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Started February 8


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Hello Day 22 :)


Great posts yesterday gals. Really enjoyed reading them.


Melinaka - Great job on passing up those Margs. I wonder how your body would react to that much sugar if/when you decide to have one? Great tip on the Reynolds Jumbo cupcake disposable pans. I really need to get some as I've been really wanting to make those egg/prosciutto recipe, but can't muster up the energy to clean those wretched pans...lol. Did you scramble the eggs or just crack them sunny side? I did both when I made them and both were scrumptious. Congats also on hitting TWO bars on Sat night and not indulging in a cocktail. I could definitely follow your through process as you describe talking to yourself about whether or not you'd remain compliant. Part of me feels like we've learned the lessons intended with the program and do we have to be so rigid and then I remember this is THIRTY days and see now reason why we should not finish up strong. Yes, BF did really well while he was away. He def looks different. I'm guessing he's lost 20 pounds by now, but he doesn't think so.


Heidi - how did you enjoy the chicken chili? I made some yesterday and it came out slightly different than the way I made it last week. I think I used a Yam rather than a sweet potato. it was still delicious as it didn't taste as sweet to me as it did last week. How are you holding out on the wine? I know you are dying for that evening glass. Do you plan to reintroduce it on day 31?


Kelli - What recipe do you use for minestrone soup? oh .. have you tried the cauliflower mash? It is ridiculously yummy. I had made it YEARS ago when I was trying my luck at the South Beach diet and I don't recall it being anything like the recipe from W30. It is so good and really does taste like mashed potato. yes, I have heard of Orangetheory. They have a bunch here in So. Flo. It's a high intensity workout for a short duration that helps your body burn at an optimal levels. I think they are classes that last about an hour. I've never done it, but they seem to have a decent following down here. Are you thinking about joining one?


My day today..... working from my couch AGAIN. So tired of this, but I'm so worried about having a relapse and my lungs are just not great yet as I'm still wheezing a bit. I am going to take this final day to relax and rest a bit more and then hope to move back into my office tomorrow as I have a bunch of conference calls I need to participate on. I will def do my 90 squats later today. Surprisingly, they are becoming easier? Weird, huh. Oh hey.. a NSV... yesterday I peeled myself off the couch to run an errand and when I was getting dressed I put n a pair of pants that 22 days ago were entirely TOO tight to wear out. Yesterday they fit ... maybe only a bit snug, but definitely acceptable for public viewing. I was pretty pleased with this as I've kind of made no secret about the fact that I would like to drop some weight on the W30, but the NSV's are awesome.


Hope you all have a fantastic Day 22. I cannot believe we only have 8 days left. I'm starting to feel a bit sad:(. Kelli - to answer your previous question, I'll start reading about reintroduction this week as well to see what it's all about. i'm still considering doing a W45 or w60 or something. not sure yet. Apart from having pneumonia, i'm feeling really healthy and am really enjoying it.. anyway, i'll figure it out soon. I had thought I'd try to go to more of a paleo type plan, but going to wait and see how I feel as this week progresses.


Sorry for the novel.

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Just a quick note to say HELLO DAY 22~


Keep getting better bebeaccia! Hello Heidi. Hello Melinaka. 

It's a gorgeous day here in Denver....high of 61 today which is quite warm for us this time of year!!


Here is the link to the Minestrone soup -- it makes ALOT and I added some potatoes and adelle's chicken and apple sausage to this





Still cant top the butternut squash soup I made a couple of weeks ago -- I seriously could eat that everyday of my entire 






I'm getting back into running after taking off most of last year due to medical stuff I was dealing with. It is a huge stress reliever for me and I've missed it. Here is a fun article about running and life. 





As far as Orangetheory goes, there are now several locations in Colorado and I need to mix things up as far as my workout routine goes. An Orangetheory membership is my gift to myself after completing my first W30 -- I know they originated in Florida so wondered if anyone had tried it. I am scared but super excited to start working out in a small group setting with someone yelling at me to work harder!!


Gotta get to work...have a super day everyone!!

