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A carpenter's whole30, my log.


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Day 14

Hey thanks for the feedback folks. Did have a good day homer thanks.

Got up, got the kids off to german school, ran some errands the went out front and demoed the front stoop.

What an endeavor. Ripped it down, sledgehammer and all, dug new footings, cleaned it all up. Tomorrow have to set the screeds and grade. Monday rebar and pour.

Nice 3 day weekend. Kids helped, threw bricks in the wheelbarrow. Still time to play tomorrow also.

Enjoying the day nonetheless. Chilled out since yesterday. Even enjoyed my own whole30 ketchup. Didn't have that yesterday.

Fueled up well for the day. Had my first baked sweet potato on this whole30. Whoa kinda like crack huh. Good stuff. Gotta handle those in moderation.

Anyway alls good, rolling on. Tomorrow will be the 1/2 way mark. That will be interesting. Digging the food digging the life.

Wondering if there are any interesting whole30 resources in the city I should check out. I'm working in the east village these days.

M1: 4 eggs with ground beef and veggies and Pomi tomato 1/2 cup coffee

Snack : sweet potato and 2the hb eggs

M2: big salad, anchovies, 2 more hb eggs

M3: Lazarus roast beef with ketchup, collard greens and 1/2 sweet potato, apple with almond butter, avocado.

Huge m3 but had to refuel. Hard day.

Getting tired.

As always thanks for listening

And thanks for responding as well. Makes you feel good.

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Day 15 the 1/2 way point.

Came and went. Gone. No ribbons no bells no fanfare.

Just working, dodging the rain drops and playing with the kids.

I am not disappointed at all though, the days are passing and I feel fine. Eating well, plenty of energy, I think this whole thing is working out for me.

So with that congratulations to all of those at near or beyond their own personal 1/2 way points.

I hope we all make it to the end.

M1: liver and eggs (oh yeah) with veggies and coffee.

M2: a sort of egg salad made with the ketchup and veggies just ok

M3: ground beef and veggies, chard, acorn squash and a salad

As always thanks for listening.

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Day 18

Well where have the days gone? Been offline for a few days. Working around the house, left the phone at the house, working on the stoop just been busy a bit.

Meals have been pretty repetitive the past 3 days just been busy. Good thing for the big turkey in the freezer it's almost gone now. I should invest in another large piece of meat.

So had the first food dream the other night. Now this was pretty vivid. Eating grilled camenber sandwiches while drinking at a bar. I was thinking why am I doing this, this isn't right. Then woke up all confused about what was going on. Then I realized it was one of those dreams I've been reading about. That was very interesting.

Otherwise just moving along. Feeling great doing well very pleased with the results so far.

I can totally feel the changes going on.

Alls well. Perhaps more introspection another day. I need to get some sleep eight now.

As always thanks for listening.

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Congratulations on your halfway point! I'm on day23, but I plan on going beyond the 30. I feel too good to just stop!

Enjoy reading your posts, it's given me some starting points to talking with my husband about doing a 30 after the holidays. His work

and schedule are similar to yours. I think he thought when I started that it would be too hard for him with his job. But he's seen now all the awesome hot meals he's getting, and tells me he also feels way better after lunch, eating our leftover meals (roasts and veg, salads and chicken) than when he grabbed fast food.

Also loved your points about living the example for your family. How great for your kids. Keep it up:)

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Day 19

Thanks for the feedback folks. Its one thing to speak anonymously into the ether and quite another to hear the voices respond.

Ginsinnot: I hope he tries it. I feel much better at work than I have in a long time. I wont lie though, I am dead hungry at dinner time. I have to make a conscious effort to slow my eating down and try to receive the "I'm full" response. I hope he tries, it can't hurt. My with is dancing with the idea herself now.

I don't feel like I am just getting older anymore, I feel that I am still very young. Perhaps beginning this whole process was a mid-life crisis for me but I no longer look at my time as moving away towards an end. I can see and feel the changes that I can cause within myself. I don't look at myself and say "I'm almost 40 ugh" instead I feel like "I'm almost 37 and 40 wont be bad if it is like this either."

I am in control of myself again. It is great. I also haven't written this much in nearly 20 years. That has certainly changed my psychological outlook. I didn't expect that at all. Thanks to everyone for listening and responding. I almost didn't do this log either.

Anyhow almost there. I think i'll keep it going, maybe a few modifications (worried about weight loss I need to maintain enough size to do my job) but otherwise I can't see any reason to go back. I think i'll try reintroductions in order to have a measured response to potential situations. I am not a fan of surprises.

But hey we're not there yet. Bring it back man.

M1: 2 eggs with loose sausage and veggies and coffee

Coffee break: 2 hb eggs some nuts and some avocado

M2: salad with roasted turkey and turkey wrapped in seasnax with veggies

M3: don't know yet, maybe turkey again not sure. But its all good.

Anyway as always thanks for listening.

