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Day 27 and seriously want to quit.


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I broke the rules and weighed myself. I've been 100% compliant for 27 days. I've lost 5.6 pounds (pathetic) and I have compromised so much of my social life for results that do not seem worth it.

I broke the rules to weigh myself today - the same day I got my period. My goal was to go below 200 lbs. I'm 201.8, feeling absolutely horrible about my progress and self.

My friend is playing a show tonight - I want to go and have fun with a couple drinks and a good meal. Whatever I do I know I'll feel bad about myself.

Whole30 doesn't seem worth it.

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This is why not weighing is one of the rules, because it does such a number on people's mindsets.


You've lost 5.6 lbs in a month -- that's a bit over a pound a week, which is a healthy rate of weight loss. Whole30 is not one of those quick weight loss things. It's about getting healthier. Weight loss is a side effect of that for many people, but not the goal of Whole30.


I'd also point out that the day you get your period is not exactly the optimal day for weighing yourself, as hormones really muck up your weight around this time of the month. 


27 days is not 30 days. Stick it out three more days so you can say you did it, so you can feel pride in finishing something you started. 


If you really feel like you're not getting good results, I'd encourage you to post a couple of days' worth of typical food intake (including approximate portion sizes), water, exercise, and sleep, and see if anyone has any suggestions for you.


You don't have to give up social activities during a Whole30, though they take more planning, and they require you to be strong enough go against the crowd in doing what is best for you. If you need tips for how to deal with specific activities, post about it here on the forum -- someone is bound to have been in similar situations before and be able to help you.

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I lost 3 pounds during my most recent whole 30 and while I have LOTS more to lose I considered it a success. I'd say 5.6 pounds in 27 days is awesome!!! Especially if you are near your period (we all know that affects EVERYTHING in ways we probably can't even understand!)

Have you experienced any other non scale victories (sleeping better, less seasonal allergies etc). Try to focus on those more than that pesky number on the scale!

If you do say screw whole 30 and go out for some drinks and a "good meal" do you really think you will feel better? My guess is you won't. I honestly almost had a meltdown recently and was debating giving in on day 20something because of cramps and hormones. I seriously wanted to grab my sisters bottle of wine and guzzle the whole thing while crying on the kitchen floor. Instead, I ate a handful of olives, my sister gave me a hug, and then she helped me finish making one of my favorite whole 30 comfort meals. (Whole roasted chicken, mashed Japanese sweet potatoes with ghee and coconut milk, and well fed coconut almond green beans. Better than any "good meal" you can get in a restaurant -seriously!) I wanted a glass of wine and some potato chips so badly, but knowing that I was strong enough to get through that was such an incredible and empowering feeling!

I know it seems daunting when you have a lot of weight to lose but please don't give up. I know you can do this! If you look through the forums you will see other posts about people not losing weight and being discouraged. It can truly put a lot into perspective!

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I really appreciate everyone's kind feedback and encouragement. I'm here to report that I did not hold through that night and went out and had two beers with some friends -- with a side of mac and cheese to order. 


I'm having a lot of mixed feelings about this whole 27 days. I know I didn't complete the Whole30 so I feel like a failure -- but I've also had SO much going on in my life that those two beers and mac n cheese with friends really made me happy. I don't feel healthy beating myself up over eating a small portion of something. I don't think my mind works well when I "can't" eat food. I think it works better when I consciously choose not to eat certain bad foods. 


I lost a total of 7 pounds. (Weighing myself was the downward spiral that started it all). I have realized that some really great things during my experience - that I CAN go out with friends and not drink/eat bad, I can stop eating when I'm full, and I can exercise daily. (My boyfriend and I have registered for our first ever 5k). 

My Whole27 was not a failure and I have to remind myself of this everyday. 


Thanks everyone.


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Min: Correct, you are not a failure. Good grief, you put in almost four weeks of eating great, healthy food, and you learned about yourself, took on challenges, and lost weight. The Whole30 is there for you if you want to come back. You may feel later that you are ready; you may not. But you can ride your own bike with some wisdom now.

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