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Flour question


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This is ultimately an individual question. We really don't address what off-plan foods are more or less healthy in a post-Whole30 world.


You'd need to test the different flours and see how your react physically, psychologically, craving and otherwise, and decide what's worth it for you and in what frequency and context.

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Generally speaking, most flour is pretty nutritionally bereft, compared to whole foods.


Processing strips much of the goodness away and sometimes there wasn't much to start with. However in grains, the stripping can sometimes be an advantage over wholegrain if you are sensitive to the outsides of the grain (this applies to white rice vs brown rice too).


Look at their nutrition content, both good and bad as well as any special variables.

Cassava is quite different in the tuber world, containing some toxins that can be a problem for some people.

Nuts flours have lots of good things, but are high in Omega 6 (I need to watch my Omega 6 so I go easy on nut flours and try to use more coconut).


In addition to grains, there are tuber flours, legume flours, pseudograin flours.

Flours also work differently, you may not want to bake with some, some may not be that great for breading.

If you have a particular function in mind, recipes may help guide you.

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