Help! On Day 18 and Experiencing horrible RASHES


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Hi everyone, I was excited about the program and eating healthy for awhile and then this Sunday on day 13 I started to feel itchy behind my ears. I thought nothing of it until the itchiness started to slowly spread to other areas on day 14 and then got incredibly uncomfortable on day 15. Today on day 18, I took a bath with oatmeal to soothe dry skin but within a fews hours the itch became unbearable and burning. This itch and hives went from the back of the ears to my right hand, to my neck, near my left eye to the scalp occasionally, then really red and bad on the belly button. Even the anus, that affected my sleep. At this point it's interfering with sleep and even normal functioning of life. I haven't gotten any answers from my dr because no one can see me (they're booked!). 


PLEASE HELP, this is unbearable. I've never experienced rashes this intense and widespread. Actually, I have no history of getting rash or hives or any allergic reaction for that matter. I HAVE had tiny bouts of eczema in 1 or 2 places. But this is unlike anything I ever experienced. It's so annoying because my family tells me it's dryness. Believe me, this is not just dryness. I haven't used any new detergents, bathing products or lotions. I did drink a water with Orange Essential Oil and rubbed Ginger Essential Oil on Sunday but I don't think that would be causing this 5-day breakout (i stopped them on Sun).


The only difference in my diet is that I've been eating coconut oil/milk, eggs and sweet potatoes almost everyday. I also consuming large amounts of squash/zuchini. Please help me stop these rashes, they're keeping me from functioning! 

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My itching didn't start until about day 35, oddly enough. I haven't reintroduced anything yet. Very itchy anus, under my bra, right wrist, stomach. I haven't been eating anything new besides all the new foods I started the first week of Whole30.  I feel I need to decrease a food item, and a friend of mine experiencing the same problem is decreasing coconut, so I think I'll start there.

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