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Started February 8


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Good morning friends:

Welcome to Day 13!!!! Lucky 13... two more days until we are 1/2 way through this 30 days. How are you guys feeling? Well... I have some interesting news. I don't think I've mentioned that I've had a horrible cough for about two weeks now and late yesterday decided I better go get it checked out before I board a 7 hour flight to the West Coast. Well, turns out I have Bronchitis and Doc recommends that I don't travel. they loaded me up with an inhaler, antibiotics, and mucinix. They wanted to give me cough syrup but I told them no way.. I won't take it. Explained I was on a food elimination plan, etc. I didn't pick up the Mucinix because I think that is non-compliant, so grabbed the Inhaler and Antibiotics from the pharmacy and came home to call my manager. Then I read how antibiotics don't help with Bronchitis so no idea why they prescribed that... so essentially I'm ONLY taking the inhaler as needed. The weird part is that I actually feel pretty good.. it's just when I cough I sound like someone who smoked 20 packs of cigarettes - nasty. anyway, I won't be traveling tomorrow. When I talked to my manager last night she totally supported me and told me to stay home next week, rest, etc. Sorry for the long story, just wanted you guys to know that I won't be traveling and that my body is fighting this infection, so may prohibit me from feeling all the greatness this program has to offer. That being said, I do feel pretty good this morning, other than coughing and I can deal with that.



Doctor prescribed medications always trump Whole30 rules, so if you need the mucinex, take it. If you check out the over the counter versions, I'm pretty sure they have one that contains the mucinex with a cough suppressant if you need it -- it at least wouldn't have sweeteners and possibly alcohol that a liquid cough syrup would. Only you really know how much the cough/congestion is affecting you and whether the medicine would be helpful. 

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Thanks Shannon. I don't really feel like the mucinix will help, but I am considering taking the antibiotics if I'm not feeling better in a day or so. in the meantime, i'm just going to stick with the inhaler in hopes that clears up my lungs. In the meantime, my appetite is not great, but I've been able to eat, it's just not as enjoyable as it was a few days ago.


Melinaka - I did a lot of yoga last week and walked 4 miles a few days in a row, plus I'm in the middle of a 30 day squat challenge that I started up when I started the Whole 30. Thought it would be fun to do two challenges at once. I'm crazy like that.. lol. Given the bronchitis diagnosis, I'm not working out today and may take tomorrow off as well so my body can rest. I did do my squats today and plan to do them tomorrow as those don't require much lung capacity.


Heidi - great news on your eczema. That must have been so very uncomfortable. I'm glad your skin is feeling much better. I've read a lot of folks experience that as a side effect. Not sure I'm seeing that in my own skin, but then again, my body is fighting this infection so who knows what it's doing. I also LOVE red wine, but thankfully haven't craved any so far. Good job on sticking with the program. Just think how great that wine will taste in 17 days... it's going to be awesome. Do you have a favorite kind? I've been really into pinot noirs lately.. yum.


As far as going out to eat... well, I'm not needed to do this yet, but I'm pretty used to years of dieting asking the waiters to pretty much make my food without taste i.e.., no butter, no seasonings, etc. I usually just ask them to bring me some extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon. that will salt and pepper make a pretty good flavoring on just about anything. One thought though.... if you go to Outback, you could ask them how they prepare the Béarnaise.... the proper recipe calls for the use of clarified butter, so if they make it that way, it would totally be compliant and AWESOME.


I also saw on a different thread that Chipotle is a good choice if you are thinking of something fast. apparently there are only a few things on the menu that are compliant and they aren't the things you would think. Most people on the thread I read ordered the Lettuce, Carnitas, Salsa, Pico and double guacamole. I'm not sure what the status is of chipotle these days with all of their health inspector issues, but may be something that you could try if looking for something quick and good.


That's all. I'm in the for the night. Reluctantly trying to follow doctors orders and rest... sigh...

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Good morning. Everyone ready for Day 14 !!!!! I'm feeling pretty good this morning. Slept A L O T yesterday and last night in hopes to kick this bronchitis and I feel good upon waking. I did break a small guideline this morning as I had coffee before having breakfast. I just needed something warm on my throat before anything. Plus I want to make the egg cups with prosciutto this morning and that will take a bit. This is the first time in 14 days that I had the coffee before my breakfast and don't plan to make it a regular thing, so hopefully my hormones won't be messed up at all.


