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desperately need low fodmap recipes :)


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I can find loads of whole30 complaint recipes both online and in my well fed 2 cookbook, but I'm doing a whole 30 adapted for low fodmap this time due to my IBS. Is there a wealth of recipes for this online anywhere?

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Here's the LowFodmap shopping list... 



Here's a link on google to low Fodmap paleo recipes... you may need to substitute some ingredients or modify the recipes to fit Whole30



Also, apparently Practical Paleo has lots of low Fodmap recipes but again, you do need to be diligent to ensure that they are also Whole30 compliant



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I've been eating low FODMAP since the end of last July and I just sub a low FODMAP option for whatever high FODMAP foods are in the meals I'm cooking as follows.

Instead of onion I use the green stalks of spring onions.
Instead of garlic I use a garlic infused oil.
Instead of sweet potatoes I use white potatoes, parsnips, carrots or turnip depending on the recipe - or sometimes a combination of 2 or more.
Instead of cabbage I use kale.

I also eat a lot of cucumber, spinach, dill pickles & zucchini...

Is there something in particular you are trying to sub?

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