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KristyR's Whole30 Log Start Feb8


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Starting the log late, bet here's what I've been doing so far (I'm prepping and cooking for 3, so I've been busy, but the kitchen is my happy place (+music motivator) so all's good): I'm avoiding most of the sweet potatoes and regular potatoes zero cause potatoes make me want more potatoes, but my daughter is having some... and when I eat them at all, or pumpkin it's a much smaller portion to my salad/greens etc. Meat is all grass fed or wild. Veggies are from local farmer's market. Drink water (lots)with lemon wedges, or plain, fresh brewed cold iced tea, fruit flavoured. Perrier only once last night (I was desperate). Coffee tea/once a day.


Sunday prep: roasted veggies, roasted chick thighs, meatballs, baked sw. potato wedges & pan sautéed sw potato rounds, spinach onion stir fry, lemon and lime (for water). berries washed. carrots peeled.

Monday prep: meatballs (pork), red sauce, roasted zucchini, sweet potato wedges, more green chop, chia pudding,

Tuesday Prep:meatballs (lamb), veggie stir fry, egg boiling, cut chop dance to music lol. If anyone wants any recipe sources let me know. :)






B: Breakfast casserole. (Grated Sweet potato, homemade sausage (beef- that was delish!) spinach, onion, eggs, spices)

1/2 banana. Coffee. Splash coconut milk to take the edge off the coffee.

L: Roasted chick thighs- salad- cucumber, tomatoes, red peppers. Red wine vinegar (no sugar added/no sulfites) and olive oil. Spices. Blackberries. Cup black tea.

D: Roasted chicken and roasted Bermuda pumpkin. Brussels sprouts.



B: Breakfast casserole. Red sauce. Spinach. Coffee 1/2 banana

L: Pork Meatballs. My invented Red Sauce. (can whole Italian tomatoes - I used Mutti) , 3 cloves garlic, touch olive oil, basil, oregano, 2 sm pitted dates, chopped, simmer 45 mins until thick. BAM! delish.) Whole zucchini roasted. Blackberries

D: Lamb chops (tiny ones, 4, grilled in rosemary and olive oil), pumpkin, asparagus and grated Brussels sautéed with garlic, 1/4 pc sweet potato, baked. Few coconut chips (1 tbsp.)




B: Breakfast casserole. red sauce (1tbsp)

L: Leftover lamb chops (2), salad: blueberries, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, boiled egg, broccoli.

D: Will be salmon, greens, red pepper,


Phew! See you soon... :)  


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Woke up hungry. Never happens. 

Last night I made salmon like this: Garlic, Dill, Olive Oil, little mustard (compliant), Pink peppercorns, salt- smash/mix/rub/sprinkle more dill, Cover in oven 375 10 mins, uncover 10 mins until desired doneness, And ITS AMAZING (and I don't like salmon). Whole roasted a chicken and delicata squash. Baked sweet potato wedges for the teenager. BTW she is DYING  without milk lol, 'dying'). Made salad for hubby with said chicken/tomatoes etc. Prepped sprout and asparagus scramble for the am. Brewed RED ZINGER tea cold. Had a happy night. Cab Calloway on the shuffle this time, talk about good cookin' music. Ha fed Emily some chocolate chia pudding with banana and walnut because she was *dying* without dessert. She will NEVER ask for it again, lol that fixed that. I thought it tasted fine, but never crave sweets/dessert anyway so no desire to eat it.


B: 2 Eggs, Sprout and Asparagus with garlic and black pepper, 100% sugar free etc etc slice o bacon. My kid is in heaven with this bacon. Coffee with splash coconut milk. Lemon water.

L: Leftover salmon, sprouts, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, blueberries, crispy garlic (I cook whole cloves in the oven until charred and crispy, its good texture for my salad and yummy to boot).

D: Might make myself some Tom Ka Gai (soup) with that chicken I made last night. O maybe Ill just eat the chicken with asparagus...Also will make some chicken broth using the rack, celery, carrot, onion, spices etc. for soup for the weekend. Cauliflower rice also on the menu.


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OK so, last night I made zucchini friggin' fritters. Those things are AMAZING (who knew) and I had leftovers. Challenges? I'm so thirsty I could drink an ocean, and for the first time this morning I totally wanted my splenda in my coffee. but I didn't so there.

Dinner last night turned into leftover madness: zucchini fritter, one leftover meatball, a piece of roasted chicken, leftover piece of lamb, broccoli, spaghetti squash. But it was yummy. My sister and the tribe (she has 4 kids) popped over and the eldest wanted to eat everything. um, no back off teenager!!! my fritter, mine. I let her have a taste and she begged for me to make her some. Highly recommend.

Making chicken broth this weekend. Sunday will be prep day. See you after the weekend :)


B: zucchini fritter, 2 scrambled eggs in ghee, red peppers, asparagus. DELISH. Coconut milk and coffee.

L: cucumber, leftover roasted chicken, cherry tomatoes, about 6 walnuts, asparagus and red pepper

D: will be: fresh Bermuda rockfish (it's good to live on an island), cauliflower rice, spinach and onion salad, cherry tomatoes.

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Holy Sh*t I really meant to be a good girl and write this every day, but oh well. I know me (any time I've been told to write a food diary I fail miserably). Let's recount: I'm officially TWO WEEKS IN. Yay for me.

I've been 100% compliant, too.


Gripes? I still miss wine. and cheese, oh cheese (which made me sick anytime I ate it, so ask me why I would miss such a thing?) I think im allergic to bing cherries (my fav) ugh. I got a headache last night I thought I might have to call 911 for. Im still pretty tired.Cooking is now my second job. Grocery bills are murdering me in here Bermuda, where everything is imported, choice is limited, and costs are high. But enough b*tching.


Good: I've made yummy food everyday. I now have a love for going to the farmers market. I tried/or learned to like new foods - avocado (I HATED IT) golden beets, roasted salmon (HATE), ground bison, zoodles., black coffee, or coffee w coconut milk,  and new food combos like berries in my salad and sweet potatoes with eggs. Oh and breakfast, I eat breakfast now. This is HUGE. My daughter's acne is cleared up. My hubby looks like he has shrunk his beer belly instantly and he remains the ever happy guy.  I feel like I might be lighter, but I don't know. The two rough patches of skin on my face are gone- on my cheeks, where the rosacea breaks out. My skin is also less red. This is a huge PLUS.


Yesterday I prepped: roasted salmon, boiled eggs, roasted golden beets, roast beef, carrots, green beans, mayo, pork breakfast bites, roasted butternut squash soup, salads for today, made two egg omelets with spinach for breakfast,  Keith got fried eggs with tomatoes. Tonight is leftovers and just make iced tea.


Hope y'all are doin great. :D

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