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Day 20

Not much to say today. Just chugging along and all seems well. I screwed up the nuts again last night. And this time I bought the whole pound at the health food store (bookoo bucks). Didn't read the label till I was unpacking the groceries. Another expensive snack for the wife and kids.

My mother really wants to know about "this whole30 thing" now and so does my brother in law. Pretty cool. He has a bit of a handicap ya see, he works for Kraft foods in sales. So he is basically the pusher man. First times always free he gets you on the come back. I'm not sure how he could get around the temptation, or how you could push a product post whole30.

"Yeah, sure buy this junk but I would never eat it!"

Conflict of interest I suppose. Hope he at least considers it.

M1: 2 eggs with loose sausage and veggies and coffee

Coffee break: 2 hb eggs some nuts and some avocado

M2: salad with ground beef and roasted turkey wrapped in seasnax with veggies

M3: will be the last if my inaugural bird. Seriously that turkey went 3 weeks with me, gonna miss him. A salad and something else don't know yet.

Finally picked up some coconut manna yesterday and now I see what everyone has been going on about. Fantastic stuff, really good.

Well the weekend is here and only really one thing planned, laying brick and stone for 2 days. It will be nice to unburden myself of this project, I've been carrying it in my mind for 3 years now.

Anyhow no more rambling today

As always thanks for listening

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Day 21

Another day gone. It is actually the morning of day 22 right now. Been up with the baby for a couple of hours watching tv. She is sleeping now and the other 2 are upstairs causing havoc. I can hear it but I can't see it and it doesn't sound good.

Yesterday went well. Had a large breakfast (3 fried eggs a veggie hash and a lot of sausage ). I knew I was going to be working all day.

Had 2 hb eggs and some nuts for a quick lunch and kept hitting the front stoop.

Ate dinner late and big. 1/2 # ground beef sweet potato with coconut manna big salad sauerkraut olives and some nuts. A big apple for dessert. Big appetite last night.

I did well basically skipping lunch and working on. Glad to see those results. Definitely under hydrated though. A little headache this morning, probably from dehydration. Will do bettering today.

I really enjoy the difference first thing in the morning. When I wake up I am awake. I'm up and that's it. Ready to go. I used to feel disappointed to get out of bed and felt as though I wanted to sleep longer but not anymore. Feels good, I feel much better now. I sleep when I'm tired, I eat when I'm hungry and the whole rest of the day is mine. Not a bad deal.

Well the little one is stirring need to start making breakfast for everyone. Liver on Sundays.

As always thanks for listening

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Day 22/23am

On the train heading in just taking a moment to catch up.

Yesterday went well skipped meal 2 again with the work but stayed better hydrated. Feel fine this morning.

Day 22

M1: liver and eggs with a veggie and apple mixture that came out pretty good

Snack : 1 hb egg some nuts

M3: roasted chicken, roasted veggies, sweet potato, big salad, an apple and a few nuts.

Plenty of water all day.

Meal 1&3 were big and I made it through but I don't like skipping mostly because I don't like eating that huge meal 3 but I get so hungry I have too. I need to limit the skips.

How long does it really take to stop and eat a quick lunch? I do it every day at work, just can't seem to manage it at home. Need more discipline there.

The wife is pretty interested in doing a whole30 at the end of mine. So maybe I go 60? Don't know yet. She has 2 or 3 friends in on it as well. Could be a movement.

Roasted 2 nice chickens yesterday. That and a few other things should get me almost to the end here.

I wonder if the wife does a whole30 if she will find this log. Hmmm.

As always thanks for listening.

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Day 23

I thought about it more today and I am leaning more towards the whole60 with the wife. The only true craving I have is for a gin and tonic and that can wait another month. It will be good to do this together. I don't suppose it should hurt me at all. Her day 1 plan right now is my 30. 60 is just a hop skip and a jump from there.


Anyhow, today .... terrible.

I cannot get off the 3 meal a day program like that again. Not if I intend to maintain high activity levels. I was hurting today. Than goodness for the fruit stands in the street. I know its kinda off plan but I had to maintain. I had 2 apples and 2 bananas with lunch. 3 apples and 4 bananas total for the day.

A heavy protein dose would have been a better fix but this was the cleanest thing available. But I made it through the day.

Hunger way up.

Strength way down.

Motivation not there.

Bad decisions lead to bad consequences. Mental note, got it. I know what I did, I what I should have done and I know what I will do in the future.

I hope there really isn't a reset for too much fruit in a day?

But how about gaining perspective on how you think about food. Wow my weekend posts were great, today I feel I should delete them and just right "I am a fool, turn back now." I am learning, slowly but learning.

M1: 2 eggs with liver and veggies and coffee

Coffee break: 2 hb eggs some nuts and some avocado

M2: salad with chicken and anchovies, roasted veggies wrapped in seasnax

M3: roasted chicken, salad, roasted veggies and sauerkraut

And ... the aforementioned fruit spread throughout.

As always thanks for listening

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I've definitely had those days where protein is nowhere to be found... sounds like you did the best you could with what you had. I'm not a fan of tuna, but it is easy protein... or hard boiled eggs can be quick.

