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My whole 30 log


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I'm starting the Whole 30 today. I had a baby 8 month ago. When I was pregnant I ate fairly heathy and exercised daily. I have lost all the baby weight but continue to keep losing it because I don't eat often enough and also because I am nursing. Then when I do eat I crave sugary foods. This is make by me get sick more often and making my headaches increase. I'm ready to feel good again! I also want to madel healthy eating for my son so that he will grow up a healthy eater :)

Day 1

4:15 am: coffee with coconut milk (still bitter...)

5 am: 1 hour vinyasa yoga

6:30 am: eggs with bell peppers and onions and 2 clementines (felt pretty good after this)

12 pm: avocado with tuna ( with red pepper and jalapeño) on a bed of arugula (tasted great but feeling weak and light headed

1 pm: half hour family walk

3 pm: 1/2 a plantain cooked in coconut oil (seemed I needed something starchy and some fat to take away the light- headedness)

7:30 pm: chicken with olives, artichokes and onions ( delicious!!!! Very satisfying! Need to add more veggies next time...)

Overall feeling pretty good tonight. I prepped food all day. This will be an adjustment for me. I'm hoping by prepping today it will save time during the week but I missed a lot of time with my little one today! Next weekend I may prep on both Saturday and Sunday... Any time saving ideas appreciated!

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