peeve. And yet I haven't reached the point of feeling really excited about the food yet. Ugh.

Down on the whole thing today. Needed to vent.

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One week down!

Today was reallllllly hard. Feeling very acutely aware of all the non-plan foods I want to eat. I need to cut back on fruit and nuts. I haven't binged on them or anything, but definitely using as a crutch.

So, so, so many times I was ready to quit and walk away. Not feeling the food love at all. So sick of coconut. Feel like nothing has attention-grabbing taste. Discouraged.

Breakfast: leftover "taco" ground beef, with cauliflower rice and fried egg, 2 strawberries, 10 almonds

Lunch: same as breakfast but two scrambled eggs (was planning on something else, but broke some eggs accidentally and salvaged them by throwing in the skillet, and lunch was born), nectarine

Dinner: spaghetti squash, tomato sauce, meatballs, salad with peppers, cukes, mushrooms, blueberries, pecans, vinegrette

Snacks: about 3pm, banana with almond butter, two dates, about 5 pm, some pecans and pistachios.

Notes: more salads, tonight's was great and really helped fill the plate/belly. Need to work on attitude, and trying to get excited about this rather than focusing on depravation. Sleeping like crap!!

For the record (lots of blanks, oops) Obv should have recorded this sooner...., can't recall some

Meals Mon 2/8: sweet pot hash browns, 2 eggs and chicken sausage; tuna with romaine, carrots, banana with almond butter; afternoon snack pistachios and almonds; dinner plantain chip nachos with taco ground beef (Mel Joulwan's recipe) with salsa and romaine strips and avocado

Meals Sun 2/7: eggs, blueberries, ???, lunch: ? dinner: chicken taco salad (no chips), with lettuce, guac, hb egg, carrots, tomato

Meals Sat 2/6: dinner: lemon thyme chicken wings, salad, Brussels sprouts

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Been feeling better for the most part lately. Not snacking in the morning, and little or no snacking in the afternoon and after dinner. Less tired, although not sleeping through.

Still need to find some recipes that really wow me, other than just chimmichurri steak (which was a big fave pre-W30 anyway). Roast chicken has been a savior.

Many trips to the grocery store. Spending much more on food, but also not going out to eat, so hopefully there's some balance. All the food prep and cleaning up definitely eats into my free time, and that makes me cranky because I feel like I'm losing out on my own creative time in order to prep food that doesn't thrill me. Ugh. Currently don't see how this way of life could be sustainable after the 30 days. Although also already thinking about how I would make positive changes to my overall eating based on what I've seen already.

Still amazes me how little I "feel" my meals. No bloating, no icky stuffed feeling; just a really unusual neutral feeling, even though I am definitely eating more protein and larger breakfasts and dinners than my pre norm. Unusual feeling in that it's so new and out of the ordinary for me. Yikes, could this be a sign that dairy and grains are not really my friend?? Have they been leading me on?

Mostly craving a chai latte. And a cookie. Not a constant feeling, but have my moments of feeling like I should be able to have one if I want, dang it. And probably post-30, I will. But not the multiple, daily servings.... Have actually been shocked the last couple days at how infrequently I wanted a sugary snack, when this has typically been a day-long battle for me unfortunately. Food freedom coming my way???

Not missing alcohol at all. And love the feeling of always being clear-headed. Although it did feel a little strange to start the weekend without a Friday night glass of wine with the hubs.

Here's to making it through the weekend!

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If you haven't yet, check out how Melissa Joulwan does her weekly cookup -- on this page, read through her Method Behind My Madness article and whole30 meal plans and see if it might work for you: http://meljoulwan.com/paleo-101/ it's not a true meal plan, more a way to prep on the weekend so meals during the week take less time.

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