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Kate's first Whole30!


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Giving the Whole30 lifestyle a whirl - and planning to keep it that way.

Starting today, Feb 15

Using mostly the Week 1 Menu from the Whole30 cookbook as I feel like there's a lot of basic recipes to master.


Meal 1 (8:30 - Snow day - so later than usual!)

1/2 spinach/tomato frittata with 1/2 avocado and cantaloupe

Plus water after - no coffee!


10;30 - olives + clementine as I was getting a bit hungry. Had seltzer first and waited a bit but hunger was still there. May need to eat more at Meal 1...


Meal 2 (12:30)

Green salad + Whole30 homemade ranch + peppers, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers + palm sized portion of grilled chicken + banana


3:00 a bit hungry - usual sugar snack + coffee time so instead I had guacamole + celery


3:50 - small coffee, black

Minor headache, won't have nearly as much as usual and I feel like that's a victory - especially since I usually add sooo much cream and sugar


5:30 - spaghetti squash + ground beef with italian seasoning and tomato sauce


Hopefully I'll remember to update again tomorrow. I think logging like this is helpful to make me sort things out :)

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