Just curious.... has anyone thought about what to do after the Whole 30? I'm thinking about moving to more of a Paleo type eating program since my body will be well prepped for something like that.


p.s. the scale is still calling my name. It is just amazing how addicted I am to that thing, which makes me super glad I cannot weigh myself. I seriously wonder if I'm more addicted to the scale than I am to food. It's rather scary. I hate that I let the scale control my self worth.


p.s.s. What are everyone's plans for today. If I'm feeling good enough, I'm going to head out for a nice walk. It's beautiful here in South Florida and the sun in shining brightly in the sky.

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Hi Ladies!

Day 14

This morning I woke thinking how proud we should be of ourselves day 30. We've resisted Valentine's chocolate, the year's all time best menu additions at Starbucks (melted chocolate in a cup! Hello! How I love thee! lol! I haven't even stepped foot in the establishment), AND the littany of other Whole 30 Have Nots.

Bebeaccia - I've been thinking quite a bit about reintroduction and life after this 30. First - what will be the one thing I try to add back into my diet that week... I still haven't decided. Have any of you? I'm thinking it probably won't be milk. Nor sugar. Decisions decisions :/ All I know is, I'm feeling great and I want it to be a careful systematic process.

I'm still fighting old habits and cravings. Anyone else? Was supposed to go out last night... thought thru a plan, decided I'd just drink seltzer while out,then when we were deciding where to go, I knew it would be hard to resist that desire for a margarita. I stayed home. I don't feel sad about that choice. Not one bit... and for entertainment? I read up on ailments associated with poor diet and found some great charts on fructose and sucrose levels in various fruits, roots, & sweeteners. Interesting to refer to.

Bebeaccia! The scale! Yes,so tempting. I'm not sure for me it's an addiction. It's more a necessary tool from my past. I tend to want to observe and document progress as well as monitor to keep things in check and nothing's more honest than a scale if you keep the variables in check ;) So that being said, the scale has been tough to resist but as I used the mirror today I thought about what you said and realized I actually felt relief to not have to " check in".

It IS a gorgeous day. I'm glad you're feeling better Bebeaccia, Hopefully you are out enjoying some sun. I might try the pool and I'll definitely go for a run.

What's everyone doing for dinner? I'm going to steam roast that paprika chicken... do a salad and if I'm famished - some sweet potato. Oh, and a La Croix to keep things fun ;)

Take care!

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Man I wish I could go for a run or even a nice 4 mile walk, but I'm nervous it won't be good for me. I am contemplating going to yoga later as it doesn't require much lung capacity and will do my squats for a challenge.


Melinaka - sounds like you did the right thing in not going out. I know that can be challenging and it's not like you'll never go out again, but why put yourself in a situation of temptation if you don't have to.


I was telling my BF this morning how I'm not really craving ANYTHING, which is crazy. I've always loved my sugars.. i.e., ice cream, sweetened creamer in my coffee, stevia on pretty much everything possible. So, i'm so happy not to be craving sweets right now. Also makes me nervous about reintroduction. Not sure what that will look like yet as I'm a little scared about it. I'll start looking closely at reintroduction in about a week.


I made the egg/prosciutto thingies for breakfast. They were delish. Just one word of caution. I checked the ingredients of the olive oil spray and saw that it had soy lecithin, which is not compliant and since olive oils can create toxicity when cooked at high temperatures, I opted to melt some ghee and used a brush to coat the muffin tins. All in all they came YUMMO. Both BF and I enjoyed a lot, but it was a bit tough to clean the pan.


Dinner is in the crock pot now for later. Have a chuck roast with some root veggies cooking in the crock pot. I'm planning to do some cauliflower mash with it later. Not sure about lunch yet, but def have to get that started soon.


I just can't believe tomorrow will be the half way point. My BF def looks like he's dropped weight. It's def noticeable. I don't see it as much on me, but perhaps a bit.


p.s, gotta get me some La Croix.

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Yoga sounds great! Maybe even a short walk :)

Those eggs are calling me. I'm glad you pointed out the danger of cooking the oil to high temp. I'm wondering if we could just put the eggs into cupcake sleeves in the tin? I might try that.

I am so envious of your lack of cravings!Maybe it's due to your eating small healthy meals throughout the day?