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Hello Day 23 and good morning to you find people on this journey:


Kelli - thanks for the link to the minestrone soup. I will check it out and consider making it. So did you already join OrangeTheory, or are you still contemplating it. Let me know how it goes. I'll be curious to hear if you enjoy.


Last night my BF and I had a lengthy discussion about W30 and the things that he is missing. He is really missing bread. I was wondering if there is a reason why we crave certain things... i.e., are our bodies lacking nutrient that makes us crave other things? I think bread will be the first thing he brings back. As for me, well I'm still not entirely sure. It is so freeing to not be craving things, especially the sugars. I suppose I've rather fortunate that I haven't had any major challenges though. Since I work from home, I'm not tempted by an office candy jar, or going out for drinks with colleagues after work etc. When I travel I have all of those, so I will certainly have my challenges to overcome in a few weeks. Normally when I travel I'm EXHAUSTED and always succumb to certain things. I'm typically extremely good the first few days of my trips but by the end of them, I'm tired, I've likely been out to eat/drink a few nights in a row and by the time I get to the airport to come home, I have a few typical things that I do... ie.,e Beechers Mac & Cheese for breakfast. It's so good, but it's totally comfort food. I'm not craving it right now, but I am curious how I will feel about it next time I'm exposed to it.


Anyway, one day at a time. Not going to stress too much right now. Still have a solid week to get through and from what I've been reading, many folks experience fantastic benefits during the last week of the program.


Happy Day 23 beautiful people :)

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Good Morning, Ladies!


Sorry I've been MIA for a few days!  It's a crazy busy time here at work.  Definitely feel some stress today!
So, what have I missed?  I've read all of your posts daily via e-mail-- just terrible at making the time to log-in to reply as of late!


Bebeaccia-  Geez.  I hope your lungs are healing.  What a frustrating long haul this has been for you!  Of course, slow & steady so you don't relapse is the very best course of action.  So good job spending that time on the couch letting your body relax!  And, I'm sorry, but 90 squats sounds like torture!  I wouldn't short-change yourself on the amazing feat that those squats are as far as fitness goes.  Yay you!


Running.  Can you call it running?  I'm not sure that what I currently attempt to do is considered running.... jogging perhaps?  With like lots of gasping for air and blubbering of my fat along the way!  haha!  But, YES, it's going.  I've been very consistent and am continuting to work my way through my Couch 2 5k program-- into week 4 now.  I still have a long way to go, but I'm thankful that I can feel progress as I continue each day.  I've been doing the workout about 5 days a week and the mixing in some weight training, squats and rowing machine while at the gym.  I must say that I've really really enjoyed jogging outside the last four days!  Today, however, we have 6" of snow and still falling so it will need to be a gym day.  The track is so boring... round and round we go!  I am thankful to say that over the last week or so my legs and knee are SO much better.  It's like my body just had to get used to the new level of activity and the motion of running.  I'm hardly sore at all- other than a bit if it's a day where the program ups my running time.  My husband is in his first week of the C25k program himself, so I'm trying to encourage him... this too shall pass (as far as muscle soreness is concerned).

Food.  LOVED the chicken popper chili.  Like SO GOOD!  Thanks for sharing the recipe.  Tonight, given our recent snowstorm, I'm making a beef stew.  Last night the hubby and I had mega salads for dinner after our workouts.  I just love salad.  Like really love it.  And I made the Italian Vinaigrette from the Whole 30 book for the first time. It was our favorite dressing so far!  And super easy.  I'd recommend it if you haven't tried it yet. 

This weekend we will be out of town.  Eek!  Travel with this plan... and it's our LAST WEEKEND within the 30 days!  Thankfully we are just going to my parents' for the weekend, so I can easily bring most or all of my food with me!  However, this will be a big family weekend with all of the siblings & cousins... which means snacks, wine, etc.  :(  I'm still missing that glass of red!  AND we are all going to the circus on Saturday.  Cotton candy is like one of my favorite things ever.  I will need to pack some almonds and a Larabar or something to get me through those temptations!  Or maybe I just won't be tempted?  Who knows?  Will be an interesting experiment!

