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Getting back on track after stomach bug


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My whole family has been hit with a nasty, nasty stomach bug for the past two weeks.  It was finally my turn over the weekend and oh boy, I forgot how horrible it is to feel that sick.  I'm not currently on a whole30, but eat whole30 style and I was really digging deep to eat compliant food that sounded good to me.  Well, after vomiting for the upteenth time in a couple days, I finally threw in the towel and ate what sounded good.... ginger ale, popcorn, pancakes and a hot sub sandwich with cheese and mayo.  It was funny how I haven't eaten these things for over two years and now the thought of an egg or mashed potatoes, bone broth or even water was just making my stomach turn.  For two days straight I ate this and was seriously wondering how I would ever get back on track.


Now, today... at lunch, I finally started feeling good again (after a breakfast of pancakes once again).  I ate the salad I prepared on the off chance I would feel like eating it and it tasted wonderful.  The 'cravings' for the off-plan foods are gone and despite the fact that I have a lingering headache (likely from the soda I consumed this morning when no other beverage sounded good), I am already feeling back to my normal healthy self with just one good meal.


While I'm not happy that my body craved such awful foods and that I gave into them and potentially dragged out the icky stomach feeling I was having because of eating like that... it is such a relief to have the whole30 "diet" to fall back on and know that my body responds SO well to these foods so quickly!


Just food for thought because I know a lot of people come onto these boards wondering how anyone could ever eat like this 'forever.'  B)

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