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I don't know why I'm not craving anything specific but I'm super grateful that I'm not. Are you craving anything specific... ie., sweets over breads/carbs? I'm not really eating smaller meals throughout the day. Pretty much sticking to 3 meals a day and if I eat fruit, I try to have it with my meal, per the guidelines so that I'm not feeding the sugar dragon. I'm trying to have fruit in the middle of the day rather than evenings. RE: the egg muffins.... i'm thinking the eggs would stick to the muffin wrappers... but maybe Heidi has tried it with the wrappers and can advise.


Yep, been thinking about a short walk. it's so nice out. Really tough to sit inside watching TV. Trying to listen to my body and rest... sigh.


here is a sample of my eating. Not sure if the chart comes through, so let me know.


Feb 18

Day 11




3 eggs

Boiled potato


Coffee w/light coconut milk

Green Tea



Swordfish w/homemade wasabi mayonnaise

Salad with mixed veggies, olives, and olive oil

Strawberries/blueberries, shredded unsweet coconut



3 Chicken legs

1/2 Butternut squash w/ghee

Green beans with EVOO


Feb 19

Day 12

  • Squats - 50



3 eggs

Boiled potato


Coffee w/light coconut milk



Handful mixed nuts



Grilled chicken

Cauliflower mash

Balsamic vinaigrette

Strawberries w/coconut milk and shredded unsweet coconut

Coffee w/coconut milk



Ready, Set, Chili

Broccoli w/EVOO

Chamomile Tea




Feb 20

Day 13

  • Squats - 55



3 eggs w/ghee

Steamed broccoli


Coffee w/light coconut milk

Green Tea



Coffee w/light coco milk




Ready, Set, Chili

1/2 avocado

Olive oil


Tazo Passion Tea




1/2 sweet potato

Spaghetti squash w/olive oil




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Good morning all:

WE DID IT... we are 1/2 way there !!!!  How is everyone feeling? Some days it feels like I've been eating this way forever and some days everything feels new. The Whole 30 Daily email I receive hit the nail on the head. I'm getting tired of eating a lot of the same type things (though I am trying tons of different recipes). The Daily email on Day 17 is supposed to include suggestions for new meals, etc. I'll keep you guys posted on that.

Yesterday was a decent day, but by the time dinner was ready I was completely annoyed with all of the cooking/cleaning I've been doing for the past two weeks. Not that I wanted to give up, just that I wanted to throw something across the room. It's like a full time job trying to keep it all in balance some days. Anyone else feeling the same.

Anyone have any unusual challenge this weekend? I did not though the scale is still calling my name. I def won't step on it though. Hoping all the "magic" kicks in this week but also trying to be patient.

Happy Day 15 !!!!!

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I just jumped out to a thread of folks that started on the 22nd to give some encouragement. I thought I should post some of my NSV's on this thread since I just did on the other one. Would love to hear your experiences thus far if you are inclined to share.


A few NSV's for me:

I am NOT hungry

I am NOT craving anything (usually I'm a sugarholic)

I've broken my addiction to artificial sweetener's that I've had on everything for 30 years

I'm eating delicious foods

I'm less bloated

I have more patience

I feel more focused

Just basic overall feeling of "goodness"

I've connected with a lot of great people on these threads


A few things that are tougher for me:

I've never cooked and cleaned so much in my life - and I enjoy cooking

The scale is constantly calling to me. I want to step on it badly, but I KNOW it will not serve me at all. If I see a number I don't like, I'll give up immediately and sabotage myself.

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Good Morning, Ladies!

Forgive me.  Just catching up a bit after taking a wee bit of time offline yesterday.

Let's see..... Yes!  Good catch on the olive oil sprays and lecithin.  I did notice that pre-Whole 30 and made sure that my organic ones did not contain it.  I actually have organic olive oil and avocado oil sprays and neither contain the lecithin.  As far as baking/cooking with olive oil goes... I use it ALL THE TIME.  I love it and haven't noticed any problems with it, but there are certainly a variety of oils to choose from and everyone has their own taste.  Using the ghee for the prosciutto cups was a great call!  My understanding with olive oil is that you don't need to worry about it turning at a high temp until you get above the 410-425 degree mark.  They use it on Food Network all the time for baking, so I just follow suit and haven't had a problem.  :)  Haha.  I'm such a follower.

And you're right about the pan.  I hadn't thought about that after the first go around with the prosciutto cups, but I made them again yesterday and the pan was a bit of a pain to clean.  However, as a non-morning person I'd rather clean the pan in the afternoon and save myself minutes in the mornings when I can reheat those tasty little cups!  So, it's a trade-off I'm willing to make.  I have not tried the cupcake liners, but I'm not sure how eggs would fare in those.... I wouldn't be above trying disposable muffin pans from the Dollar Tree though!  Spray them, bake the prosciutto cups and just toss the pans!  That sounds like it might be worth a try.