Reintroduction.  I've read that section a couple of times in the Whole 30 book.  I've decided to do the "fast-track" reintroduction.  Intro one specific type/group of food for a day.... back to Whole 30 for 2 days (or until you feel back to normal should you happen to have any yucky reactions to what you ate)... then intro a different food.  One type of food at a time.  I decided on this method because part of the reason I began Whole 30 was to see if my skin and gut issues were at all related to food sensitivities.  I figured this is likely the most systematic way to figure that out.  I'm just concerned about making sure that I DO pay attention to any signs that my body is giving me while reintroducing those foods!  Gotta be super honest with yourself.  But, I do think that I'd like to continue to eat W30 like 80% of the time after reintroduction and then do W30 one week per month to just keep me on track.  That's kind of my current game plan.  Would love to hear what you ladies think you'll do following your W30 as you continue to read about reintroduction as well!

OK, I think this novel entry makes up for like 4 days of not checking in.  :)
Have a wonderful Day 23-- only 8 days left (including today)!!!!!  Woo hoo!

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Hi all, I started W30 on Feb 8 as well and so far, so good. Fortunately I have not had the adverse effects I have heard about- but my oldest daughter did. She hit day 30 yesterday, now feels great, but isn't stopping. We're calling it the "Whole-whatever it takes to look better in the mirror". I crossed potatoes off the list at the beginning to lose weigh- quasi -Atkins style. Seems to be working well, although without weighing myself, it is hard to tell. 


Here's to a cold beer March 10.

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Hi All!

Sorry I missed you yesterday. I was dying to write with each email that popped up from all of you. Hi to you too 2 many boats... and welcome!

So let me start with my first thought:

Did you watch Seinfeld enough to know this episode?

Kramer. Car shopping? He is out for a test drive and convinces the salesman to just keep going to see how far they can get before running out of gas...

LOL! That is my analogy for us. Stop at Day 30? Nooo... I want to keep going! ;) I have a feeling I will.

Back 2 reality. Heidi, when I do venture off, I'll do the reintro you just described. One item. 2 days.

And ohhh boy! Family,circus, cotton candy, & wine! I DO think you will triumph over them all :)

Hooray for your running milestone! No knee problems! No leg issues! You know, health and weight loss are a huge factor in helping that. Even more incentive to keep on your new healthy routine :) Congratulations!

Kelli! TY for the recipe links. Omg that squash soup sounds delicious! Plus, I think for the first time ever I'm going to attempt to make cauliflower rice. I have a mango chicken W30 recipe that goes with it. But today? Part 2 of the spicy roast chicken a la crockpot. I put it in at 7am and the house smells ridiculously good. Yum! You know - it's gotten to the point that I look forward to MY home cooked meals more than a restaurant night!

Bebeaccia, how are you feeling today???!!!

I think you touched on the point about W30 going forward when you worried about past business trips and times you're just too busy... I agree, it's too easy to eat convenience and comfort food. But I feel like it's been such a worthwhile change of habits on this diet that each time we're faced with temptation, we have strong skills and will power in place to really question the worth of poor decisions and make the right choice!

I'm going to have to cut this one short. Busy day, but I just wanted to check in and say hello! Missed you all... and our W30 enthusiasm is what has helped me stay on track in some tough moments :) Thank you ALL :)

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Just as a quick addition..... I LOVE cauliflower rice!  Or just straight up roasted cauliflower (olive, salt, pepper, garlic); my family will eat two whole heads at a time and there are only 3 of us.  I've done Cauliflower Fried Rice several times (using cauliflower instead of rice, obviously).  I have it pinned on Pinterest.  For Whole 30 purposes, I simply used Coconut Aminos in place of any required or desired soy sauce.  I love the recipe because you can really adjust it by adding whatever veggies you like or have on-hand.  Or you can add chicken or shrimp for extra protein.
Anyway... just some Food-spiration in case you are hunting for more recipes.

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Good morning Day 24ers !!!!!

