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Whole60: Day 19


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So far, I feel good.

I wake up much faster than I used to. I've never been a morning person (I'm still not) but a lot of the cloudiness that always came with waking up in the morning has disappeared. I sleep much better than I did before. I've always slept pretty well, but I feel more rested now when I wake up than when I did before Whole30.

I have to admit I cheated on this.

I did something you're not supposed to do. I took measurements about halfway through to see if I was making any progress. I've lost several inches so far. I'm excited to see what happens at the end of this.

I will take after measurements at the 30-day mark and weigh myself. Then I'll do it again after 60 days of this.

My husband and I were talking last night about how much we like the food we've been eating. Things just taste better now. The hanger stage is over. I don't get cranky or have cravings for stuff anymore (at least not physical ones). The psychological cravings and bad habits take longer to break. A cheeseburger with fries sounded good, but once I ate dinner I was fine with what we had.

For dinner last night we had steamed mixed vegetables, hamburger patties on the George Foreman grill, sautéed onions and diced tomatoes (which I put on the burgers). It was so delicious, and I enjoyed it as much as I used to enjoy junk food.

I haven't had any soda (regular or diet) for almost three weeks. That's huge for me because diet Pepsi was my thing.

Something else I've noticed. I don't have to pee as much. At work I used to go pee every couple hours. Now it's more like every four hours. So that's good!
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