How are you feeling today, Bebeaccia?

Melinanka, I've been thinking too about what life after Whole 30 looks like for me.  I do know that I'll be doing the quicker reintroduction protocol as I'm really trying to nail down some allergies and food sensitivities.  So the idea of taking a couple of weeks to systematically work through those reintroductions appeals to me.  After that... not sure!  I think, in part, it depends how the reintroduction goes for me.  I DO know that I've been talking with my husband about the idea of doing a Whole 7 once a month.  More than anything at this point, to help me keep my emotional relationship with food in check and to continue to reinforce the idea of mindful eating.... and eating for health, not just enjoyment.  So at this point, that's my goal going forward.  However, I'm only on Day 15 and there's time to see that goal morph or change as my body continues to respond to Whole 30 foods.

This weekend was a bit frustrating for me, personally.  Just facing those cravings for red wine in the quiet evenings... then yesterday a spot of eczema started to reappear.  I'm so frustrated by that one!  And yesterday I just felt very overwhelmed by the cooking and cleaning associated with my Whole 30 meals.  I've also had really cruddy sleep quality lately and can't nail down why that's happening.  So, I'm praying for a much more positive week!  I'm committed to my Whole 30 (and doing GREAT with food choices) and am committed to my workouts and just doing everything possible to benefit my body.... I just need it to fall in line now.  :)

For today, I'm choosing to focus on the fact that I've made it HALF WAY-- which I wasn't really sure was possible when I began.  And I will celebrate that milestone as I banish the frustration from my brain today.

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Love your post Heidi. Super motivating and I agree... CELEBRATION time. Sorry to hear you had an eczema flair up, but I did read something about symptoms can come back for a bit, so hopefully it is something like that. Great idea on getting the organic olive oil spray. I will def look for that next time I'm at WF. I've also always cooked with EVO so was surprised when I read about not cooking it at high temps. Gonna have to reconsider as I don't always like cooking with ghee... though it is yummy.


I'm still feeling crappy. My lung capacity is just not where it needs to be which frankly... sucks. I really want to do things, but when I do too much I get tired and then a bit grumpy:(. my body just needs time to heal and I need to be patient. I'm bummed I couldn't travel yesterday and I'm missing a great work event in Seattle. Oh well.. not much I can do about it, so just focusing on getting well.


In the meantime, I put an awesome recipe in the crock pot for dinner later. It's called Slow Cooker Jalapeno Popper Chicken Chili. it's from a paleo cookbook that my sister sent me yesterday. I'll let you guys know how it is. There was only one ingredient that was non-compliant and that was for an added garnish, so no biggie not to add it.... it was goat cheese btw.

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Happy Halfway Everyone!

Love both your posts/thoughts. Bebeaccia - you'll have to share tonight's recipe :) Are you on Pinterest too?

Thanks Heidi! Fantastic recipes on your page. I had been searching for marinara pre-Whole 30 and your recipe is PERFECT diet or not.

I ATE OUT LAST NIGHT! I'm still petrified they used some off plan oil they swore was not present (lol),but I think I trust them. They grow their lettuce and herbs on the wall of the restaurant! So I had seasoned grilled skirt steak, broccolini that looked lightly sauteed, subbed out zucchini fries for the garden salad with vinaigrette, and drank Saratoga. No starch tho. Went home and got hungry :/

As for halfway point? I'm SO proud that I haven't cheated. Not. One. Cheat! We can all be proud of that! (I even quit my B vitamins because of the phosphates in them. I think they could be the cause of my allergic edema.)

Heidi - since beginning W30,I've had painful little breakouts under my eyes. I've NEVER had this before. It's been a week now. I wonder if the toxin cleaning from our systems has anything to do with that and your eczema?

Bebeaccia - I couldn't sleep last night either. Do I remember reading that is an eventual symptom?

Egg cups: I just bought Reynolds aluminum cupcake sleeves!I'm hopeful :) I detest messy cleanups too.

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Hi all:

Melinaka - congrats on your first experience eating out. Sounds like you conquered that without much of an issue. Did they not offer potatoes on the menu, or did you just not want any? Just curious. The skirt steaks sounds yummy.