Welcome 2manyboats. Interesting that you gave up potatoes for the W30. Is your daughter planning to weigh/measure herself now that she is on day 31, or is she going to wait? Just curious.


Heidi - you will definitely make it through the weekend. You have gained such great skills these past 3 weeks and have foregone your FAVORITE thing... red wine. Cotton candy will be a cinch for you to avoid. I bet you won't even be tempted by it. If you need some positive reinforcement, read the chapter in ISWF about sugars and what happens when they are in your body. I've done that a few times when I 'think' about sugar and it helps me rationalize it all.


Melinaka - yep... seen that Seinfeld episode.... lol... that is one of my favs and I can relate to seeing how far we go before reintroduction. I feel like I would like a little more time too. I need to get off these antibiotics (today is the last day) to see how my body responds to the program without any meds in the system. Spicy Roast chicken in crock pot sounds great. How did it come out?


As for me... let's see. Yesterday was a strange eating day for me. No idea why, but I was in a strange place. I didn't feel like cooking anything interesting at all... just wanted to have simple things. I ended up having that chicken popper chili for both lunch and dinner. I actually ate TWO fruits yesterday which I haven't done since the beginning of W30 and I also ate about 1/2 cup of nuts after dinner last night w/an apple. I'm not beating myself up over this as everything was compliant, I just didn't feel the strong resolve that I've been feeling since Day 1. I'm not going to read too much into my eating yesterday as today is a brand new day filled with optimism. AND... LAST DAY OF MEDS.... I still have a bit of a cough, but nothing like before. I'm going to call the doc later today to see when/if I can resume some of my activities. i'm so anxious to get out of this house, go for a walk and do some yoga. I will be doing my 100 squats today, though I'd be lying if I said those weren't getting a bit harder.. lol.


Started reading about reintro last night. Def going to read that a few more times before I consider next steps.


For today I have Harvest Chicken recipe sitting in my fridge and will cook that for lunch over a bed of romaine. Gotta hit the grocery store later to buy something for dinner.. maybe some kind of seafood.


Happy Wednesday and Day 24 to you all. WE ARE DOING THIS !!!!  SO EXCITING !!!!

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Day 24-- Yay!
Boy am I CRABBY today!  Didn't sleep well last night, stressful work week and the teenager in my home is definitely trying my patience today.  Grrrr....  Needed to read some positive posts, so THANK YOU!  :)  I'm sipping my tea and reclaiming my happy as I read & write.

Bebeaccia- are you doing ALLLLLL of those squats at one time or do you break it up during the day?  I've been doing squats everyday for the last week too, but I don't think I could do 100 at once!  I'm doing 45/day right now.
As far as your weird food day goes, I can totally relate.  I've had a couple of those too.  I really think that the prednisone has something to do with it.  The pharmacist even said to watch out as it may increase your appetite.  So I'm sure you'll see that change as you finish your meds. 


Planning my food list for the weekend and was SO excited to find a couple flavors of RX Bars at a small local health foods store!  I bought a couple to try and to stash in my purse when we venture to the circus with the kiddos.  Just in case the popcorn-cotton candy-peanut scented air is way too tempting.

I will admit, fellow Whole 30-ers, that I'm struggling here as we are into the homestretch.  For some reason I've been focusing so much on the weight side of this journey all of the sudden.  I think as we near that end and are given "permission" to weight ourselves come Day 31, I just feel frustrated by what I see as a lack of physical progress.  I'm sure there will some sort of difference on that scale, but I have what I'd consider to be a significant chunk of weight to lose before I reach my "goal weight" and I'm feeling like the progress I've made here just won't be impressive enough for me.  So silly that it has that kind of hold on me-- seems as though I should have made more mental/emotional progress to that end during this adventure??  And surely I ought to be so proud of how I've up'd my workouts and am plugging away at my Couch 2 5k routine.  And I am!  I am proud.  But why, oh why, is this dang weight thing bringing me down so much all of the sudden?  Grrr...   Just wondered if anyone else is feeling that tug.... or if you have and how you worked through it?  I am reviewing all of those NSVs again to refocus my brain.  The weight end of things will come as I continue to improve in so so so many ways, I know.  But.... 

