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34 and first bout of diverticulitis

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I was just recently diagnosed with having my first diagnosed bout of diverticulitis. They initially thought it was a ruptured cyst, then it was potentially appendicitis, but eventually we nailed it down.


After being prescribed my antibiotics and sent home, I immediately thought to myself, I'm doing another Whole 30 ASAP! It's beyond bizarre to me that I would get this condition as I exercise regularly, eat a high fiber diet and drink tons of water... luck of the draw I suppose.


I'm posting here because I really trust the moderators and veteran Whole 9/30 members. Has anyone had experience with diverticulitis and the Whole 30 diet? 


Thanks in advance for an advice or insight anyone can offer. Feeling kinda lost on this journey as I only interacted with a radiology technician and then an ER doctor.  I am currently shopping around for a gastro right now.



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