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Runintothesun's Whole30


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Today was my first day. I'm hoping to have more confidence in my body - I'm pretty underweight (have been all my life), have a lot of acne at 26 - and I'd also like more stable & higher energy levels.

Meal 1 - sweet potato hash & 1 egg (I tried to eat two but couldn't.... I'm more used to small meals so this is a challenge)

Meal 2 - cauliflower "rice" with carrots and meat

Meal 3 - chicken and spaghetti squash

Also had an apple, banana and almond butter as a snack.

I think I probably am not eating enough - but hoping I can start doing so - I drank a toooooon of coke on a daily basis which was literally half my calorie intake and now I don't have that

I've had a headache all day - although I've had one all week - and been pretty tired. Excited to see what this will bring.

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You're definitely not eating enough, especially if you're truly underweight.  The meal template is a minimum guideline of what you need to eat in a day. You may also want to read this article on keeping weight on during a Whole30. If you're used to smaller meals, it will take you some time to get used to eating this way. Try plating up a full breakfast and start eating it within an hour of getting up. When you can't eat anymore, wrap it up and set it aside, and when you feel you could eat more, go back to it. 


Don't forget to add fat to your meals, in addition to the fat you cook in. Avocado, olives, and coconut flakes are all good sources, but if you're having trouble eating this volume of food, you might find it easier to make sauces or dressings to pour over your food -- they will help up your fat intake and the calories in your meal without adding a lot of volume. Something like this chimichurri sauce or a Whole30 pesto sauce or mayo are all good, and there are plenty of other options as well, just google Whole30 sauces or Whole30 dips.


If you're hungry between meals, you'd be better off having a mini meal of protein, fat, and vegetables, rather than something like fruit on its own or with nuts/nut butter.


If you haven't replaced the caffeine from your coke with some other form of caffeine, you'll be tired and headachey for a few days, just from caffeine withdrawal. Drink plenty of water, make an effort to eat enough, and hang in there, it'll pass.

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I wrote a new entry and it got deleted :(

Tried to keep more time between meals today so that I'd be hungrier.... I'm used to just eating my next meal when I'm bored. Also tried to add more fat.

Meal 1: 3 spicy tuna cakes (from nomnompaleo) with salad w/ vinaigrette and an apple

Meal 2: chicken breast w/ "sunshine sauce" from well fed and butternut squash

Meal 3: Leftover chicken/spaghetti squash, white potato with ghee and half a banana

A little tired today, plus some GI distress but that's kind of "normal" for me.... Wondering when the real symptoms will hit? I haven't replaced my soda with any kind of caffeine intake....

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Woke up today and felt pretty lightheaded and weak.... I guess sugar withdrawal is setting in? I've been craving candy a lot.

Meal 1: 3 spicy tuna cakes, salad w/ vinaigrette, apple

Meal 2: chicken with sunshine sauce, mashed sweet potato with ghee

Meal 3: Leftover cauliflower rice & beef with extra sesame oil and a banana. This was hard to get down because I wasn't too hungry but I basically forced myself.

Also snacked on some nuts earlier today. Still experiencing some GI distress which is probably a combination of lots of new foods and more food than usual, I guess.

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Day 4.... I've decided that eggs aren't really my thing, I know they're cheap and a decent source of protein, but I just can't eat the amount I need without getting sick of the taste. :(

Meal 1: egg drop soup w/ homemade broth and 3 eggs, an apple

Meal 2: Leftover chicken, broccoli w/ ghee, half a banana, apple

Meal 3: pulled pork, potato with ghee, salad w/ vinaigrette, banana

There's soooooo many dishes, I'm so tired of doing dishes. If anyone knows of some one-pot meals I'd love em.

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I'm not sure what your particular gi distress is, but nuts can contribute to those kinds of problems. Drink plenty of water, especially if things are moving slow -- aim for half an ounce of water per pound of body weight, so someone who weighs 120 pounds should aim for at least 60 oz of water a day.

For the dishes, google whole30 one pot meals and see what you can find. You could do something like a roast with vegetables. You'd probably still need to add more vegetables, but it would get some things combined. It can also be helpful to cook ahead so there are at least some meals you don't cook from scratch.

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Yeah, I've been cooking daily but I have off work until Tuesday so I'll need to cook a lot on the weekend since I won't have as much time next week. I've been drinking between two and three bottles a day (between 30-45oz; I need to drink 50oz to get the right ratio) and trying to increase but I'm finding it hard for whatever reason? I've had a lot of gas and some diarrhea. I'll probably stop the nuts for now to see if it helps - I also think they're a food-with-no-brakes thing for me.

Meal 1: cauliflower rice carrots & beef with sesame oil, apple, almonds

Meal 2: chicken, sunshine sauce, sweet potato w/ ghee, salad w/ vinaigrette

Meal 3: pulled pork, spaghetti squash w/ ghee

I really hope I'm eating the right amount - I think I'm doing the meal template right - but I have to say I'm proud of how I can actually eat all this. Normally I eat very calorie dense junk food and get full after a few bites of ANYTHING.

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Meal 1: Chicken (palm and a half sized), sunshine sauce, "cauliflower rice" with two tbsp sesame oil and an apple

Meal 2: Pulled pork (palm sized), broccoli with three tbsp ghee, then some raw carrots and broccoli - I meant to have a salad but all my lettuce went bad :(

Meal 3: Ground beef (palm and a half sized) with spaghetti squash with two tbsp ghee, banana


Today (day 7 - 1 week done! whoo!)

Meal 1: Chicken (palm and a half sized), sunshine sauce, broccoli with two tbsp ghee, an apple. I didn't finish all the broccoli - was really hungry when I got up but got full really quickly

Meal 2: Pulled pork, spaghetti squash with one tbsp ghee, white potato with two tbsp ghee - it was supposed to be a sweet potato but mine went bad....doing grocery shopping tomorrow.

Meal 3: Ground beef and white potato with three tbsp ghee, banana


I know today's choices weren't the best. I've never really eaten a lot of vegetables - when I was growing up our vegetables were peas, corn, and super over-cooked broccoli. I want to start eating more greens but every time I try I hate the taste, even when I try to mix it in with other things. Are there greens besides romaine that don't have a super overpowering taste?


I also think I might be eating too much fat - or maybe my body is still adjusting? - but I'm still having a lot of bowel movements each day that look weird - pale and floating and smell terrible. The internet says it means I'm not absorbing fat....I don't totally trust the internet but I ordered a bottle of digestive enzymes, just in case.


Any advice would be appreciated!

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