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Buttercup Baby (Mj) Food Log


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January 31 was

Day O =  Prepare the house day. Cleaned out all of the non-compliant Whole 30 food. Wow. Spent a fortune. Good thing Steve (hubby) is on board with this effort as it was labor intensive. Hubby and I are feeling pretty motivated about the whole thing.  My son and his wife are coming up on the end of their Whole 30 and they are raving about it. We really are looking forward to feeling better, and of course losing a little weight. After all we have to keep up with our grandchildren. We are both a little nervous about making it through the whole detox thing -especially after our super indulgence of alcohol in the Dominican Republic with our friends last week. Celebrated the clean out by going to my husbands favorite restaurant and of course had wine. 


Not sure if I have all this techno stuff down yet but we shall see!

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February 1 was Day 1

Steve and I are off and running. I am home today and hoping to make some sauces, mayo and some quick grab foods. Made the Sweet Potato Hash and OMG is is delicious. Rest of the day went downhill after that. Broke the blender making the mayonnaise recipe and ranch dressing. Ran out of time and had to get writing for a deadline. Going to tackle mayo tomorrow.

Overall day was easy. Feeling motivated, especially after talking with some of my MS Warrior friends who have all stated they loved this program.


Breakfast:Tea...(okay I miss my chai tea latte)

                 Sweet Potato Hash and a poached egg, salt & pepper.

Cannot believe I ate breakfast

Lunch:     Tea

                Actually forgot to eat lunch as I was writing

4PM        Starving so I had a handful of nuts, and some pineapple and of course Tea

Dinner     Tried the club soda in a wine glass....nope not the same.

                Baked Scallops and White Fish with a lemon garlic sauce

                Green beans

Snack      orange

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February 2 was Day 2


Goodness I hope I am doing this techno stuff correctly. I am tired today (probably just MS) but anxious to get started on the mayo and sauces before I have to write so off to the kitchen.

Epic failure. Thinking it is because I used regular EVO instead of light. I will have to go to the store.

Early AM Tea...still missing my chai latte or flavored yummy teas. 

Breakfast: Sweet Potato Hash and a poached egg...actually came out so well I took a picture...lol have no idea how to post it here.

Today actually ate before 10AM 

Lunch: Leftover white fish, avocado 


Daughter in law came over to make dressing and mayo with me to see what was going wrong. LOL Broke the food processor as well. It also is 39 years old so oh well shopping soon. 


Dinner: Sage Chicken and green beans. Not as good without the thick gravy I usually make but the almond flour did tolerably well.

Snack: Pineapple


By evening I was starting to have rumbling tummy noises and feeling cranky so I went to bed early. Babysitting the granddaughter tomorrow and a little worried about how that will go. 

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February 3 was Day 3


Okay woke up 4AM with major tummy rumbles. Feeling a little cranky but don't have time for such nonsense as the baby will be here soon. No time to try and make the darn sauces. 

Early AM : Tea and OMG I want my chai latte not this boring crap!

Breakfast : Sweet Potato Hash and a poached egg. Shared with Addison.

Lunch: Did not have time to make any with the baby....made my day very long and difficult. Very hard not to lick the jam off those cute little fingers and temp test her mac & cheese....

But what a sweetheart. I have a feeling if she wasn't here I might be a tad cranky with anyone who dared to speak to me. 

Dinner: Actually I can't remember I was so tired.


Snack : Orange and Advil.

Okay lesson learned. I must prepare foods for when I have the baby. I am not able to cook and hold a 20 pound little one anymore. 

Had vanilla seltzer that I think is whole 30 okay but frankly don't care. I will check it out more closely tomorrow.

God I want a chai tea latte.

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February 4 was Day 4


Feeling tired...hope this ends soon, but can't tell if it is MS or Sugar deprivation. 

Too tired to shop for a new food processor but whatever...babysitting again tonight so more important that I chill and do that. A good day for writing.

Early AM Tea...still missing my chai latte.

Breakfast: Poached egg again with sweet potato hash...I do love that stuff.

Lunch: Leftover chicken and mushroom with spinach.

