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Hoping to build on Whole30 success - ideas for fat sources?

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Hi all,


I completed my first Whole30 around 5 days ago. I was a vegetarian for many years: like many others here, I was eating a primarily "healthy," low-fat diet consisting of grains, legumes, and vegetables, though I did indulge in ice cream and sweets from time to time.  


But 3 years ago, I was beginning to suffer from inexplicable bloating, swelling, crippling fatigue, and joint pain. The most noticeable and strange symptom was the joint pain - my hands and feet would turn bright red after any meal, though particularly after eating any food cooked in oil. Before these symptoms began, I had always maintained a regular weight between 100-102lbs (I'm 5'1"); when these symptoms began, I got so scared to eat anything that I dipped to 90 lbs, tried to do a series of vegan/vegetarian elimination diets, and when none of these worked, I got frustrated and gained up to 108 lbs at one point. I constantly woke up with a swollen face, arms, legs, and hands every day. 


I have been tested for autoimmune diseases (negative) and other potential GI disorders (also negative). Late last year, I finally got a comprehensive food allergy testing and was found to be allergic to eggs, dairy, and various types of nuts, legumes and seeds.


So after 3 years of living in a haze, I decided to try the Whole30 this year. During the 30 days, my symptoms fluctuated quite a bit, even through the last few days.  Still, I've experienced significant recovery. My energy levels are elevated. I have only very mild or momentary joint pain after my meals now. Waking up in the mornings without any swelling and sinus symptoms feels miraculous. 


Overall, I would like to continue with Whole30 principles and build on my current success. One aspect of the diet that I am having an issue is incorporating healthy fats. I have not been able to tolerate any cooked oil very well. I love the taste of olive oil, but it gives me terrible joint pain for some reason. I have not been able to get used to the smell/flavor of coconut and avocado oils, and my digestive symptoms worsen dramatically when I eat nuts, seeds, and eggs. Having been a vegetarian for a long time, the smell of animal fats is very tough to stomach, even though I have started eating lean meats for the Whole30. Whole avocados are good, but I can only eat so many of them. I find myself relying on starchy vegetables for the feeling of satiety  most of the time; without eating large amounts of them for breakfast and lunch, I feel very lethargic. 


I know this all sounds like I'm being way too picky, but I would greatly appreciate your feedback on things I could try in order to incorporate more fat into meals. One very minor concern is that I have dropped to a consistent weight of 95-96 lbs, which causes my body to lose my period (other than that, I feel just fine and more energetic!). Regardless of the number on the scale, I would like to be consuming the nutrients that will help me continue to heal and recover. 


Thanks for reading!

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Maybe try refined coconut oil?  I buy the spectrum brand of coconut oil and it has little to no taste.  I have also heard of adding salt to the unrefined coconut oil relieves some of the coconut taste.


Have you tried macadamia nut oil or avocado oils.


Coconut Manna or coconut butter is also an option - I like topping baked sweet potato or spaghetti squash with coconut butter


Olive oil my give you issues but maybe olives won't?


Maybe eat fattier fish like salmon, sardines or mackerel? 

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I don't know how you'd feel about it, maybe there's something I'm not noticing, but pork lard doesn't seem to have a strong scent or flavor to me -- I've ordered this one before. (Beef lard/tallow definitely does have a scent and flavor, enough that I don't even like it in everything and I eat beef regularly, so don't go for it.)


Have you tried different olive oils? I ask because there was  a big controversy about how some are cut with other oils, and I know I've noticed in some brands a bitter, unpleasant taste. Lately I've been using California Olive Ranch brand and have been happy with it, although there are definitely other options out there -- I think I get their Everyday Fresh variety, it's just whichever one my grocery store carries.


I haven't bought as much avocado oil, but I've heard that some are milder flavored than others -- many people on the forum like one they get at Costco and say it's a light enough flavor that it doesn't make their mayo taste funny.

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