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First Whole30, Feb 10th start


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Hello all!


This is my 3rd attempt to post...so hopefully my FIRST attempt at Whole30 goes better!   :P

A very good friend of mine recommended the "It Starts with Food" book, knowing the struggles I have with several autoimmune diagnoses, and IBS.  I am a big believer in how our food impacts us, but have not chosen to do anything about it until now. 


Today, day 6 is complete, and other than day 2 and 3 "hangover" feelings, I'm already feeling some small benefits...and really enjoying trying new food combos. I do have some trouble with dizziness and headachy feelings at times, but it seems to be related to water intake (too little) and maybe not quite eating enough, even though I am stuffed following the template!


It's great to read others' posts for tips, questions, recipes and support; glad to be a part of Whole30!!



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