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Asthmatic Whole30-er


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Hello there!  My name is Jessica and I am on day 23 of my first Whole30.  I am 32 years old and have been diagnosed with asthma since the age of six.  I have stuck to the program very closely and am feeling much better.  I have noticed a notable improvement in my asthma symptoms so far.  I take one 10mg Singulair tablet at night and an inhaler as needed.  I'm down to 2 puffs 1-2x a day (an improvement from 2 puffs several times a day.) 


All of the sudden the other day it dawned on me that maybe I shouldn't be eating nightshades.  I was digging into some baked eggplant with a homemade tomato sauce with ground chicken when this happened.  Being Italian and growing up consuming tomatoes and spicy food daily...and also having an extreme love affair with all ethnic food...I immediately panicked. 


As I started to research online all I could find was inconclusive information.  Asthma can be looked at as an autoimmune disease in some schools of thought and not in others.  Many personal accounts I read said that their asthma symptoms had disappeared after only a couple weeks on the Whole30.  I do know that everyone is different and this is going to be a further process of elimination.  But I could not find clear information on whether or not I should be consuming nightshades, eggs, and maybe even ghee and nuts and seeds. I sort of started to feel down yesterday seeing as my egg and nightshade consumption have been very high during my Whole30.  I know that even considering that, I have been rewarded with many benefits. 


SOooo...my question is for all you Whole30 asthmatics out there.  Are you eating nightshades?  If not, did your symptoms improve with the removal of them?  Are you eating eggs?  Ghee?  Nuts and seeds?


Thank you!!!!

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We strongly suggest that before you do an AIP or nightshade free Whole30 that you complete a regular, as written whole30, which you are in the home stretch to do.

Additional elimination may help you feel even better and help negate even more symptoms, yes, but as you've said, it would be very hard... it's not something to take lightly when choosing to remove a whole other food grouping.


My suggestion would be to finish the Whole30, do your re-introductions and then when you're ready, you might want to try a more strict Whole30 with AIP considerations.

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I don't have asthma, but I did try cutting out all nightshades for one of my previous Whole30s.


For me, what I found was that I had a few favourite recipes they were crazy high in nightshades (eggplant + tomato + chilli peppers + paprika + multiple kinds of capsicum, you get the idea). Really high amounts did seem to trigger more inflammation, so I was worried I needed to get rid of them forever, but I didn't think I needed AIP so I just eliminated nightshades (I'd already done several Whole30s including nightshades prior to this).


However, when I did Reintroductions of sensible amounts, I was totally fine. Ramping up to crazy levels did bring on more inflammation.

While the elimination might have helped my body recover, I think it also helped reset my use of particular recipes and tastebuds.


Now I can enjoy my nightshades, but I've abandoned some old bad habit recipes. Capsicums are my favourite and eggplant is my least favourite, so I have mostly abandoned eggplant and when I do eat it, not with capsicum (this balance works for me). I've found I prefer chilli over paprika except for a few recipes, so generally I only have one or the other. Tomato I don't have much trouble with, unless I also have it with a crazy high number of all the others. I'm okay with hot sauces like Frank's Red Hot too, but I don't have other nightshades with them when I have them (which previously I would have, I would put capsicum on everything :P).

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