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OH wow, Heidi... I can totally relate to what you are saying. Today my pants feel tight and when I asked my BF if my butt looked any different in these pants (TMI) he said... no... and of course I wanted to immediately eat a candy bar... he too feels like he is not losing any weight. Like you, I'm trying to refocus my thinking around all of this. I feel like I eat ALOT... def more than what I've done in the past so called "diets". I'm trying hard to stop myself from going down this path as truly no good can come of it.. but it is hard. I suppose all we can do is hang tough right now. We still have a week and lots can happen in that week. Many things I've read say some magic really does occur in the final week and sometimes beyond. That WILL happen to all of us:). I'm hopeful. The meds definitely have something to do with everything we are doing as well. Today was my final day of meds and i'm hoping I can get out and do something tomorrow other than squats. Yes, I do the whole 100 at once... but I've built myself up. Day 1 was only 10 squats, Day 2 15, Day 3, 20, etc. By the end I'll be at 140, but def won't maintain that beyond. I'm thinking somewhere around 75 would be a good number, but I don't want to over think this.


Heidi and anyone else feeling a struggle today, we are almost there. Let's stay strong and get through this together just as we have done for the past several weeks and for sure celebrate those NSV's.


p.s. I'm also going to read up on what happens during this time period. I think it said something like... "I'm so over this"... lol. That about sums it up.


p.s.s. Day 25 will be AWESOME!!!!


p.s.s.s. YOU HAVE A TON TO BE PROUD OF... Couch to 5k is tough, especially if your body isn't used to running. AT 45 squats is nothing to sneeze at. AND you found RX bars today... life is good.


there... how was that for a pep talk... lol :D 

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Good day beautiful people of Day 25 !!!! I'm a bit slow to post this morning. Been a busy work day for me and getting ready to jump on a few calls now, so wanted to quickly post to say HELLO and see how everyone is doing.


I MADE IT TO YOGA this morning !!!! So exciting. I didn't have a ton of strength, but enough to get through the 75 minute class and it felt great.


What's happening with everyone else today :) 

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Hi girls. Yoga sounds great bebeaccia. So glad you are back at it~ :D


Heidi, yeah on finding Rxbars. What flavors did you get? 


I think because we are so close to reaching our 30 days, I'm feeling a bit tired (mentally)-- sometimes the prepping and planning wears you out! Is that bad to say? Luckily, I only have to worry about meals for me next week and I plan on making a big batch of butternut squash soup and having that until I cant stand it. Which will be never because I love it. I do plan on reintroducing some things (rice, beer) but not sure I've slayed the sugar dragon yet as I keep thinking about rice krispy treats!! Also, Ive been having really weird dreams about not being able to find compliant foods in the grocery store and running around screaming and then eating brownies. Ha! They did warn us weird dreams may happen!!


As far as the weighing ourselves after we complete our 30 days -we can be so hard on ourselves over a number! Your weight doesn't define you, it doesn't represent your worth, and no one else will ever know what that number is unless you tell them. Don't let it dictate how you feel about all the great things you've accomplished in the last 30 days!! All that motivational stuff aside, I DO plan on weighing myself but I will not see a number that will disappoint me. Because I wont let it. Remember the NSV's. Dont let that number outweigh those....


Talk soon!


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Great post kelli. Thanks for the gut check. Much needed some days :) . Love the dream about running around trying to find compliant foods... too funny what is in our dream.


I did forget to mention that last night I dreamt I ate JELLY BEANS.... I had them in my mouth, chewing away and someone in my dream said... what are you doing... those are Jelly Beans.. and I spit them out. LOL... I haven't eaten jelly beans since I was a kid...

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Missed you ladies!

Happy 5 days to go day!!!

