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Meals and workout- timing and meal size help


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Wondering if someone could comment on my meal size and timing before workouts....

Today I had a super late M1 at noon- 3 poached eggs, 1 piece deli turkey, side roasted eggplant and peppers, 1/3 cup sweet potato, 1 tbsp almond butter, coffee with coconut cream

M2 at 4pm- 3 oz ground turkey, roasted pepper and eggplant, Apple with 2 tsp almond butter, small handful cashews

I will go for my run (4-5 mikes) and strength training at about 5 but eating again won't work with my running...I was thinking of eating a small PWO snack and then meal 3 after my shower later tonight...thoughts? Timing and meal sizes?

Still adjusting to eating 4-5 hours apart...I get hungry after about 3 hours. On day 17. thanks!!

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Based on the feedback I've gotten, the key to a post-WO meal is having it no later than 15-30 minutes after you're done working out. So unless you're going directly to Meal 3 (instead of showering first), I would recommend adding a post-WO meal in (protein + carbs, no fat). In my experience, protein post-workout can significantly help with sore muscles. 


Eating every 4-5 hours was an adjustment for me, too, but you will get there. Using that as your guideline will be helpful when planning meals 1, 2, and 3 but adding your workout in there kind of adds complexity. I believe the recommendation I got was to have your next real meal 60-90 minutes after your post-WO meal. So maybe that will help you figure out when to eat Meal 3 after your workout.


Hope that helps!

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