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Whole 30 'Island style'


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Hi, my name is Jen. This is my first whole 30 although I have tried and failed a few times before now. I am planning to use this log as a place to record how I feel daily, what I eat and also to keep track of the different recipes I try!


A little background... I am trying to overcome some eating issues I have had since my teens. I am a recovered bulimic but last year felt some unhealthy triggers and found myself in a horrible restrict-binge-restrict cycle and it was making me very miserable. I have known about the whole 30 for a few years and it's always been in the back of my mind. I want to be free from these food demons. I want to not have food control my every thought. I want to nourish my body instead of punishing it. 


Can the Whole 30 restore a healthy relationship between me and food? I don't know. But I sure hope so.


I am 32 years old. Married with 3 kids. I work from home for myself. I love to cook. I love to move. I enjoy most forms of exercise. 


I am an aussie but currently love on a small pacific island. Its a tropical climate and we have great fruit & veg available but not much else! So no bacon for me :( haha I get home to Australia once of twice a year and usually stock up on my health foods (nuts/seeds etc) while I am there so in the meantime I just have to make do with what I can find locally. Hence, some of my meals will be boring! But that ok!


I think that is all for an intro. 


Here goes...!

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B: I made an omelet with 3 eggs and a few tbsp on coconut milk. Then I filled it with fresh rocket, tomato & avocado. Had it with a black coffee and half an orange.

L: yesterday I made a batch of chicken soup, using the bones to create the base stock and added the shredded chicken and potato, pumpkin, carrot, onion & spinach. It was a little bland so I also added 1/4 cup coconut milk to my serve for lunch. I ate it along with some carrot sticks and home-made babaganosh. Then I ate a 'paleo bar' from blue dinosaur (ginger nut flavour. Ingredients: almonds, sulphur free apricots, organic coconut, coconut oil & ginger). I didn't nee the bar but I ate it... anyway they are pretty delicious. I only bought 2 back with me on my last trip to aus so that's probably a good thing so I don't binge on them...

D: will be a roast chicken. I am using nomnom paleos recipe in my slow cooker (need to put it in now!) and we will eat it with roast and steamed veggies.


Recipe link: http://nomnompaleo.com/post/4807547385/slow-cooker-roast-chicken-and-gravy

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Update: I failed on day 1!!!

Last night I ate dried apple. Stupidly it has the preservatives 220 & 223 which are no-no's :(

The dumbest part is I'd already had the fabulous roast chicken with a roast potato, roasted carrot and roasted cauliflower plus steamed greens. I was full. But I ate out of habit? Boredom? Stress?

Anyway so here goes day 1 again!!!

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