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Spinach Spinach and More Spinach


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My boyfriend buys huge tubs of spinach at Sams all the time but rarely uses it. (I think he likes the idea of vegetables more than he like vegetables but that is a whole other discussion.) I put heaping handfuls into every scramble, bake, casserole or soup I make (when I do blended soups the immersion blender doesn't get it too well and leaves green specks but it doesn't affect taste at all). Or I often eat my protein on a bed of spinach and it wilts down a bit and becomes tender and yummy. (Though greens do cook down so much that I never count this as part of my 1 to 3 cups - I just look at it as bonus.)

The spinach and meat muffins gf Chris mentioned are awesome, though I have only done them with frozen spinach.

I'll be following to see if there are any other great ideas I hadn't thought of :)

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