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Diabetic and diving into the W30 tomorrow!


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Day 0


Hi everyone! I'm officially starting tomorrow, although I followed the W30 approved foods all today to ease myself into it. I eat pretty healthy and already have good habits around planning meals and cooking, so I'm really doing the Whole30 to improve my relationship with food. I'd like to break some habits of mindlessly eating or snacking when I'm stressed, and I think that intentionally doing this for 30 days should give me a good start. 


I'm also a type 1 diabetic, and am nervous about dealing with low blood sugars on the Whole30, so if anyone is has advice, I'd love to hear from you! I read about other diabetics treating lows with just fruit, so I'd that is going to be my plan. However, I know how crazy I get when I'm low, so I may need to just have extra grace with myself


I read the suggestion of having an if..then... back up plan for the next 30 days, so here's my plan:


1. If I'm craving a drink (I usually have my favorite alcoholic drink in the evening after work), I'll have a glass of seltzer water.


2. If my coworkers offer me candy at the office, I'll tell them about my goal and ask them to support me during the next 30 days.


3. If I'm stressed at work and want to use food to calm me down, I'll take a walk and treat myself to a short meditation.


4. In the evenings, if I'm discouraged or think about giving up, I'll log onto the forum and read other people's logs to see what they are going through.



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