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Would this be considered SWYPO?


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No porridge is really a great option for breakfast. Why not make the plantains like this, and have some protein and some kind of green vegetable with them? There are plenty of things other than eggs you can eat for your first meal of the day, that are not also a remake of the carby sweet breakfasts so many people depend on pre-Whole30.


Meatballs are a great option -- you can make a bunch over the weekend and have them ready to go in the morning, and they're generally good hot or cold, so if you're really in a hurry one morning, you can even skip reheating them. Leftovers are a great option in the morning too. 


For vegetables, you could make up some Belly Dance Beet Salad or some Sweet & Salty Broccoli Salad -- those both hold up pretty well over most of a week. Or just chop up a bunch of vegetables, add some olive oil and lemon juice and maybe some toasted nuts or coconut flakes. I like a combo of chopped jicama, yellow squash or zucchini, some celery, thin-sliced radishes, peeled cucumber, maybe some cherry or grape tomatoes. You can add a little fruit if you like -- maybe a handful of blueberries, or some chopped apple or pear, or even some of your favorite citrus. This should last several days in the fridge, so you can make a few days' worth at a time, although if you add strawberries they get icky faster (trust me on that one). 

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