My crock pot chicken chili is smelling great. got another 3 hours of cooking before it's done. Here is the recipe. Super easy to make. Basically just throw everything in the crock pot. You can put the ground chicken and ground beef right in there. No need to break it up or brown. it will break apart easy once it's cooked. My sister couldn't find ground chicken so she used ground turkey and said it was delish.

Will let you guys know how it is.


Heidi - hang in there with those Red Wine cravings. I know that is super tough as I too love my wine. Just two more weeks then you can really enjoy a beautiful glass of red. Doesn't that sound awesome. it sure does to me.


Slow Cooker Jalapeño Popper Chicken Chili 


Source: Juli Bauer's Paleo Cookbook

Servings: 8 • Size: 1 generous cup, 1 oz avocado • Points+: 7 pt • Smart Points: 7

Calories: 285 • Fat: 12 g • Carb: 20 g • Fiber: 5 g • Protein: 25 g • Sugar: 1 g

Sodium: 350 mg  • Cholest: 83 mg



  • 1 medium white onion, diced
  • 3 cloves minced garlic
  • 1 red bell pepper, diced
  • 2 jalapeños, seeds removed
  • 1 large sweet potato, 14 oz
  • 1 lb 93% lean ground chicken
  • 1 lb 95% lean ground beef
  • 2 tsp smoked paprika
  • 2 tsp chili powder
  • 2 tsp dried oregano
  • 2 tsp kosher salt
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  • 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
  • 1 (14 oz) can petite diced tomatoes
  • 1 cup reduced sodium chicken broth
  • chopped scallions, for garnish
  • 8 oz diced avocado (from 2 small haas)
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Good morning friends: Day 16... here we go !!!! I hope everyone had a nice day yesterday and celebrated the 1/2 way point. The Jalapeno Chicken Pepper Chili came out really good. I found it tasted a bit sweet for my taste, which I attribute to the red pepper and sweet potato, but it was still delicious. Especially with some avocado on top. My BF said it was one of his favorite meals so far.


Had major trouble falling asleep last night... no idea why and woke up feeling like I've been hit by truck. My head is in a fog. not sure if it's my body doing some further detoxing or just my body trying to fight the brochocial stuff going on. In any case, it did not prohibit me from eating a good breakfast or from having my morning coffee. My BF asked me this morning if I plan on reintroducing sugar and Italian sweet cream in my coffee and the answer to that is NO. I'm really excited about not using artificial sweeteners right now and don't ever want to use them again... or sugar for that matter. Don't get me wrong, I do love sugar and I'm not saying I'll never eat it again, but adding it to coffee 2/3 times per day or is something I don't want to reintroduce. It has absolutely zero nutritional value for me and only sets me up for sugar cravings.


The Whole 30 daily email today was so good. Lots of good information in there about how our bodies are starting to burn fat rather than sugars. I found it fascinating. let me know if you'd like me to put any snips on this thread.


So... how are you guys feeling today? Any of that "tiger blood" happening? I def do not have it, but I suspect it would be hard for me to recognize with my current health, which is totally bumming me out. I never get sick like this and the fact that it is happening during my Whole 30 upsets me because I would love to really get into this.. i.e.., upping my workouts rather than having to limit them. Oh well... cie le vie.


Happy Day 16 - can you guys believe we are on the down hill of the Whole 30. I'm so proud to have made it here and look forward to completing this Whole 30 with you !!!

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Good morning Ladies,

Yes! Happy Day 16!

I get so charged when I read your notes. We're all so much happier I believe. Would you say eliminating the things we have from our diets has actually improved our moods too? I think so.

Tiger blood? lol, maybe I'm feeling that. Bebeaccia, when you just mentioned that our bodies are burning fat, a lightbulb went off... I DEFINITELY feel that change now when I'm running! I noticed it first on my run Friday and dealt with it much better on my run yesterday. It really hit home the necessity to properly fuel up BEFORE my run. In that moment I knew I was making actual physical progress with Whole 30. I think there will be a change when I step on the scale next month!

After day 30? Funny enough, at this point I think meals day 31 and on are not going to be any different. I'm content with what I'm eating. But, Heidi - like your red wine, my margarita occasionally sounds good.

Bebeaccia - I agree about the reintroduction of sugar. I too don't see the need for those wasted calories. Black coffee... Mmmm ;) lol. Maybe some milk again would be a treat. All those calories we're missing in our beverages really add up to great weight control over 365 days!