So... I started training for a new job this week, thus my absence. I have to tell you, as I sit in the conference room picking at my catered boxed lunch,I feel the eyes watching me.LOL No one knows I'm on Whole 30 there. I pick apart the sandwich every day and eat the dry meat & tomato then enjoy the apple. Every lunch has a big ole chocolate chip cookie in it. They know I take mine home to my son. Today 2 coworkers gave me their cookies. I didn't even want cookie smell on my fingers ;) I opened the paper bags and dumped them into one being careful not to get the smells of temptation on my hands.

OMG Kelli,you had me rolling with the brownie dream! What is up with that??? I'm with you all on that... why are the baked goods suddenly appealing like a long lost love? And jelly beans! A coupon today caught my eye. Are we going to have to do a Whole 30 thru Easter ;) lol!

Bebeaccia - if I could hit the "like"button 20 times I would! Yay!!! You're off meds and back to yoga!

Crockpot chicken. A resounding NO!Don't do it. Ick. Same spices but soooo bland. The paprika doesn't make a yummy dripping in the crockpot like it does in the oven.

My meetings are near Whole Foods! Tessemae Chesapeake dressing? I'm addicted!Plus, they had Larabars in Carrot Cake and Pineapple Upside-down Cake. And their prepared warm bar? They had veggies we could eat! Squash in tomato with fall seasonings. Yum. Kinda nutmeg/cinnamon-y with one or two more incentive

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Can't believe we are on Day 26 !!!! 4 more days until we complete our first W30 program. So incredibly proud of all of us. BF keeps asking me when I'm going to eat on D31 and I keep saying the same thing.... nothing new that I can think of. I really don't want to take all of the lessons learned these past 30 days and just throw them away as it they didn't mean anything. I think perhaps I wouldn't mind thinking about having a protein source that was not animal based, just for something different. Maybe for a treat on Day 31 I may make some kind of paleo pancake (with coconut flour) and then try and concoct some kind of date coconut thing to make a mock syrup. I'm sure after having "cleansed" the palate for so many weeks these would taste great. I'm just not sure yet how I want to proceed. I suppose some of it will depend on how things look/feel on D31.. .ie., NSV's, SV's, clothes, skin, feelings, etc.


melinaka - sounds like you've been able to make some fantastic choices being so close to WF. And kudos for you for picking apart that sandwich every day in order to make it compliant. I think we live in a time where no one ever questions why someone doesn't eat breads. and honestly... after reading how bread actually impedes digestion, why would you want that in your food? Maybe once here and there, but every day in a sandwich... (these are rhetorical thoughts btw). Glad to hear the chicken crock pot was a NO go. I had been thinking of trying it.


No weird food dreams last night... lol.


Made Baby Back Ribs yesterday with the Tessame's BBQ sauce. So yummy, but also so messy. Yesterday I also started marinating a Cuban Style pork dish that I'm going to put in the crock pot this morning for dinner later. My sister has been sending me tons of recipes lately so we are both trying each others things. OMG, if you guys like pork tenderloin, the Walnut Crusted Pork Tenderloin from the book is fantastic. I serve it with the balsamic vinegar which is also delish, but be sure and make it with Light Olive Oil and maybe just a splash of EVO, otherwise the EVO taste is just too overwhelming. I think I've finally perfected my salad dressings, pesto sauces, mayos, etc. and for me that trick is again to use only a bit of EVO and mainly use a light olive oil.


Busy day for me today. Gonna try my luck at yoga again today... 100 squats and that will be about it for exercise. I don't think i'm ready for any major steps yet, but getting there.


Happy Day 26 all.

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Hi guys. Happy 26th day!


Starting my reintro planning today and found this handy planner sheet to track what food you reintroduced and how you reacted.  




Im a huge list maker write things down so I dont forget person so this is great for me! Maybe you will find it useful!


Sounds like everyone has been super busy with life!  Thanks for the recommendation on the pork t-loin, bebeaccia..I will try that for sure! 

Melinaka - the sandwich deconstructor, congrats on the new job! And OMG cookie fingers....too funny! 


I will check back later!



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Good morning all:

Here we are at T-4 days... wow...how is everyone feeling. I'm feeling GREAT... finally having some good energy after being sick and on meds and getting back to my "normal" self. I'm about to do my 110 squats and thought I'd post quickly before the day gets ahead of me.


