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I'm starting tomorrow!! 2/8/16


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After a day of complete overindulgence today, I've decided to start another round of whole30 tomorrow. I went to a super bowl party and had 2 glasses of champagne punch, a ton of crackers and cheese, macaroni and cheese, and 3 chocolate chip cookies!

Since my first Whole30 in September, I've stayed mostly paleo, but I've given into sugar cravings a lot, especially lately. I had a strong emotional trigger on Friday and I completely lost sight of my own well-being, apparently! I'm feeling awful right now: bloated, gassy, foggy, tired...just yucky overall.

I remember how awesome I felt when I completed my first whole30. I even kept it going (but not as strict) through November.

I know I can do this, especially with the support of you guys on the forum!! You helped me so much!!

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