That crockpot chili sounds so good. I'm curious about the overall sweetness. I'll consider that when I try it.

Last night I steam baked a chicken. It was so easy and SO delicious and I used ZERO fat - just rinsed it off, patted the chicken dry, rubbed the outside with a mixture of paprika,coarse salt, cayenne, and thyme and baked. SO moist and that spice combo made tasty drippings in the pan. Heidi - I Pinned a similar recipe for the crockpot. I'm going to try using the crockpot method next and compare.

Bebeaccia, I'm so sorry you're still not over the bronchial infection. Are you going to do the Whole 30 again another time? You'd probably be able to enjoy the Tiger Blood feeling so much better ;)

Have a fantastic day everyone!

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Melinaka - just love reading your post. So inspiring to hear how GREAT you are feeling. Congratulations. I also agree with you that I'm not sure how much different I'll be eating on Day 31. I rather like the way I'm eating these days. I'm dying to go for a run or at least a brisk walk, but i'm afraid it will probably kill me right now. so I'll be living vicariously through you until my lungs cooperate. Not sure if I'll do another whole 30. I've been thinking of doing more of a Paleo type thing, but we'll see.


I'm not in pininterest, but sounds like I should maybe get out there as I'm def interested in the chicken recipe you mention above. Sounds yum

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For sure - take it easy. I've tried to knock out an infection like yours by running. No dice. So, perfect excuse to take off from running. I'll do some miles for you ;)

And yes! That would be great if you join us on Pinterest and we all compile some great recipes. In the meantime, here's the crockpot version recipe for chicken. Just omit the onion soup mix. Not compliant AND the rub tastes fantastic without:

(I actually did 3tbsp paprika,2 tsp coarse salt, 2tsp cayenne, 2tsp dried thyme plus some fresh thyme sprigs in the cavity)


1 broiler/fryer chicken (around 4 lbs)

2 tbsp paprika

1 tbsp onion soup mix, crushed

2 Tbsp garlic powder

2 tbsp olive oil

1½ tsp fine sea salt

optional : 1.2 tsp black pepper and ½ tsp cayenne pepper for heat, or extra salt if you like it salty!


Rinse and pat chicken completely dry with paper towels.

Truss with or without string. (do NOT skip this step or it will fall apart in the crockpot)

Combine the remaining ingredients together in a small bowl until it forms a paste. If it's too dry, add small amounts of oil until you get a good spreading consistency.

Rub the paste all over the chicken, inside and out., making sure not to tear the skin.

Wad up 4-5 balls of tinfoil and place the chicken, breast up, on top of the foil.

Cover the crockpot with the lid and cook on low for 8-9 hours.

When the thigh area has reached a minimum of 185 degrees, carefully remove from the crokcpot and place on a baking sheet.

Cook for 5-7 minutes in a 450 degree oven to crisp up the skin, watching carefully.

Remove and serve!

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Good morning fine people. Here we go... Day 17 !!!!!! So this morning my BF says to me... "aren't you missing coffee the way we used to drink it"... my answer...."actually.. not really.. I don't miss the sugar". This is a HUGE NSV for me. As I've mentioned a few times, my weakness is sugar. I have been using stevia or some kind of sweetener for years thinking I was doing good, saving calories while still satisfying my sweet tooth. No matter what diet I started (and there have been many), I would also say to myself that I was not counting the items put in my coffee because I would never give them up so it didn't matter - - great logic, huh. This is the first time in my adult life that I've not had these things and it feels GREAT. Sorry to drone on about this, but it's really amazing to me that I truly do not crave these things.


I started taking antibiotics yesterday as I just was not getting better. I had been hesitant to do this as I thought I'd have to start the Whole 30 over, but after posting in the troubleshooting page and asking the question, the moderators said I would not have to start over. One did mention that my results may not be accurate, so I'm coming to terms with that. I do feel that if I was to eat sugars, grains, alcohol, dairy, etc., that I'd be feeling a whole lot worse than I do, so again, this is a positive in imo. I have no intention of altering my plan, other than I'm going to drink a bunch more water and go and grab a probiotic at WF. The good news it that I do feel like I'm turning a corner today with my health. Hopefully a few more days on the antibiotics and I'll be feeling well enough to workout. OMG, how I miss working out. I'm keeping up with my squat challenge (up to 75 today), but I need more... much more to feel like myself.


Okay.. that's it for me this morning. How is everyone doing? Looking forward to seeing your posts. They do keep me super motivated.


