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Advice / Help in what I am eating


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Good Morning,


I just wanted to know if my meals look good:


Typical day:


I wake up have two glasses of water.

Meal 1: mixture of sautéed potatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms and sausage (sautéed in avocado oil-2-3 cups) and two to three hard boiled eggs, an orange, cup of black coffee


Meal 2: bowl of chili, salad (with homemade dressing-cesear or ranch), an apple .... salad is comprised of many different vege's depending on what is in the house but usually about 3 cups-typical one is tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, red onions and greens


Meal 3: meat (chicken; steak or pork loin), vege (sweet potatoe, potatoe or broccoli or carrots 2-3 cups)


Lots and lots of water


I do try to exercise but lately I have been so tired that I have not had the energy and I twisted my knee which I am nursing so I do do some yoga.

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If it were me I'd probably switch the starchy veg & fruit in the morning for green veg - the starch & sugar so early in the day could be impacting your energy levels. Stick with starch at meal three.

Lunch looks okay although I'm guessing lacking a little in fat, and dinner looks to be lacking in fat of any kind - the fat you are using to cook either the meat or the veg is negligible and you really need an additional source per meal for energy & brain health.

How is your sleep? When you were exercising were you including at least a postWO meal?

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My sleep.... sometimes good, sometimes not.


So you are saying that maybe I should have a salad for breakfast ? That would work for me.


And what type of fats ?  If I have a salad I have dressing which I do make homemade so would that be a 'fat'.


When I was going for a walk, it was usually right before supper.


Thank you for your help! :)

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Not necessarily a sald - green veg like kale, spinach & zucchini work well sauted in some oil, and taste good along side your sauage, mushrooms, eggs etc. Just bear in mind how much they reduce down when chewed so you need to be having a generous serving.

As for other sources of fat - avocado, home made mayo & may based sauces, ghee/clarified butter, nut/seed oils & butters (in moderayio only), coconut oil/cream/milk/flaskes/flesh, tallow, schmaltz, lard, goos fat & duck fat or fatty cuts of meat like brisket or chicken thighs with skins on are all good options.

If you're just walking then you're fine without the pre/postWO meals .

Keep working on your sleep - it's so much important than people think.

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