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Whole 30 round 7 with a new mentality


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So I am embarking today on my 7th whole30 since January of 2014. 

Initially after my first whole30

  • I lost 16 lbs
  • went down a scrub size
  • went from a 34 to a 32 waist
  • while working 12-hour night shifts, i required less coffee
  • sleep was deep and satisfying
  • the energy was off the charts

       For over two years now I have maintained a paleo lifestyle. I have learned much and have helped others during their whole 30 journeys as well. Today, however, I am somewhat frustrated at my body. I completed January 2016 whole 30 and felt great, and have incorporated a workout regimen into my life after a long hiatus. Working 12 hour nights and working out didn't go well together for me. Melissa, or anyone, if you read this, I know, I could have, but I didn't lol.  I find that my clothes are fitting tighter, which is a bummer. There is not much that I am doing different but after some research on others similar struggles I see where my thinking may be wrong. 

       I read a post from a lady who was in a very different situation than me, but nonetheless, the advice was applicable. Melissa wrote how the body has already undergone a transformation, and she couldn't continue doing the same thing and expecting the same results. I see how what has occurred in me was drastic, and to continue the process my strategy has to be altered slightly.

       I am in graduate school to become a nurse practitioner, and will one day be a primary healthcare provider, and the whole 30 will be something that I encourage patients to do. I will periodically post as the next 30 days pass. My hope is not a number on the scale; that is thankfully something I am not worried about. My goal is homeostasis.

       Any encouragement is welcomed. Thanks!

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