Happy Day 17... wow.. still can't believe it's 17 days.... !!!!!

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Good Morning, Whole 30 Rockstars!
Day 17-- whaaat?!?  Yay us.  I must say, of anything that's been happening lately, I'm very proud of the fact that its Day 17 and I'm holding strong to my Whole 30 journey.  No cheats.  No slip ups.  I wasn't sure on Day 1 that this would be the case and I'm so happy to have had the motivation to keep going thus far.  I cannot say that I'm feeling crazy amounts of Tiger Blood, but I do feel good and healthy and am motivated to continue making strides in that direction.  So those are all positives!


Bebeaccia-- SO glad you're taking your antibiotics!  I know how that hesitation to take them feels.  I felt the same with the prescription I was on at the start of Whole 30.  But my body needed it, so I didn't even let myself get upset about the fact that it probably had ingredients that could be "off plan".  You'll be feeling better in no time and if you feel like extending your Whole 30 another week to makeup for your time on the antibiotics, that will probably feel really easy to do by the time you hit Day 30!
Also, I too receive the daily e-mails.  Love them too!

Melinaka-- I have running question for you.  How long have you been running?  I am NOT a runner.  Like AT.ALL.  But I began a Couch 2 5k at the start of my Whole 30 to help jumpstart my workouts.  My birthday is in a few weeks and I've convinced my family to register for a 5k together to celebrate.  (Haha!  I'm not sure how any of us feel about it at this point!)  I find running to be SO challenging.  I'm sure a large part of it is mental.  Just wondered if you have any tips for a newbie.... anything from what keeps you motivated to great stretches post-running (I'm having some soreness in my left leg & knee) to how to plow through the hard workouts.

Overall, I'm feeling really frustrated because of this skin issue and some sleep problems.  I wish the skin dealio was my body detoxing further but because it started before Whole 30 and it's returned just days after finishing a steroid prescription, I'm confident it's a result of something else.  Obviously nothing like dairy, gluten, etc. as I haven't had that in 17 days!  Praying that the allergist gives me some answers and I can get rid of it ASAP.  It's a very frustrating thing to be doing literally everything positive and healthy for your body and still have issues!  I've always struggled with insomnia, so that's nothing new... but, again, I'd hoped for some positive changes there while doing Whole 30.  It's just not really happening.  (To be fair, I haven't full given up my AM coffee yet... and I see that's the next suggestion from the Whole 30 crew.  **sad** )

Today is a non-workout day for me.  I've gone five days in a row but can't get to the gym today so it's a rest day.  Can't say that won't feel lovely!

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Hi everyone --- I'm Kelli, from the other Start Date February 8th Board. Someone from here popped over there to mention that there are 2 boards for people that started on the 8th.....so here I am! 


Nice to see all of you doing so well!  This is my first Whole30, I am feeling pretty good -- clothes are fitting better, my brain is clear and I am sleeping like an absolute LOG. Energy is good but not "tiger blood" good. I did have a pretty bad tummy ache yesterday but I suspect it is because I ate a gigantic bowl of chocolate chili for lunch -- has anyone tried the recipe? So good! I was pretty hungry and was working while eating and overate. Ugh. 


On another note, I recently discovered you can poach an egg in the microwave so I can have yolky eggs over my spinach and breakfast sausage at work. This makes me happy. 


I'm re-reading It Starts with Food too...picking up little bits of info I missed the first time around. Have you all read it? 


Have a great Wednesday everyone!! :)











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Welcome Kelli. Glad to have you over here. It was me that saw the other post and posted that we should try and consolidate our Feb 8th start date team:). Sounds like you've had some great NSV's so far. Congrats. Do you mind me asking what your overall goals are with the W30? I'm just curious. I am here to get rid of my sugar cravings, uncontrollable eating, eating healthy, having more energy, and I won't lie... weight loss. :) . If you feel inclined to share, I'd love to hear it.


Heidi - I'm not much of a runner either, but several people I work with are huge runners. I've tried a few times to get started with the help of these friends and co-workers and definitely loved it. I've just found that my body does not seem to "naturally" enjoy running. I'm much more of a brisk walker and can easily do 4 miles per day - that is when i'm not feeling like crap.. ie., these past few weeks. My friends had introduced me to a method of running by a guy named Jeff Galloway. It was definitely a great way to get started and had I kept with it, I have no doubts I could definitely run run run... just like "forest gump".  For sure Melinaka probably has some great advise for you.