Dinner: Spagetti Squash and meatballs. (Surprisingly good with the almond flour)

Snack : Orange

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Breakfast:  boiled egg turkey sausage, yes it was fresh not frozen, cantaloupe, lots of Black Coffee

Lunch - ground turkey, I'm not a fancy cooker, usually eat lean cuisine steamer meals, kiwi, spinach salad with tomato and olives 

Grandkids and daughter coming tonight to spend night. We are grilling pork chops, sweet potato, turnip greens. Hopefully, if I can manage with a 4 and 7 year old. Love them!!!

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February 5 is Day 5

Caught up on this log thing. (I think I am doing it right? Someone tell me please) Still not sure of how this all forum and techno stuff works but hey making progress. Is there a techno page for dummies?  Or for grandma's? I really don't want to ask my kids or grandkids. It's so demoralizing when my 5 year old grandson has to get the movie off my iPad because Mema doesn't know how to get it playing for him. 


Anyway- slept 7.5 hours last night!!! OMG that never happens. Woke up not as bloated, not as cranky and feeling better, but still craving my Chai Tea Latte and I am getting sick of breakfast, and meal planning. 

Early AM - Tea and more tea. (black and white tea leaf blend I make, no sugar no cream)

Finishing deadline writings so I can relax and cook this weekend. 

Breakfast...my usual, poached egg with sweet potato hash....getting sick of that so I am going to have to get creative. 

Lunch...oops forgot again-was going to make chicken salad but see above mayo fiasco.

4PM not really hungry but need to eat something so I can make dinner without eating all the dried fruit in the house. 

Dinner will be pork loin stuffed with fennel and something, I haven't decided yet and I am not sure I will be able to edit later.


Side note on the appliance nightmare fiasco. I called my friendly neighborhood restaurant supply place (there is only one here) and asked what food processors she has...she has the 14-cup Cuisainart Elite I want, so my dear hubby is picking it up for me. What a guy. Shopping is so limited here-it is actually a chore.


Tonight we will be planning our super bowl party menu...I miss wine. Still. Almost as much as my beloved Chai Tea Lattes! I am not sure I can sit through a football game without the benefit of alcohol - I do hate football. But I am a grownup and I shall prevail, maybe I can knit. Or write...would that be rude? I think I will make some of those drinks from the book. I am open for suggestions for a menu.

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  • Moderators

Hi, Mj, welcome to Whole30. You are doing the techno stuff right. If you want to post a picture, there's two ways to do it.


  • If you put your pictures on a photo-sharing website like Flickr or Photobucket, you can find the web address of your picture on that site, copy it, here on the forum, click the little square button sort of under the smiley face button (if you hover over it, it says Image), then paste the address of your picture into the box that pops up. 
  • If you want to post pictures that are stored on your computer, you'll need to click on the More Reply Options button down on the bottom right. When you do that, you'll get a bigger reply window, and at the bottom of it, there'll be an Attach Files button -- click that and find the pictures you want to post, click open, and when you're done writing your post, click Add Reply.


If you're getting bored with your plain tea, there are a ton of flavored herbal teas out there that you might enjoy. Just double check ingredients on them, make sure there's no soy, stevia, or other non-Whole30 ingredients in them. You can even put a little coconut or almond milk in them if you want. It's easiest to find compliant coconut milk in cans, maybe in the international or ethnic foods section of your grocery store.  


You really need to work on not missing meals. You'll get a lot more out of your Whole30 if you make sure you eat enough. You might try doing something like a weekly cookup -- it's not necessarily a meal plan, it's just prepping most of what you'll need for the week to make your life easier. It is a lot of work the day you do it, but can save a lot of effort the rest of the week. So, you might grill or bake several servings of chicken, brown a pound or two of ground beef, hardboil some eggs if you eat them often. Make some mayo and maybe one or two other sauces -- they're a good way to change up flavors when you're eating the same basic foods several days in a row, plus they're one way to add fat to your meals, which people sometimes have trouble with. Vegetables that can be cooked ahead and reheated, go ahead and cook -- things like roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, root vegetables. Ones that may not fare as well reheated, you can clean, and depending on the vegetable, chop up (I'd probably chop up things like broccoli and cauliflower, but probably not things like zucchini or summer squash, for instance). Or make a big pot of soup for the week as an easy way to get some vegetables with meals -- the Golden Cauliflower Soup and the Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup from this site are both good, or if you have a favorite, adapt it to be Whole30. You don't have to make "recipes" per se, although they can be nice if you find yourself getting bored with your food -- just keep your meats seasoned simply, and then you can have them on a salad, diced into a soup, or served alongside a couple of vegetables. 


