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Danielle M1’s first whole30 log start 2/15/16

Danielle M1

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Breakfast: Breakfast bowl with homemade smoked meat (pork, ginger salt), potato’s, and lots of veggies cooked in leftover pork fat and scrambled eggs on top.  Baked it all like a frittata


Lunch: stir fry- chicken and lots of veggies with coconut secret teriyaki sauce and almond butter.  Small banana


Afternoon mini-meal: macadamia nuts, ahi shashimi, 1 dried fig


Dinner: almond crusted ahi cooked in coconut oil, bok choy, and smashed yams with coconut milk. 


Exercise: walk/jog (got rained on so cut walk short and jogged home) - general caring for an infant. 


Daily thoughts: Lucky girl to have hubby get fresh fish today.  Definitely need the afternoon mini-meal with breastfeeding.  Will try to make it a bit bigger tomorrow with some veggies.  A good day!



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Hi Danielle,

I'm a breastfeeding mama too, although my little nursling is an active toddler!  Congrats on your start! I just finished my first whole 30 in Jan, and fell face-first into a box of chocolates. Dang!  Clearly I did not vanquish my Sugar Dragon!  I am restarting tomorrow (as I had chocolate today...) and would love some camaraderie.  Would you be game for a little partnership?  I find I do best with a buddy.  

All the best, Andrea

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Day 3

Breakfast: breakfast bowl- potato, zucchini, yellow squash, smoked meat, mushroom, red pepper, onion, egg

Lunch: arugula, sardine, cherry tomato salad with olive oil and balsamic. Banana with almond butter

Afternoon: Kombucha

Dinner: roast potato and leftover ahi. 


Thoughts: Dinner was small and there was no mini meal because I was still really full from lunch. Didn’t even eat until 8:00 pm.  Part of that was because I taught a 5:30 yoga class.

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Day 4:

Breakfast: breakfast hash with ground turkey, pumpkin, red and green bell peppers, pineapple, onion, cilantro all fried in coco oil

lunch: a small amount of leftover chicken, sweet potato, and a banana- baby was having a tough time in the afternoon, would have liked to have had some more food prepared, but this worked

dinner: salmon patties (inspired by recipe in the book)- like 2 1/2 was hungry because of my small lunch and sliced cucumbers in dill dip.  

evening snack: I was up late doing some work and ate an apple and almond butter because I started to get hungry

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Day 5- So this was a rough day, not because of temptation, but just because of life.  Had only 3 hours of sleep and rushed off to an appointment in the am.

Breakfast: 1 epic bar, one compliant applesauce

Lunch: was very hungry by lunch had my leftover breakfast hash and some pineapple

about 4:00 had a salmon patty with dill dip and a little avocado and a banana

Dinner: my roast wasn’t ready so had some mac nuts and dried figs

10:00 pm- finally dinner - a small dish of beef roast, carrots, celery, and potatoes.


and another late night:(

but on the plus side- I did stay compliant, just not ideal. 

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Day 6

Another night of not much sleep :(

Breakfast: breakfast hash (see above), pineapple, cafe brio and coco milk

Lunch: Salmon patty with avocado and dill dressing mash, 1 banana

Afternoon: The same as lunch, except 1 dried fig

Dinner: rainbow chard and 3 eggs


Exercise: A nice walk in the National Park

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Day 7

Today was a horrible template day! At least I stayed compliant, but a rough day.

Breakfast: roast beef, mashed potatoes, carrots, celery, and gravy

Lunch: epic bar, some freeze dried apple slices, banana, kombucha, almond butter

Dinner: Kailua pork 2 eggs, more freeze dried apple slices, applesauce, about 1/4 cup almond milk.  

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