Gonna head to Trader joe's soon to pick up a few things and then for a nice walk and yoga tonight. Last night I made a crock pot cuban pork dish over cauliflower rice and friend green bananas (plaintains)... it was a fantastic meal. Have you guys tried the Califlower Rice at TJ;s? It's in the frozen food section and was so easy to make and tasted fantastic. BF was surprised he wasn't eating actual rice. I am stuck on what I'll make for dinner tonight. I'm hoping i get inspired once I'm at the store, otherwise it may be something simple. Anyone have any great recipes that can share today?


What are folks up to for the weekend? Heidi, did you head out of town and when is the circus. I'll be sending positive vibes you way to help you ward off those nasty cotton candy pushes...lol.


Happy Day 27 !!!!!

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It's midnight! I can officially say, "Happy 3 more days to completion of our first Whole 30!"

You're all AWESOME! I couldn't have done it without you.

Bebeaccia - How was yoga? Is all your strength back?

Every recipe you make sounds incredible! I love your frozen cauliflower rice. I'm going to have to look for it.

Your pancakes sound yummy too! I have an idea - what about a fruit compote for it? Mango? Pineapple?

Kelli - ohhh! Great find. TY for sharing the planner! TY again forthe congrats too. How's your reintro plan coming along? Did you decide on what you'll try first?

Heidi- how was the circus?? Did you find yourself not really wanting cotton candy??

I've got a new recipe! LOL! It's called curbside pick up ;) Tonight I had Outback flat iron steak, steamed broccoli, and sweet potato. I made my own salad at home. Yum!

Totally have to try that mango chicken dish with cauliflower rice. It sounds so good!

I'm so tired.

Have a fantastic day tomorrow!

We've come a long way!

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​Good morning and welcome to Day 28 !!!!! Yep... 3 more days... so exciting, yet so scary. Today, I'm dedicating a bit of my day to read about reintroduction. I skimmed through the pages last week and it seems pretty straight forward. Is anyone else apprehensive to step on the scale on Wednesday morning??? I sure am, but I'm really trying to do the self talk about how it DOES NOT MATTER. It's been such an incredible journey. I won't post too much now about how I feel about everything, I will save that for Tuesday or Wednesday. Today I'm planning to do my 120 Squats (yep up to 120 today, 130 tomorrow, and then 140 is D30), taking a four mile walk, then slow flow yoga tonight. I finally have good strength back and while I'm not 100% just yet, I'm 100% BETTER than I was (if that makes sense



​Melinaka - I LOVE your new recipe... curbside pickup...lol. I am def going to try that. Thanks for the tip on the fruit compote.. that is a great idea and one that would totally work. Have you thought about your reintro plan? I forget the motivation behind your W30 i.e., when you decided to start it.


​Such a beautiful day here today in so fla... gonna get out an enjoy. Have a GREAT day 28 everyone.

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Bebeaccia-- Sounds like you're feeling more & more like yourself again. Such good news!!

Well, on our way home now from the big family & circus weekend. Resisted temptation. Stayed on plan all weekend. Cotton candy did not slay me! Haha. Ironically it was the super buttery popcorn that my entire family was eating and passing back & forth in front of me that I found hardest to resist. Good thing I had packed a RX Bar-- ate that at the circus. Then we all when out to eat at a fast-food type joint. Couldn't have anything so I sipped a black coffee & ate a giant salad with tuna once we got back to the house. And I even got my workout in on the treadmill!

I will say that I was surprised by how much push back and criticism I heard throughout the course of the weekend. Weird since I just went about my business of eating my food while everyone else ate theirs. Must have made them feel uncomfortable that I was "different".

Day 28! Yay us.

I think I'm going to wait until Day 32 to weigh-in and start my reintroduction. Wednesday's are busy for us, so I think kicking that new phase off on Thursday will work better for me. And I too am nervous about the scale, Bebeaccia! Starting reintro on Thursday will give me Wednesday to really assess and WRITE DOWN all of my NSVs, so that's another bonus for me.

