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Sugar Black Hole


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I made it through my Whole30. I felt great all of January. I never got the Tiger Blood but I felt consistently good.

I overcame temptation on January 30th (my last night) and didn't break when I was out with my girlfriends.


I was ready to do a slow re-introduction.  Started with sugar in my coffee, nothing. ( It didn't taste as good as I remembered)

Added non gluten grains. No reaction.  Accidental intake of Dairy (lactose intolerant pre Whole30 so it wasn't on the add back agenda)  The very next day, the Sugar Black Hole was open (worse than the sugar dragon) and I spent Saturday and Sunday consuming EVERYTHING! I blew my reintroduction a few days in.


It did make me realize that my sugar black hole was NOT under control. I need more than 30 days. After just 1 week of reintroduction my blood sugar was creeping back up. I did such a great job reducing it (my doctor was very happy) I wasn't feeling as good as I felt the week before. (I think that was the first thing I noticed, I wasn't feeling as great)


So I am going back to a much stricter Whole30ish because I need it. Trying to figure it how strict I want to be or should I just go back to Whole30 completely.


I want the ability to enjoy a night out with friends and not stress over  calling ahead, the marinades, the gluten or if I want a drink.


Any suggestions/recommendations on how strict I should be? Part of me wants to go back to a true Whole 30 except on those "special occasions" which used to be once or twice a week but are now once or twice a month. Or am I giving myself permission to cheat by doing that?

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It's really up to you how you want to "program" your eating plan.  It's different for everyone. Some people can handle some sugar or dairy and other people cannot. Some people get stomach or skin issues and others don't but they have emotional and mental challenges with off plan items.


It's really important to do the proper reintroduction so that you have all the relevant information to make these decisions for yourself.  If I were you I would go back to Whole30 until you feel as good as you did at the end.  Then, systematically reintroduce things and assess how they make you feel.  If you find that dairy consistently causes you to have huge sugar cravings, maybe you'll decide that dairy is no longer worth it to you.  


This is the time where you experiment and determine your steps going forward.  Good luck!

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