The other thing I'd mention is that when eggs are your only protein source in a meal, a serving is usually as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand, so if there's no other protein in your sweet potato hash, your one egg is really not enough. If the hash has sausage or something in it, it may be enough. Just something to consider.

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February 6 is Day 6


Did not sleep well last night...tummy rumbles. Then fell back to sleep after dawn and slept until 10. OMG -late for a Trader Joe and Healthy Living Market road trip with my son and family. 
Early AM ...missed my tea!

Breakfast- TEA, omelet with bits of chicken, tomato, onion, and pepper. I wasn't able to eat it all...way too nauseous. I did pack a couple of hard boiled eggs and some avocado and pineapple in a cooler for travel food. 

Lunch...1/4 avocado, 1/2 banana, TEA (Thank the gods)

Dinner...still nauseous so had poached egg, sweet potato hash. (going to add a protein to that tomorrow -thanks Shannon) Took a Zofran for the nausea. 

Had seltzer instead of tea and that seemed to help calm stomach down. 

It's only 10 PM but I am heading to bed. Just tired so for a change I will leave the dishes in the sink, and my list still has stuff left on it...but I am going to bed. 


Tomorrow I am making that mayo recipe if it kills me. With my shiny new food processor. 

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FEB 7 was DAY 7

Early AM had my wonderful tea, blended white and black tea, it was delightful.

Breakfast was Sweet Potato Hash, a strip of bacon, one poached egg. Did not throw up

Lunch was leftover Spaghetti Squash with meatball and tomato sauce. 

Dinner was Butternut Squash Soup from the book. I like my recipe better and will try making mine with substituting the heavy cream for coconut cream,

I did have sweet potato chips and guacamole. I did finally successfully make the mayonnaise! I love love love my new food processor.


I was too busy playing with my new food processor and making sauces and soups to eat really well. I wasn't especially hungry though today. Tired after all the cooking and the cleanup... 4 loads of dishes. and I still have some leftover this am. Big sigh.


I can't remember to go back onto the daily thing and mark the day as successful...by the end of the day I am just too tired. 

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February 8 Day 8

Slept well last night. Did not wake up until 6:30 AM- wow

Today marks the beginning of the second week. 
The hubby and I are still motivated and we both slept better last night than we have in a long time. YAY! Tummy issues aren't as bad, though I have heard from others that those can come and go periodically throughout the month.

I know we are supposed to list our goals and post them everywhere to help motivate us...but it seems silly when we only have one goal. 

To be as healthy as we can be. Every little bit helps and we will grab whatever we can. Mindful living. 

Sure we miss certain foods, and wine, and chai tea lattes (okay that is just me) but my understanding is that they are not gone from our lives, just on hold for now and we shall see what the future holds. 


I will post my food log later...Haven't even had tea yet and goodness knows I need that before I plan out food.

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February 8 is Day 8


Early am Tea - black and white tea all day today! I love my new homemade blend.

Breakfast - orange and Tea and it stayed down, no nausea YAY!

Breakfast II - 2 hard boiled eggs- and TEA

Lunch - found leftover stuffed pork with fennel and roasted veggies and Tea. 

Lunch II - Soup 

Dinner - White fish with cilantro mayo baked on top. That was really good. Steamed broccoli. Hubby made cauliflower rice which was delicious but too much and I wound up losing dinner.  :(

Dinner II- Soup

Snack pineapple


Definitely wasn't as tired today. Yay. 

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Noticed your longing for chai lattes - I make something I call "Butter" Tea, because it was inspired by butter coffee. I make really strong tea and use a blender to blend in about a  tablespoon of coconut mct oil, though you could do more or less to taste. I'm trying to avoid caffeine so I use Bengal Spice tea by Celestial Seasonings, which is an herbal tea that is made of all the same spices as chai. But you could use regular chai tea bags as well. It doesn't taste quite like a chai latte but I really like it.

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February 9 was Day 9 

and I forgot to post food log. It was not a good day. 

