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Hi Whole30ers!


I have a question about reintroductions. I am doing well continuing to eat Whole 30 for breakfast and lunch. What I'm wondering is would I be able to get enough information about reintroduction if I only add a food at dinner?


For example, I'd like to add some cheese at dinner, but I don't really have an interest in reintroducing dairy for breakfast or lunch since I find I don't miss it at those times. Will this give me enough information to evaluate if I have a dairy sensitivity? Any advice?






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To do a proper, fully informed reintroduction, the recommendation is to have the food in question at all three meals in one day.  It doesn't matter if that's how you'd normally eat it, it's more to get enough of a sample size to get accurate testing results.

That being said, if, on dairy day, you start feeling really rotten after your M1 or M2 reintroduction, you may have all the data you need and not need to reintro at M3.

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Some reactions are dose dependent. You could eat a small portion at one meal and not notice any symptoms. However, if you ate as much as you would eat at three meals in a day, you might have a noticeable reaction. So our recommendation calls for eating whatever you are testing at all three meals of the day. You could add a serving/bite of cheese to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner if all you wanted to test was cheese. You could eat a big hunk of cheese at dinner, but eating a lot all at once is another way to provoke symptoms even if you would not have had them if you had eaten three smaller portions. I hope this information helps. 

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