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San Francisco Delivery Options?


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I decided to do the Whole 30 during the same month I had knee surgery. Which was both a good and bad idea. Good because I think the worst part was done while I was knocked out on pain killers AND I think it's smart to decrease inflammation in the body when you're trying to heal. Bad because it means my poor husband has to cook me 3 meals a day and try to work since I can't be vertical for more than a few minutes. He's a bit overwhelmed and has to go in to the office, which means I need to figure something out for lunch. I can try canned tuna and homemade mayo but wondering if anyone has any great delivery options in SF. Now that we have postmates, order ahead, Eat24 surely there are a ton of restaurants that deliver.


Caveat: I don't eat red meat so that rules out the super easy burger option.


Shockingly Sprig, which used to be all salad and healthy things is pretty heavy handed with the sugars, rice flour and honey.

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Here are some in SF!


GoMethodology - This is more of a meal subscription I have tried this one you can do one meal a day for 5 days and they deliver it to you on Monday in the middle of the night so when you wake up you put the meals on the fridge. They do have a Whole 30 menu and will only show you those options if you indicate you're on a Whole 30.


Mealmade - Probably the most similar to on demand meal delivery services rather than a subscription services. They specialize in paleo meals delivered to SF for Whole 30 meals look for the Whole 30 tag when checking out the menu. They deliver on weeknights.


Farmhill - Orginally servicing the South Bay and the Peninsula they recently branched out to some areas of SF. This place is on demand delivery and only delivers during lunch time. Select the "paleo" option for meals and indicate in the special instructions that you're on Whole 30 and they happily accomodate.

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