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Still Crazy meets Whole 30 Challenge


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This January while on our 43rd Anniversary trip to Leavenworth WA ("still crazy after all these years"), we met some old friends. I mentioned to her that she was really looking good, and she mentioned that she had gone on the Whole 30 Challenge and she described it in 50 words or less.


So when we got back home I considered that I had made two New Year's resolutions, something that I never, ever, do. One is to read my Bible through in a year, and the second, to lose 50 pounds! So I Googled Whole 30 Challenge, I had already entered an app in my phone that would helped me get all that reading done.


I told my husband about what I was planning to do, and as he really doesn't cook, he said he was game.


Now may I try to describe my husband's food habits.......snacker, candy, soft drinks (Dr. Pepper). He thinks that healthy eating means putting a whole tablespoon of peanut butter on a slice of apple, meaning he might eat an apple with a half cup of peanut buitter (but "hey, it's Adam's Natural). When we go to the show he fills the large tub of popcorn twice during the show (and if I am with him, I will eat most of one) then fills it up for free before he goes home. He really likes to snack.


May I say that he was one of those skinny kids who could eat anything, and he comes from a family of thin people who were active, and had healthy food habits. He never had to think about fats or carbs....and he just always ate what ever he wanted. And as he aged, and his weight began to go up and up, he still could not face the fact that he had to discipline his eating.


I on the other hand have always had a food addiction, and have always had to fight my weight. I do not crave sweets, and developed the practice of eating large quantity of vegtables and salads to satisfy my huge appetite. But have lately been slave to breads and cheese. I truly believe mine is a deep seated psychological issue, founded somewhere in our family history where my grandmother and her sisters almost starved to death, and in their adult years became obese, and all had type 2 diabetes.


Soooo.....I bought It Starts with Food and recognized a lot of my husband's problems and mine. Although through my years of dieting, and my knowledge as an RN, and much understanding of nutrition, I discovered many new and interesting facts. My husband's biggest problem is his craving for food without brakes, and his addition to sugar, and high fructose corn syrup, mine is my unhealthy relationship with food, the need to just eat and eat.


Bless my husband, he is giving it a go. Although he is expressing the fear that this all could be bad for him because of his years of bad eating. I don't understand the logic, "so do you keep on eating in a manner that tears down your health?" He says that he will do the 30 days. I pray that the 30 days will make an obvious difference that he cannot deny, and that he will want to continue to eat whole foods.


Thank God for avocados, my replacement for cheese.





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Sitting here reviewing the day drinking a hot cup of Celestial Seasons Peach Caffiene Free tea.

I added a little almond coconut milk and it took away the bite without adding flavor.

Fried chicken legs I found on sale, incredible price in coconut oil then finished in the oven.

They were kind of ugly, not golden like when I dreg them in seasoned flower and brown them in corn oil.

Next time I will see if ghee will make them prettier and dreg them in coconut flour, after I find out if that is permisable.

Ghee, yes ghee. How easy was that? Easier than mayonaise, and mayonaise was a snap.

And why have I alway purchased salad dressing? I think that making this commitment, buying and having

the right ingredience on hand makes all the difference.My honey enjoyed the meal, and the Bacon. Lettuce,

Tomato and Avocado salad I for lunch (will add hard boiled egg next time..

Said he was satisfied (meaning "thank you very much but I don't need anymore, I'm full").

He finished with a B+ today because of the earlier negative talk, but he's a keeper.

By the way, Hubbard squash and brussell sprout roasted with a little ghee drizzled is my new favorite!

And thank you Lord for Canada Dry Raspberry Seltzer and a little pomagranate juice.

Good Day 2. Did I mention the eggs poached in green chili sauce, topped with avocado?

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Taking a break from cleaning out the cupboards, making room for the good stuff that I have on my counters, like ghee, avocado

oil, balsamic vinegar, etc. Most of the "high frutose corn syrup" stuff is going right to the trash. Saving the rest to

give to Marilyn or the Kids (Isaiah and Elis).

This morning we sat and played Golf while eating breakfast, nice. Haven't done that in ages. After we ate I gave my honey a few

sound bites of Whole 30 principles. Just a few. This could be a good traditon. Might also suggest that we pray for our kids

next time. Love my days off. Think I will make stuffed peppers toniht......but what to put in them besides meat? Mushrooms?

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