Have a great Sunday everyone!!

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Greetings fellow W30ers.

Holy Moly... cannot believe we have TWO days remaining on the "official" program. I read a fair amount about reintroduction last night and am thinking I'll do the slow roll method. The only thing I'm trying to figure out right now is whether or not doing a paleo style pancake would be considered eating on a W30 plan or not. I may post that in the Troubleshooting section to see if some of the advanced members or moderators know the answer. Technically, the ingredients would be compliant, but they would break the rule of "no re-creating paleo type items".


I'm getting a bit excited to feel less pressure to be on plan every single day...for example, I have a bday party to attend at a Cuban Restaurant on Saturday night and while I'm fairly certain I'll have no problem eating a W30 type meal, i'm excited to maybe have a glass of red wine. Not even 100% sure I'll have one, but nice to know I COULD should I desire.


Heidi - congrats on navigating through those temptations at the circus with your family. Sorry to hear about the "push back" from family. That's unfortunate. My family challenges me from time to time and many times I just don't want to tell them anything I'm doing so that they cannot judge or push back. It's def hard though and kudos to you for letting it roll off your back.


Does anyone have plans to stay active on the boards? I'd love to stay in touch if folks are able.


WOW... two more days. Happy Monday and Happy Day 29 !!!!

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Bebeaccia, I'd be open to starting a new thread post-W30... or if everyone who wants to stay in touch is on FB, creating a private group there for posting.  Might be good to continue to address struggles and bounce ideas back and forth.

Frustrated as my skin stuff is flairing up AGAIN.  Grrrr.....
But feeling GREAT otherwise!  Looking forward to exploring the reintro stuff over the next couple of weeks and continuing my C25k training.


Melinanka, I know a while back you suggested a foam roller.  I've seen them many times and I laugh to myself every time I see them because I can't for the life of me figure out how you're supposed to us them!  LOL  I will have to Youtube it or something for a visual.  Seems like many people who run regularly utilize them.


Totally digging the RX Bars!  Thanks, Kelli for the suggestion.  I've tried the Pumpkin Spice and I have one other flavor.  The local store has some chocolate varieties too, but I'm not a chocolate fan.  I know--- weird.

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Good morning Ladies!

2 days? Wow! I can't believe it. Remember when we couldn't imagine getting thru 30 days? Wasn't too hard at all. Was it? :)

Heidi, congrats on slaying the cotton candy! So, it was the popcorn that was tempting. What do you think you were craving? The butter, salt, or corn? Or the whole combo?

The push back from others is interesting. I figure their will power isn't strong and it makes them uncomfortable to be around someone who has such great determination. They feel guilty.

Heidi - my foam roller is less absurd looking ;) It's actually a stick with a wavy rolling foam centered between 2 handles. I like that it's on a stick because I feel I can press harder if I want and really attack the knots as I roll them out.

Bebeaccia, great idea - starting the Facebook private group. It would be fantastic to keep in touch with you all.

Skin issues- me too! :( I'm still battling these painful little pimples under my eyes. They cropped up during W30. I've had to stop using cream under my eyes and quit the eyeliner in an attempt to clear this up. It looks awful and feels worse. So weird. What do you think? Is it related to detoxing? That's a theory.

Bebeaccia, you asked what prompted me to do W30. Swelling/edema an allergic reaction to things I eat and apparently things in my environment. I had a huge setback 2 days ago. My new job. First day on site and apparently I am allergic to formaldehyde. By the end of the day (can't get on a scale so I'm guessing from prior flare ups) I was painfully swollen and could barely walk and probably had about 10lbs of water retention that came on in a matter of hours. Today much of it is gone. But not all. SO... at least I know it isn't what I ate (thanks to W30 going on when it happened this time).

So to answer your other question Bebeaccia, I haven't gotten serious about reintroduction because now I'm thinking I should definitely go a few more days just to make sure I don't eat anything that I'm going to react to. *sigh* at least it's not like I was anxious to get off W30!

I hope everyone has a great day today. Any exciting dinner recipes? I need some inspiration ;)

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