Just loving that we are all on Day 17 !!!! WE ARE DOING THIS !!!!!

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Good one Kelli!  And Welcome!  I like that:  Rockstars...  yes, we're rocking this.  Day 17 and no cheats.  No slips!  Conquering cravings and enjoying food without the added junk we used to put in it.  You know the best part of rocking this?  At this point, even though I occasionally crave on oldie but goodie, I'm feeling that I'd rather continue eating like this.  I'm also thankful we're only at day 17.  I still need some time to break old habits and really embrace the new.  Anyone else try Larabars?  They were something I'd bought for afternoon emergencies, however I occasionally find myself wanting one.  I think I need to just put them on the NO NO list. I have fruit in the house. I'll just eat some fruit instead.  I totally see what they mean about items that reinforce bad habits. Amongst the reasons I'm doing this Whole 30 is to break those habits with food.


It's so funny - we all have typed things that sound familiar.  Very familiar.  Bebeaccia - your comment today about coffee pre-W30.  OMG that was me!  "Whatever I put in here doesn't count.  I'm not giving this up. It's my morning fuel for a run.  Hey, I added it up and it's no worse than an Sbux Grande Mocha." LOL, that was my littany of excuses. Now? Black coffee.  Dad would be so proud!  LOL!


Heidi - Happy EARLY birthday wishes!  CONGRATS on choosing to do a family 5k!!!  That sounds like so much fun!  What kind of 5k are you doing?  A color run? A neighborhood 5k? It's such a great experience... addictive too!  That's how I started and toe-ing up to the start line is exciting.  You'll want to do another. Then you'll start thinking about the next biggest distance ;)  BUT my advice (let me not get ahead of ourselves):


Just have fun!


Don't stress.  Plan ahead. Lay out your race gear and clothes the day before.

You're TOTALLY prepared diet wise.  Most people eat the wrong things and get nervous stomach race morning because they eat garbage the night before.  Carb loading?  I never agreed with that.  It just weighed me down and made me sick to my stomach.  Imagine eating a huge plate of pasta.  Even before W30 I found that the best energy came from a dinner of salmon, organic salad, and small potato, plus plenty of water.


Jeff Galloway :)  Yes, read up on his plan.  He has downloadable graphs of walk/run plans for various race results.  I've used his method in a half before and it works tremendously well.


Knee pain - all too familiar ;)  Happens to many people.  It sounds like your problem could be tight muscles. Very gentle stretches pre and post run and throughout the day will help if that is the problem.  I find that the large muscles of the thigh tend to get tight and pull on the kneecap - giving you that pain. If you can do gentle stretches loosening up the legs then finish with stretching the thigh out (balance on one leg, bend the other behind you and grab the toes, careful not to pull too hard, relax into the stretch and hold for a few seconds).  A foam roller is also a great investment if you plan to keep running :)


Ohhh!  Mileage.  Be careful never to add more than 10% to your weeks over what you're accustomed to.  That will help keep things in check and also give you good progress :)


Heidi, I'm still having skin issues too!  I thought I had it beat.  Today I wake up with another painful pimple under my eye.  I'm wondering if it is due to something external??  Have you experimented with that?  I'm starting to suspect the make-up remover wipes I use...  and it's not like I just bought them.  Just suddenly they are irritating me!?  I didn't wear make-up Monday and didn't need to use a wipe that night.  Tuesday I wake with no pimples and clearing skin.  Yesterday I put on make-up and when I used said wipe to clean my eyes, it felt irritating to the skin around my eyes...  today I wake with 2 sore pimples under one eye.  *sigh*  Something else worth mentioning, I have sleep issues too.  I had thought it was that, but even on weekends when I catch up on sleep I still am having this issue.


Kelli, chocolate chili!  I'll definitely check that out :)  Heidi & I started pinning Whole 30recipes on Pinterest if you want to join us and add :D


I ate out again last night.  I've been SO fortunate to have waitresses that understood and didn't mind answering questions.  Last night it was Bonefish.  I had the tillapia grilled and the mango salsa on the side.  Steamed broccoli, a house salad with no dressing (lol) until they finally brought the red wine vinegar much later, and sparkling water.  I could tell everything was just as she promised - no hidden oils or ingredients.  Yay!


Kelli, how do you like the book?  I'm thinking of picking one up.


Have a fantastic day everyone!

Thanks for all the inspiration.

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