I think that is AWESOME that you are going to do a Whole60! And really cool that your wife wants to do this now. Your comment "could be a movement" made me laugh! :lol:

This whole food thing is such a learning process. I constantly ask myself how we as a culture got to the point that we had to be told to eat Real food! When and how did we begin to believe that we couldn't live without stuff in boxes and wrappers?

End of random philosophy for you. Carry on!

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Day 24

Thanks Renee (sorry don't know how to make the fancy "e" on my cell) I'm still feeling banged up from the weekend. Still very hungry at times but feeling stronger. I wont make that mistake again.

Today was better than yesterday yet still not great. Working my way back to normal again.

Spoke to the wife about doing the whole30 together with her and she seems on board. She is having a hard time with ISWF though, it's kind of freaking her out. I just tell her I wouldn't have done this if there didn't seem to be a good reason for it.

So I am just prepping for the next 30 days with her and rolling through the rest of this week. I intend to heavily increase my protein intake and somewhat on the good fats though for the next 30 days.

I will also try some things I've avoided this time as well. I might try coconut milk and ghee. I stayed clear just to avoid the similarities to milk and butter. I used to just eat butter. Yup, liked it that much just ate it. So I felt I should steer clear there but I will give it a try this time around.

At Sunday breakfast between toast, eggs and a bite here and there I would have a whole stick at breakfast. That's 1/4 # of butter at breakfast alone. Wow.

Well here's to getting the hunger back under control and getting back in control of my own stuff.

Heading to the fish monger for dinner. This should be a treat.

M1: liver and eggs with veggies and coffee

Coffee break: 2 hb eggs some nuts and some avocado

M2: salad with chicken and olives, roasted veggies and some turkey sausage and an apple

M3: some kind of fish and scallops I suppose, a salad and squash.

As always thanks for listening

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Wow that is a lot of butter! Great that you have perspective on it now though and that's what matters. I'm sure that many other Whole9'ers feel the same way as your wife so she's in good company. I think it can be hard at first to let go of fulfilling all the cravings for sweets etc. as well. I know it has been for me!

You both are going to do awesome! :D

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Day 25

The wife reports that my cousin and her family are beginning their whole30, and that I will be joining her and at least 1 friend on Monday. That's 5 more people after this first month. I hope they all enjoy it as much as I do. Very stoked about how this is spreading amongst the friends and family.

Today was much better then the past few days, I instituted a fix to the hunger. I added a pound of ground beef (spread across my meals), 2 more eggs (total 6), and I made coffee break a meal essentially.

Energy levels were back up, hunger was gone, felt strong, felt much better.

All I could think of was to increase the volume of protein and fat. Seems to be working for today. Will maintain for a few days and see how it turns out. Its seems like a lot though. This puts me at about #2 1/2 - #3 of protein and 6 eggs per day with added fats. I seem to be using it all though.

If this works i'll push it through on the next 30. I really like having a clear head back again, that had to be the biggest thing I missed.

We have a wedding coming up this weekend, the wife is the maid of honor, it will be my day 28. Gotta slug through that one. Hopefully I can get a huge salad and a bucket size shrimp cocktail and just chill with my glass of water.

M1: 3 eggs with loose sausage and veggies and 1/4# beef and coffee

Coffee break: 32 hb eggs and some nuts and some avocado and 1/4# beef

M2: salad with baked cod and scallops, cauliflower, 1/4# beef

M3: roast chicken I suppose, squash, salad and whatever else might be lying around.

As always thanks for listening

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I think you'll really find the increased protein and fat will help. I'm not a very big person and have a sedentary job, but the (few) days that I haven't fell well during my Whole30 were days that I didn't have enough fat and protein at meals. And I'm not scared of fat, I embraced that whole heartedly from the beginning, it just wasn't always habit to grab the fat source for a meal.

My husband hasn't done the Whole30 but has gone primarily paleo (since I'm the one that cooks and shopped). He's eaten about 90% of his meals at home or taken from home during the last 29 days. He also works in the trades as a commercial painter, and it's a pretty physical job. He can eat amazing amounts of food, but for whatever reason has a hard time eating as much protein and fat as he needs (pre-paleo and my Whole30, could easily eat a whole bag of chips but scoffs at eating 2 pieces to steak to my 1?!). I keep trying to get him to look at what I've eaten and essentially double the fat and protein portions, but it seems like work for him. But he said he's noticed a big difference in his energy the following day when he's eaten a bigger serving of protein and fats the night before. So hopefully you'll see a big difference too!

How awesome too to be continuing to tweak your Whole30 while your wife joins in!

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How all the food we have been eating has been effecting us mentally and physically. She's pretty shocked by all of it.

It is amazing. But then, once I started thinking about it I wondered why I never made the connection between what I put in my body and how I felt. Just my two cents...

Enjoy, and I hope your wife enjoys her Whole30! I've really liked the Whole30 Daily this time around... if she is someone who likes that kind of thing you might consider treating her with it. B)

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