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Starting March 1st (Already Paleo)


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Hello Everyone!


I am not new to Paleo but I am new to Whole 30 which I will start officially on March 1st. My biggest challenge with being Paleo is linting or just avoiding sugars.  The sugars I consume is honey and stevia. I don't ingest a lot, but for me, a little bit is too much.  I was first introduced to Paleo back in 2002 from a book I found at a local bookstore. Back then, Paleo was very basic before it got known and popular.  There were no "paleo treats" were not heard of and eggs, butter, nuts, etc was off limits. I'm too liberal in my Paleo diet today. 


I've been Paleo on and off for years while trying other diets in between.  Since the 1990s, I have been on Weight Watchers, Blood Type, South Beach, Gluten Free (started in 2005) Raw Vegan, Adkins, "Eat Fat Lose Fat" Keto, and so on...


For health and fitness reasons, I need to stick to Paleo with a balanced approach (no low carb or high fat) and I think Whole 30 will help me with that. I have chronic Lyme, PCOS, hypothyroid and I work out most days of the week so I need to keep all of that in mind when meal planning.  Thankfully, since I'm already Paleo, it wont be a huge shock to my system.



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