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W30 + reintro done, bunch of NSV's to share!


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So at the end of December I was in a sad place (pun intended). Plenty overweight, binge eating on sweet things, salty things-ok all the things. Sleep totally messed up, if I got 6 hours with under 20 times restless that was a good night. Plantar fasciitis in right heel, agony at the end of some days. Eczema on my scalp, itchy and unsightly. Frequent cold sores and terrible skin.

I sound like I'm exaggerating but the truth is this was my "normal" and I didn't see a whole 30 changing much of that. I decided to commit to it though, be open minded and hope that at least I might feel healthier and have more energy.

I read, prepped and focused on the rules and stuck to them.

Not going to lie-headaches on day 4 and 5 were killer (bye bye sugar!). Food prep felt exhausting by day 20, but I just ate really simple things for a couple of days until I got my mojo back.

But what you want to hear is how it all ended right?

So day 31. I did jump on the scales first thing in the morning I'll be honest. 10 lbs down-happy with that!

But more importantly (can't quite believe I'm typing this as I have a lot more weight to lose!), I am sleeping a solid 8 hours a night (with literally only a few odd minutes of restlessness), my eczema has gone completely (for the first time in 10 years), my skin is great (got very dry in the first 10-15 days but has settled down now). I have no sugar cravings!! My plantar fasciitis has gone (doctor said only losing a significant amount of weight would help with that!).

I reintroduced legumes with no ill effects, didn't bother with non gluten grains, dairy also ok. Gluten however... 2 days later my scalp started itching.

I'm currently eating paleo but planning another round next week, I can't imagine going back to eating processed junk again but I know I need to be mindful as its early days still. I think committing to a few w30's a year might be the way forward for me but I'll see how I feel after the next one!

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