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Starting again....Need support :)


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I am back :)


I finished my first whole 30 on feb 2nd and then when on my planned vacation to Dominican Republic.  It was all inclusive and for the first five days I did my best wiping sauce off of fish and vegetables.  by day 6 I paid a chef extra to cook extra fish and chicken and steamed vegetables because I was having reactions from the sauces.


I was gone for 12 days and got home and got back on for a couple of days but today I totally blew it.  I started to eat some flax seed ground and I don't know why I keep going back for more of that til I must have eaten a cup and wanted more food...set off intense cravings (does that mean I have an allergy??)  and I had some protein powder with stevia....and just volume...essentially a binge but those were the worst in terms of what I ate.


My plan initially was to do a whole 60 or 90 because I don't think I am quite reset yet.  But now I am just starting over (tomorrow) on my second whole 30.


I am afraid I wont be as motivated...I don't have the emails sent to me this time.  I was just going to go back and read them over each day.


Any suggestions on how to stick with this is appreciated...I was feeling so good at the end of the last one...only 2 weeks ago...




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You could jump into the WholeLent challenge if you want to see a lot of posts for people who are "going long."  Sorry to hear about your trip reaction and your post-trip detour, but that's just all it is: a detour. Maybe read up in the Life After Whole30 area? I haven't ventured in there, really.

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If you think getting the emails and clicking the button to say you did it each day is helpful, since you've already gotten them once before, you can get them at a discount here. They'll be exactly the same emails, but if you find it helpful to get them each day, it might be worth the $4.95.


Do understand that sometimes second Whole30 actually are more difficult. While you've got a lot of stuff figured out -- like how to cook and shop -- the new has worn off and it's just not as exciting this time around. Here's an article that Melissa wrote addressing this with some tips.


I don't know whether your flax seed incident was indicative of an allergy or sensitivity or not. What I would question about that is how you'd been eating before you ate all the flaxseed. Maybe you hadn't been eating enough fat or something and that was behind the cravings. I know for me, cravings are much less intense and much easier to deal with if my meals have been big enough and contained plenty of protein, fat, and vegetables. 

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