Early am Tea

Breakfast Sweet Potato Hash (with ground pork in this time)

Lunch Leftover Dinner white fish and homemade applesauce. Threw that up though

Dinner was going to be soup but I threw up before I ate. 

late evening sipped on a surgical smoothie  for some calories (banana, strawberry, coconut milk and ice...no protein powder as it had dairy and no vitamins as I didn't think they would stay down.


Slept badly - very nauseous.

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February 10 Day 10 

A new day. And as I have the baby hopefully better than yesterday. Stomach is so so. But overall I am less bloated, no headache, and thank the gods haven't thrown up.

Haven't even had tea yet. But I am going to try broth then tea 

I have plenty of prepared foods already (unlike last Wednesday with my Princess) so I am good to go if tummy co-operates. 

Due to my complex health issues a more detailed log, as was suggested by Praxisproject, is going to be written. LOL Probably not today with the little princess in tow. 

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February 10 was Day 10 

well didn't get back to post food log

Early am Tea

Breakfast: sweet potato hash, poached egg and tea

Lunch: Tarragon Chicken Salad

Dinner: 1/4 burger and half baked potato.

Sadly I got nauseous in the afternoon and lost lunch 1 hour after eating - and then lost dinner within 10 minutes.

Nauseous and throwing up through the night.
Perhaps I have a bug? 

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February 11 is Day 11 and it went a little better today


early am chicken broth

Breakfast Tea and sweet potato hash and a poached egg

Lunch Tea + butternut squash soup

Dinner sweet potato hash and a poached egg and of course tea

snack chicken broth

All stayed down today!!!

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  • Moderators

I had a thought, feel free to ignore it if you want, but have you tried having ginger tea or peppermint tea to help with the nausea? Or using either to season foods to see if that would help? If you keep fresh ginger around, you could drop a piece or two of peeled ginger into boiling water to steep like a tea, or there are flavored teas made with ginger. Actually if you can handle your chai tea without the milk or with coconut milk instead, it would have ginger and probably fennel or anise, which also can help with nausea.

In food, you could add either fresh or powdered ginger to stir fries, or add some to soup -- I made a great chicken and vegetable soup, just kind of winging it and throwing in what sounded good, and I added some ginger (because I am the weirdo who keeps fresh ginger around all the time) and it was really good.

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February 12 is Day 12

I added ginger to the broth and it helped. 

I did eat a little more today. Only threw up once and it wasn't related to eating. I think I am sick. I am so used to ignoring things that sometimes its a "duh" I have a stomach bug. Got dizzy today, hot/cold, headachy.

early AM broth and Tea

Breakfast: poached egg and sweet potato hash

Lunch: broth and tea- nibbled on sweet potato chips hubby made for me

Dinner: chicken and white potato

snack; broth

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oops I see I forgot to post my food logs for a few days


Feb 12 was Day 12 and Feb 13 was Day 13


Not feeling well so ate lightly all day. 

Tea, (Lots) broth, homemade chicken soup, fruit smoothies, more broth, sweet potato hash and a poached egg in there at least once. 

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February 15 is Day 15


Felt much better this AM but dragging this PM.


Breakfast : sweet potato hash with ground pork and a poached egg

Lunch: Leftover spaghetti squash and scallops with lemon garlic sauce. 

Dinner: Chicken soup

snack: fruit smoothie of banana, strawberries, coconut cream and a splash of unsweetened almond milk.

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February 16 Day 16

Great sleep last night. Felt really good upon waking. Felt well rested. As does the hubby. Amazing. No nausea this am so I ate early. Got a little nauseous afterward but no vomiting. YAY!

Breakfast (almost immediately upon waking up before dawn) was sweet potato hash (apple,cinnamon, sweet potato, ground pork,chives, peppers, homemade bacon bits,) poached egg, salt and pepper. (Huh i do find myself salting things and I never used to)

Tea (mixed a white and black tea together with some unsweetened coconut flakes.) OMG delicious.


Lunch with friends today...hope I find something to eat. I am bringing my own tea. Yes I am (proudly) a tea snob.


The weather outside is lousy but I feel good and ready to face the day. Overall I am experiencing more energy and with MS, and the number one issue with MS is fatigue, I WILL TAKE whatever I can get and run with it. Bring it on! 

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