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The Log of a Sugar Addict


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Hi everyone!

I'm Kirralee


I've struggled with my weight for 2 years bouncing from diet to diet and not really making any progress. Recently I finally made headway and lost 10 kilos! 
However, I'm finding I'm suddenly very tired, sluggish and my muscles fatigue way too easily. I have lost all motivation and everything seems so fuzzy and grey.
I first began searching the paleo diet as it has caught my intrigue for years. I have always found my body struggles to process grains, dairy and my sugar addiction is out of hand. 

That's when I came across Whole30! I figured this was a great plan to kickstart my paleo lifestyle and give me back the energy and bounce that I used to have. 


Please shoot me any tips you have. This will be a huge struggle for me as I rely on sugar so much to keep me awake throughout the day and I am a chronic quitter. 

I'm already so impressed with everyone's hard work and perseverance so you're advice would mean the world to me. 

Can't wait to meet you all!

-- KJ

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