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This is my first whole 30. I stumbled across this program while searching on Instagram for healthy meals. I instantly liked it because I always ate pretty healthy, but during my pregnancy and since my son was born, now 5 months, I have been feeling like crap and in turn, eating like crap

I used to live a very active lifestyle prior to baby. I am a yoga instructor, both in the regular studio and hot studio. I stayed active right up until my delivery. But being a first time mom, I was over whelmed when my son was born.

On top of that, my life is constantly stressful as my husband has kidney issue, and does dialysis 3x week. He's my hero in terms of how brave and positive he is, but it makes our life unpredictable and I don't always have time for myself.

So I decided to do this for the following reasons

- I have not had a good relationship with food. However, over the last few years, on my yoga journey I became very fit and happy with my body and in turn, my spirit. Pre-preg I ate a low carb, high veg and fruit diet and it worked for my lifestyle.

- unfortunately, I gained more weight than I anticipated in my preg and eating like crap, I weigh more now then when my son was born. I have little energy and am constantly in pain in my hips and pelvis

- I am on domperidone to help with my supply. I never dreamed I wouldn't be able to breastfeed so after trying everything, (herbs, pumping round the clock), I've decided to nurse with dom. I would love to wean off of it, if I can increase my supply

Here we go! I have been reading a lot about this and doing a whole 30ish menu the last few weeks, so let's just make it official :)

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Hi, Hsethi, welcome to Whole30. I'm sure as you've been reading about this program you've found this information, but just to be sure -- for nursing moms, we encourage you to eat four full template meals a day, and to supplement with extra fat throughout the day as needed (think snacking on olives or avocado, or even sipping coconut milk throughout the day). Also drink at least 1/2 oz of water per pound that you weigh, so a 120 lb person needs to drink at least 60 oz of water a day, and breastfeeding moms should even aim for more.

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Day 1- as I write this, my very supportive husband is eating pumpkin pie. Haha

Meal 1- fried egg, ground beef, leafy greens with 1/2 avocado and balsamic vinegar, 1/2 dragon fruit

Snack - almond hazelnut, kale chips

Meal 2- beef cauliflower stew, ground beef, leafy greens with 1/2 avocado and balsamic vinegar, yam hash

Meal 3- tuna avocado salad with a drizzle of evoo, cauliflower, banana and blue chia pudding which I will not have again :(

Pre wo- ground beef (too full from my meal to have the fat)

Post wo- nada. Straight to dinner

Meal 4- saffron chicken with califlower and carrots, 1/3 yam, nespresso with coconut milk (did not taste good)

Exercise- mommy baby yoga (low intensity)

Plus yoga fit sweat (first class taught after 6 months!!!!!)

Tried coconut milk and didn't love it,although I love coconut. I need to diversify my fats beyond avocado and coconut milk. Perhaps mayo? Other suggestions?

Feeling good. Lots of energy! Surprised that I am not more hungry. Any suggestions on how to eat post workout meal when it's really close to dinner time?

Need more water in hot yoga.

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Day 2 still going strong. Today I told my mom about whole 30 because I'm going to her house this weekend. She asked me what the point was. Haha

Meal 1- eggs on top of ground beef, leafy greens with avocado and walnuts with balsamic dressing, half a dragon fruit. 1cup = Half and Half almond milk and coconut milk

Snack - handful of mixed nuts and a few sips of coconut milk

Meal 2- ground beef, one chicken leg, leafy greens with olives carrots and tomatoes, 1/4 yam

Meal 3- three egg salad with one whole avocado, leafy green, olives and carrots. A light drizzle of EVOO

Snack -few sips of coconut milk

Meal 4 -one chicken leg, one chicken thigh (having a delicious chicken with saffron - husband made it!) on top of zucchini noodles with a small side of Cauliflower, carrots and onions. 1/4 yam. Nespresso coffee with half almond milk, and half coconut milk

Exercise - mommy and baby class found online. super cute class meant to stretch the baby. He really enjoyed it.

Taught yoga fit.

I didn't eat a pre-or post workout meal because Yoga fit seemed to be too low intensity to qualify. I had a terrible headache around 6:30 PM so I took a quick 20 minute nap, then woke up and had some more coconut milk and felt a lot better.

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